Middelfart - let's not follow through

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The winter break is over along with our horrendous losing run, I hope. For the first time ever I had to choose a mid-season training camp location and mid February we all jumped on a plane to sunny Spain for 10 days. Now usually 10 days in Spain would mean drinking all sorts for as long as possible, go on boat parties and all the usual debauchery. Not this time, we ran the boys ragged with high intensity fitness drills and worked extra hard on some defensive match situations. After they returned we only had one friendly organised as other teams were far too busy or didn't believe they would gain anything from playing a team of our stature. Cheeky bastards.

Our friendly was up against Copenhagen. I was buzzing as we drew 1-1 after Cornelius opened for them, then I realised we actually played their second team. Perhaps we have found our level?

Superliga: FC Midtjylland vs Middelfart
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Like a brick wall, no one can get through. Unless it's in the last 10 minutes of the game and your team is level with ours, then you are allowed to take all 3 points. Heartbreak.

Superliga: Hobro vs Middelfart
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AARRGHH! We just can't get a break. We played so well considering these guys are 3rd in the league. We held them out and actually created more chances. Just not enough.

Superliga: Middelfart vs Brondby
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Brondby have not recovered from their poor start and are just 1 place above us, with double our points tally. We need a win desperately. We just didn't turn up. Two soft goals sealed it for them. Ughh.

Danish Cup 4th Round: Middelfart vs AAB
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EHHHH!!! Where did that come from? I did not change tactics or approach from what we were doing in the last 3 games but something just clicked. We blew away our Superliga compatriots as Riel bagged a brace to add a goal to his name finally! Casper Vaerum rubbed more salt in the wounds of AAB by scoring a 20 yard screamer just before the final whistle! Well done lads!

Superliga: Lyngby vs Middelfart
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Back down to earth with a bang. We named a side slightly changed due to fatigue but it was always going to be a big ask given these lot are in 5th place and we haven't won a game in, I can't remember how long.

Monthly Review: A for effort. We fought hard but came up short too may times. A wonderful win in the cup lifts moods a tad, but we best look ahead at playing in the First Division next year.

Player of the Month: Casper Radza. Our keeper has been colossal at times this year and this month was a testament to his ability, very few goals conceded and some great saves.

This downward spiral has led me to develop a wandering eye. In the past few months, my name has been linked with vacancies all over the place. I have shunned them all, until this one. OB, our former parent club, is actually a very good club. They have the history, fans and more importantly the quality to compete. I put my name into the hat, just to see.
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Oof... didn't count while reading, but that must be the best part of 10 losses in a row in the league...
Yeah man, not good. We are breaking all the wrong sort of records.
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The run in

I wanted to leave the club, I couldn't take the losses anymore and the grass looked greener. I spoke to the OB Chairman privately and even got and interview. The press have been hounding me and the OB fans were excited by my name potentially going to the club.

I suited up, got myself ready and drove the 45 minutes to Odense. All the way thinking about my interview. I got to the stadium, it was huge. This is a massive change for me. I got all the way to the Chairman's office, reached out to open the door. He welcomed me in and asked me to sit, I couldn't feel my legs, all I could hear was my heartbeat in my ears.

Niels Thorborg (Odense Chairman): Great to have you here Hein. Look I will cut to the chase, we are in trouble and we like what you have done over in Middelfart. We want to offer you the job here. What do you say?

It took me a good moment to compose myself before I finally spoke.

Me: This has been an immense opportunity for myself personally. I would firstly like to thank you for your time and then also apologise for what may seem like wasting it. I am not able to take up this position just yet. I have only been at Middelfart for 3 seasons now and I love it. Perhaps we will have this conversation again in a few more years time but until then thanks but no thanks.

As I drove back home I felt happy and justified in my decision. I can't bail on these guys, how could I after we flew up to the top division?

So back to it then! Up the farts!

This is it. The last few games to try and save what has been a very tough season. Relegation is looming but who knows, we may have a way out.

