Mr Hough FM11.2 Winger Tactic and Discussion


Dec 1, 2009
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Mr Hough 11.2 4-1-1-2-2 Winger Tactic and Discussion.

Been trying to create a Winger tactic for a while now i think i have finally mastered it.

The problems i had been having was in defence as my team where leaking like a siv, I tried mainly common sense to figure out my problem, you see i was always thinking that you had to be more attacking with the sliders to get a better response from my players defensively, That didn't work so i tried more defensive not on the mentality on the closing down and it made my team so much more of a unit at the back. In attack it's as strong as you'd expect from one of my tactics. In the modified i tried to keep it simple, Just wanting my midfield to recycle possession and play the simple ball instead of going all out to be attacking, I don't need that with the 4 attacking players up front i have so the midfield play very much a support role.

When i first set out trying to create this tactic i did so with an idea in my head of how i wanted my team to play, The idea was that my team plays attractive free flowing football with the cautiousness that you need to have a great defence. Now let me tell you it's alot easier than it sounds believe me. I think i have managed to do it though in this 4-1-1-2-2.

I have had Various Success, Huddersfield has been my main Testing Ground, I wanted to test with a side that has wingers in it and was a decent side without me having to make any transfers, In fact i didn't make any at all during this test with Huddersfield, The success that i have achieved with them in the games that i have played has been outstanding. Here are some screenshots of my Success so far.

Some screenshots now - All tested with the Default Squad - That means No signings what so ever.




The Leeds one don't look as good as the others but if you look at the Leeds United defence and you will come to realise that a snail is probably faster than these guys.

Player Requirements.

Keeper - Any Decent Keeper will be great.

Fullbacks - Heading - Tackling - Positioning - Pace - Marking - Anticipation
Optional - Team Work - Work Rate - Strength - Composure - Determination

Centre Backs - Heading - Tackling - Positioning - Pace - Marking - Anticipation
Optional - Strength - Composure - Determination - Bravery

Central Midfielder - Passing - Work Rate - Team Work - Strength - Determination - Marking - Tackling
Optional - Off the ball - Creativity - Stamina - First Touch - Heading

Wingers - Dribbling - Flair - Agility - Technique - Pace - Finishing - Creativity
Optional - Crossing - First Touch - Passing - Decisions - Off The Ball - Composure

Strikers - Finishing - Composure - Technique - Decisions - First Touch - Off The Ball - Pace
Optional - Flair - Passing - Creativity - Anticipation - Determination.

Select all the Strikers in your First Team Squad as Target men, Regardless if they play all the time or not still select them.

Team Talks - Use whichever you feel is working for you, I genrally ask my Assistant.

Match Prep - Use Team blend to get the Fluid Levels, Once reached If you have a great defence use Attacking Movement- If you have a great attack use Defensive Positioning.

Opposition Instructions - I don't use any at all

Training - Use one you have been using, I haven't been using any during the testing of this tactic.

Pitch Size - Minimum

Corners - Your best header with good Jumping and Bravery Stats in the Left Defender position - In swinging Corners - Right foot left Corner - Left foot right Corner.

There is the Tactic Link. Hough FM11.2 Unbeaten Tactic (Tottenham, Nov 2010).tac

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Will check it out with Dortmind, on a bit of a bad run lately, so need the points, as Leverkusen are level with me on them. :)
Great info again so go with the tactic great work. Got Huddersfield in the prem but struggling will try this tactic to see if it can save my **** froom the boot.
As always I will give them a bash. Wasn't the biggest fan of your last release but given your track record... :)
excellent tactic mate!. much better and more effective than the previous one.
Awesome tactic! Great work mate, Can enjoy watching your team put in 4+ goals a game while still been nice and relaxed that your defence doesnt let in 2/3 a game, Rarely conceeds, Scores mass goals. Thanks for sharing it. (H)
Hi. Left foot winger on left side or like Messi ? (sry for my english)
Going to try with Celtic team, and not sign anyone.... Hope its as good as last winger tactic MrHough.
was doing really bad in my 2nd season with southampton coming to the end of season just above relegation decided to give it ago and beat sheff utd 6-0.. good for frist game thankyou
I start test this tactic in my Millwall and in 3 matches my defenders get 3 red cards...

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4 games 4 times I was beat...
Play one full season and then y can cry here^^
Works great for my Lech Poznań

Left foot winger on left side or like Messi ?

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For Lech all of tactics should work great ;)
Still, give the tactic some time and get the right players for the different positions. Im on my 5'th season on my tottenham game and im pretty much winning everything.

Thx for a great tactic