Mr Hough FM11.2 Winger Tactic and Discussion

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You need anchor man like guy with great work rate and stamina , he's gonna pick up cards but don't worry

Thanks mate. I agree, I had a player with high rating in both these areas whose others key stats were pretty shocking but he was a demon in midfield!

Also, can't stress the importance of anticipation, decisions and decent pace for the defenders
crusho79- can you post a link of your tweaked tactic looks great. Another great tactic by Mr Hough:D
Thought id give this a blast... testing on Tottenham.. not made no signings at all.. So far ive won every game... but conceded loads... 5-3 Villa, 4-2 Dinamo Kiev, 3-2 Liverpool, 5-3 Kiev and 3-2 Liverpool....

im gonna try tweaking it again.. and see if i cant get myself a clean sheet..
3rd season with Burnley, first season won in the playoffs, 2nd season came 11th in Premiership, 3rd season won the TITLE!!!!
Using this tactic for yeovil and just won my first game 2-0 using it, played well, seemed to dominate.

One thing though, the tactic seems really weird, like its for FM2009? I cant seem to see the basic team/player instructions, or when Im in a game i cannot use any instructions e.g. shouts or issue a mentality for the team e.g. balanced, counter, control, defensive. Nothing major, just slightly annoying.
I seriously reccommend this tactic. this is what it did for my benfica season..
This tactic is amazing, 12 games or so in relegation zone 8 points of safety, What did it do unbeaten in 12! Great tactic seriously mate well done. Ill show you my results.
I seriously would like to shake your hand right now!!!!

Couldn't beat Manchester City to save my life and I am Liverpool. 3rd season in and I haven't beat them since the 1st season, since then they have signed like crazy and have a virtually unstoppable strike force.
First game I tried this it was the semi-final of the league cup against guess who... Man City. Played the first leg and scraped a draw 2-2 away to them.

Second leg and it was game on. I searched for a tactic that gave me Defence but allowed for attacking aswell, a lot of them looked very weak in midfield and allowed for counter attacks. Then I came across this.

Guess the score... yes, I won 5-0. Beautiful.
Mr Hough. i use your original tactic with winger from fm 2010... its the best! Thanks! Only 1 change i done... cencel the swap wingers and put strikers to swap!
looks good , I try it

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how to make the corner setting have same setting as in attack near post, flick on near post twice.

gk lan walker - default settling
dl fabio - stay back
dr srna - stay back
dc campbell - attack near post
dc vidic - attack far post
ml david ginola - flick on near post
mr rivaldo - flick on near post
mc hagi - attack near post
mc hamsik - forward
fc aprilla - challenge gk
fc lan rush - stay back

how to make 2 time flick on near post and 2 time attack near post??
i try's but it not working.
I'm in my fourth season with Huddersfield using this tactic, massive success. Absolutely bossed League One, finished second behind Wigan in Championship (a single point, and wigan were absolutely killing it) and then finished 14h in first PL season.

In first Premier League season I had to switch to Crusho's more defensive tactic because I was leaking goals and the ai had worked out the tactic, and am only now (Nov in fourth season) testing other tactics to keep things fresh. Basically, if you're a strong team, this tactic kills it, but you do need more than one tactic to be able to keep winning and build solid form.

Highly recommended.
Had a mixed run of results to begin with but eventually it came together.

With results like this there can be no complaints :D