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We have been entered into the Superliga Relegation Stage Group A. I don't know how it works but even if we win every single game, we still won't leapfrog anyone.
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Superliga Relegation Stage: Middelfart vs AC Horsens

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The fact that we are in the scrap seems to have struck a chord with some players. We were 1-0 and then Riel went balistic. Scoring all 3 of our goals and even getting us the lead. Lucky bastards scored an equaliser in the last second though so there goes the 3 points.

Danish Cup Quarter Final: Middelfart vs Lyngby
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You know those teams you really dislike for no particular reason? Well Lyngby is that team for me. They always spoil our fun. They beat us easily here to stop our fun cup run. Ah well.

Superliga Relegation Stage: Hobro vs Middelfart
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Lost again. Standard news really.

Superliga Relegation Stage: Middelfart vs Brondby
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Held out for long and then conceded.

Superliga Relegation Stage: AC Horsens vs Middelfart
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They managed to score 3 again, we didn't.

Superliga Relegation Stage: Middelfart vs Hobro
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I am in agony here. Whatever we try just does not work.

Superliga Relegation Stage: Brondby vs Middelfart

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We had the lead! We tried so hard but in the end there was no contest.

I thought that was it, relegation confirmed but the Danes like to keep things interesting. We apparently now go into a playoff against the other bottom sides in the Relegation Stages. We are now face Esbjerg over 2 legs.
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In an unlikely turn of events, we fought back as hard as possible but came up short. At least we scored a couple.

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Just too strong in the end. This is it relegation is here. Oh wait, no we have one more playoff. 2 legs against Sonderjyske.

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STOP THE PRESS!!! WE ****** WON!!!! Absolute scenes at the Vejle Stadion as we score 2 goals in 2 minutes late on to secure a victory!

Final day relegation final

Welcome to Sydbank Park, it is a wet day here as we bring you the fight for survival. With 'Eye of the Tiger' blaring through the speakers let's head down to the game.

Kick off! Here we go, Middelfart have a slim 1 goal lead on aggregate. Can they hold on to stay safe?
7 Minutes: Jakobsen is trough here, GOOOALLL!! He slots the ball into the top corner and Radza is beaten. Sonderjyske have pulled level on aggregate and Middelfart need to score.

45 Minutes: PENALTY!! Raben is tripped in the box. Vaerum steps up to take the penalty. SAVE! Oh no he has hit it right at the keeper.

Half time: Sonderjyske 1-0 Middelfart. (2-2 on aggregate)

57 Minutes: Out wide with Nielsen on the left wing, he has bombed forward form full back, he whips in a low cross. Deflected of the defender, it falls to Raben! GOOOALLL! They are back in it! Middelfart are leading on aggregate!

82 Minutes: Jakobsen is through again! He is one on one with the keeper, he has lobbed him! GOAL! Sonderjyske scores his second goal and they have drawn level on aggregate!

Full Time: It's going to extra time here!

120 Minutes: It is all but over here, it looks like we are going to penalties! Oh wait, a long ball through, into the box. PENALTY!! Another rash challenges sees the referee point to the spot. Jonsson has the chance to win it here for Sonderjyske. He steps up, GOAL! He wheels away in jubilation! He has surely won it for them! Heart break fro Middelfart!

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Actually gutted. We came so **** close and I am sure we would have won on penalties!
Saying that it would have been pretty **** for Sonderjyske to get relegated given that they had double our points tally.

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It may have been obvious for a while but it is now confirmed. Back to the First Division we go and the rebuild starts now!​
Gutted for you mate, great story love the way it's set out. I'm very aware this will be little consolation but it does add an element of realism to the story, an alternative to constant success is far more compelling to read. Ultimately however when you do eventually crack it, it will be all the more sweeter.
Heartbreaking mate, really feel the passion in this story. You will bounce right back and take the league by storm.
Gutted for you mate, great story love the way it's set out. I'm very aware this will be little consolation but it does add an element of realism to the story, an alternative to constant success is far more compelling to read. Ultimately however when you do eventually crack it, it will be all the more sweeter.

Thanks buddy, yeah it is really tough to take but I am a tad more upbeat. Gives me chance to establish the club a bit more in the background. Get the facilities improved bring in the right players and staff, then we will thrive.
Heartbreaking mate, really feel the passion in this story. You will bounce right back and take the league by storm.

I am genuinely gutted, definitely one of my lowest moments but I feel like it gives us chance to come back stronger!
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Middelfart prepare for the First Division
After a somewhat disappointing, yet expected, season in the top flight, heroic Middelfart have been crashed back down to reality. The underdog story came to a grinding halt after just one win in the Superliga.

It was clear to see the gulf in class between the sides Middefart were playing and it was difficult for fans to see their team lose so many games.
Despite this their young manager, Hein van der Westhuizen has been rather optimistic in recent weeks. Speaking to Ekstra Bladet he said the following:

"The new season is just around the corner and we can't wait to get started. We have learned a lot from our stint in the top flight and everyone at the club is working hard to make the next spell more fruitful."

"We have a newly expanded stadium, work beginning on facilities here so the whole place is buzzing. The board and management are looking closely at how we can better prepare the club for life in the top flight. Whether that is getting the right players, coaches or stabilising the finances. We are very ready to get started"

Big changes seem afoot at Middelfat Boldklub, with fans hoping that the club will bounce right back into the Superliga.​
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In the style of Bruce Buffer "IT IS TIIMMMEEE!!" The new season is almost here and in the summer months we will be whipping the lads into shape with a pre-season training camp in the south of Germany. No beer or schnitzel though! All about fitness and getting up to speed for the new season.

I call a team meeting to discuss the ambitions for the new season.
"Look lads, I know we are all disappointed with last season but we have the quality in the squad to get into the playoff places this year and get back up to the Superliga"

The response I got was so underwhelming it was as if I had just asked to go through each and everyone of their WAGs without stopping. Jesus lads, what's up? Skipper Vaerum told me that the lads are just so low on confidence they don't feel like a top 6 finish is possible.

Absolute tosh. We will get promoted.

In other news, we have had some work done in and around the club.
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We more than double our capacity thanks to some new seats and we also have undersoil heating.

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I have also started my National A license as I look to improve my coaching capabilities.

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I have also twisted the chairman's arm and we have been granted permission to upgrade both the training and youth facilities.

The season opening friendlies were all about fitness, rotation and team cohesion. 3 games = 3 wins.
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The major problem are this year and last year was finances. We are spending way too much on wages and with me trying to get rid of some of the higher earners, I have caused some unrest in the squad.

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I need to sort this **** out and get our finances on track.
In terms of transfer activity, options are limited due to finances but I also think the squad is good enough with some really good players across the squad.​
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Our road back to the top flight of Danish football is here. The lads still lack ambition and it has been tough to get them motivated. I think after we win a few games, their confidence will build and we can push on.

First Division: Frem vs Middelfart
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Our curtain raiser at the end of July sore a bore 0-0 draw.

First Division: Middelfart vs Ringkobing IF
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It looked like we would be getting back to back draws, until I changed tactic to haul everyone forward and it paid off. 3 goals from 3 different scorers in 3 minutes to give us the 3 points. Lovely.

First Division: Fremad Amager vs Middelfart
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A busy period now with this the first of 3 games this week. After conceding via Skovgaard, Boesen levelled. Again it was *** for tat as they went ahead before Thomas Madsen scored for our second. Boesen scores the winner just before full time! Great stuff!

Danish Cup First Round: Marienlyst vs Middelfart

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Unexpected, we struggled here. It took penalties to decide the game. We bombarded them with the red card to our advantage but just couldn't convert. Shocking but at least we won.

First Division: Middelfart vs Kolding IF
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Not much to say about this one apart from a cracking first goal for one of our highest earners, Ba Loua scores his first in the opening minute and we secure another 3 points.

First Division: AB vs Middelfart
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Starting like a house on fire, we were 3-0 up in the first 20 minutes. An own goal from Ostergaard looked to give them some hope before Raben snuffed it out with a fourth for us.

Monthly Review: We have had an excellent month with no losses despite some turbulence to the squad harmony. With us looking to offload some of the higher earners, it was not well received. We have fought on through though and look good.
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The only other news in terms of transfers is the unfortunate sale of promising midfielder Thomas Madsen, who joins Copenhagen for quite a good deal and we will get 50% of his future profit. The youngster has a bright future ahead of him and we wanted him to stay but he wants to move so all the best to him.

Player of the Month: Boesen takes it for me, he has kept his head down and carried on with business. A nice few goals has meant we got up and running nicely.​
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In the start of the season we are looking good. Undefeated and in first place, we are having to deal with somewhat of an upheaval. With us trying to get our wage bill down, other clubs are swooping. We have lost our Portuguese left back Castenheira and also midfielder Mathias Jensen to add to the already departed Thomas Madsen. We are in the process of mending the squad.

Danish First Division: Middelfart vs Vejle
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A comeback of decent standing against fellow contenders for the top. Good character by the lads to get a poitn and maintain our unbeaten streak.

Danish Cup Second Round: Fremad Amager vs Middelfart

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All over them from the off as Riel grabs two! Raben missed a penalty and looks to have hit a bit of a wall in terms of form. We progress to our next round of the cup yet again.

Danish First Division: HB Koge vs Middelfart
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Bore draw. Feel sorry for the 6 away fans.

Danish First Division: Middelfart vs Viborg FF
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Looked to have bagged the 3 points early on through Boesen but a late rally saw Viborg hand us our first defeat this year. Disappointing really as we battered them, just didn't have the quality.

Danish First Division: Middelfart vs FC Roskilde
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Another bore 0-0 draw. Roskilde are no longer the powerhouse they were when we last met them in the First Division. Once the budget is sorted we need to bring in some quality players to make the difference in these sort of games.

Danish First Division: FC Fredericia vs Middelfart
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Youngster Andersen has come in to the squad to replace the outgoing Jensen and Madsen. What a way to mark the debut by scoring to become Middelfart's youngest ever scorer and player! It was not enough, a daft foul in the box saw us concede a penalty.

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With this slower month, we have slipped a bit but nothing to worry about.
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Monthly Review: It is evident that we are now missing some quality but we need to sort the finances out.

Player of the Month: A tough one this month but the choice for this month is Overgaard in defence, leading the way with a solid display of defending all month.​
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We begin the month of October in 5th position but not too distant from the top. With a decent set of results we could stake our claim on this division. The good news is also that the squad is gelling well now after the losses in the transfer window. We just need to win some games.

Danish First Division: Middelfart vs Kjellerup
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We open October with a game against bottom side Kjellerup and we controlled the game really well. A thoroughly professional performance with another couple of goals between Riel and Raben. They may have formed a formidable partnership and some fans now fondly refer to them as R and R.

Good new continues with my coaching qualification being complete so now I can move onto the Continental badges next.
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Danish First Division: Middelfart vs Frem
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I know it's early doors but this was a 6 pointer. Only one place above us we needed to seal this victory. Ostergaard opened up the scoring from a corner before R and R combined again with Raben tapping in a low cross from Riel. Johansen came on at the end and scored himself a goal. Job done.

Danish First Division: Ringkobing vs Middelfart
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What a game! A great one for the 5 away fans and the 10 watching at home. We led comfortably as Raben grabbed a brace. These were ruled out from corners which was disappointing. A brilliant managerial decision brought on Overgaard and the lad only went on to score the winner!

Danish First Division: Middelfart vs Fremad Amager
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Home again and our growing fanbase witnessed a comeback of epic proportions. It may have merely lived up to expectations but it was a great effort from the lads to get another 3 goals.

Danish Cup Third Round: Middelfart vs FC Nordsjaelland
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We come up against Nordsjaelland yet again, I think this is the 4th time in as many years. The Superliga team were clear favourites and we fought hard but fell short. A special goal from them early door meant we chased the game but we didn't produce the right chances. Casper Radza saved a brilliant penalty and we looked half decent against the big boys.

Monthly Review: A very good month in the league as we go perfectly with 3 goals a game. The wins have moved us up the table and confidence is high despite the cup exit.
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Player of the Month: Mads Raben - He was incredible. Link up with Riel and Boesen has paid off well as Raben was freely scoring and creating chances.

View attachment 87657View attachment 87656

Second in the league and we are looking good with momentum behind us. With just one competition to focus on, I make us favourites to go on and win this league. We have a few games in November and just one in December before the winter break. UP THE FARTS!

Danish First Division: Kolding vs Middelfart
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Well that was ******* dreadful. 0-0 in the ******* rain against a bottom side. *****.

Danish First Division: Vejle vs Middelfart
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We return to our second home, the stadium we used whilst ours was being upgraded last yeat. Vejle are going strong and they started well. Riel scored first but then a silly foul from the usually faultless Malberg saw Kudsk draw them level from the spot. It was youngster Andersen who pulled us through to the win by smacking one in from the edge of the box. He has been thriving in midfield since the departure of well whatever his name was....

The board have approved my request to start my Continental badges!
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Danish First Division: Middelfart vs AB
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Last month's player of the moth steps up to grab a brace in the first half. We coasted a bit and conceded before the hour mark. Held out in the end and got those 3 precious points.

We faced Fremad Amager a few months ago in the cup and they obviously liked what they saw from me. They are the first club to out and out invite me for an interview since OB last year. I rejected, I feel like we really are gaining momentum now.
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Danish First Division: Middelfart vs HB Koge
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Unexpected draw here. At least we got something but I was not happy, we needed a strong performance but the lads seem to be in holiday mode already.

Danish First Division: FC Roskilde vs Middelfart
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Our only game in December sees us pick up a rare loss. Roskilde have been disappointing this year but we should have done a job here. I genuinely think the lads are not in the mood and just want to get into the warm log cabins for the winter break. We end the month in first place though so not too bad

Monthly Review: In a way I am glad the break is here, we need to regroup to get back to winning ways. A solid month nonetheless and we look good going in to the new year.

Player of the Month: An usually quiet year from Skipper Vaerum but this month he showed his quality. A few assists and a couple of goals show he still has the ability to contribute.

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Middelfart boss signs extension

In what seems to be a very unsurprising move, Middelfart FC made it publicly known that their young manager has agreed to an extension.

Chairman Claus Hansen said "We are absolutely delighted to have him sign on for another 2 years. We have already seen the club grow massively under his leadership and firmly believe that he will bring more success to the club."

The English manager is doing well in his first stint in charge of a club, lifting two league titles and gaining promotion all the way to the top flight of Danish football. Middelfart had been relegated last year back to the First Division, but this has not had a negative impact on the club says van der Westhuizen.

"I think we definitely learned a lot from our brief spell in the top division. We have taken steps to ensure the club is in a better position going forward. The stadium expansion, the improvements to the youth and training facilities have all helped the club grow. We have a good core of players here and with the right additions I think this club can have more success. That's why I am really excited about signing a new deal and can't wait to get this club back up"

Plenty of positivity from the young manager, who is growing in stature in Denmark and making ripples through Europe. His popularity was further increased with the fans as van der Westhuizen is rumoured to have proposed a lesser weekly wage so that the club can increase it's financial stability.

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A very cold winter hit Denmark. Our pitch would have been in a right state, but thanks to the undersoil heating we actually look good to go for the rest of the campaign. We had a good stint over the last few competitive games and with the friendlies out of the way we look raring to go.

Danish First Division: Viborg FF vs Middelfart
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An action packed return to the season. Yellow cards galore, two goals and some heroic defending at times. This game was tenacious and we were happy to come away with all three points.

Danish First Division: Kjellerup vs Middelfart
View attachment 87586
Our first proper hammering of the season. Absolutely outplayed them and the game was out of their reach by the end of the first half. Ba Loua actually earned his extensive wage this week.

Danish First Division: Middelfart vs FC Fredericia
View attachment 87585
A well fought 3 points against tough opponents. They opened the scoring and we had to fight back, we did and got our rewards.

Speaking of rewards, I have also got my first Continental Badge for coaching. I will leave it until the end of the month to request the next stage.
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Danish First Division: Frem vs Middelfart
View attachment 87583
The agony! We looked to have stolen all the points at the depth only to be outdone 3 minutes later from a set piece. No dropped points is a bonus I think.

Danish First Division: Fremad Amager vs Middelfart
View attachment 87582
This season has felt quite comfortable. The team is gelling well and I have faith that they can win most games. This was a fine example of such a performance, we just controlled the whole game.

Monthly Review: A very happy return to football after the winter break. Only 2 points dropped from a possible 15. We are top of the table and lead by 3 points. Not too bad!

Player of the Month: We ran an online poll this month and the fans voted for Christoffer Ostergaard as the winner. His dominant performances next to Molberg have been a big contributor towards our success so far.​
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The push is on, we are top of the table and we are looking good. We just need to continue this form and then we can get back to the top flight.

Danish First Division: Middelfart vs Ringkobing
View attachment 87544
Only news was from the spot, Casper Vaerum scores and gets us the 3 points on a wet and windy night.

Danish First Division: Middelfart vs Kolding IF
View attachment 87543
So **** close. Often this season we have snuck away with a late winner, Kolding will have felt like it was a winner. Pegging us back to just one point.

Danish First Division: AB vs Middelfart
View attachment 87542
Loanee Buch bangs in a hat-trick to win us this away game comfortably.

Danish First Division: Middelfart vs Vejle
View attachment 87541
Home again in front of 960 screaming fans! We Take the lead through Buch and came through to win late on after they drew level. Boesen gets another! Winning! UP THE FARTS!!

Monthly Review: In this month we have opened up the lead and managed to set a new record points tally for our club in this division. Not bad going I reckon!
View attachment 87540

Player of the month: I was doubtful of the ability of Buchs but he really has pressed on this month. His hat trick was faultless and he has created many chances.

We just need to keep this up and we can clinch the title!​
View attachment 87539View attachment 87538


In just one short season, we have gone from a recently relegated side, riddled with debt, overpaying players and not having suitable facilities. We have new facilities, looking likely champions and have one eye on improved finances through final position rewards. It has been a great season and with us already ahead of our points tally from last time in the league, we are comparatively a better side.

Danish First Division: HB Koge vs Middelfart
View attachment 87537
Our first big loss this season, just can't explain it. This could not be salvaged as we just weren't at the races today.

Danish First Division: Middelfart vs FC Roskilde
View attachment 87536
Back at home and we again took the lead early on only to concede late on to drop points.

Despite the draw we had enough to gain the title!!
View attachment 87535

Danish First Division: Middelfart vs Viborg FF
View attachment 87534
The boys return home as Champions and we get another win to leave the near 1000 fans happy as Larry.

It's always nice to get praise!
View attachment 87533

Danish First Division: FC Fredericia vs Middelfart
View attachment 87532
The boys must be hungover from the title celebrations. A loss sees us unchanged in the table but I am not too worried.

Danish First Division: Middelfart vs Kjellerup
View attachment 87531
The party is set to continue, we get the final game underway and what a show we put on! 4 goals with the Skipper Vaerum rounding off the action. It is officially over! We are Champions and the FARTS ARE GOING UP!!

Monthly Review: We have had better months, we are not overly concerned as the shortcomings have been drowned out by us winning the ******* league!

Player of the Month: Molberg has been a giant this season and this month showed why. He was consistent and helped us when we needed him to.

I can't quite believe we are going up!​
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