Mr Hough FM11.2 Winger Tactic and Discussion

1st match Newcastle 2 - 1 Manchester City
2nd match Newcastle 3 - 4 Liverpool
3rd match Newcastle 3- 2 Chelsea

overall : reasonable tactics ^^)

still trying this tactics

note : too many goal conceded
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I've been managing Spurs for the past 4 seasons and I've never really had good wing play, meaning I don't seem to score many goals from crosses. I've mostly had Bale and Lennon on the wings. Bale gets quite a few assists, but very few are from crosses. Lennon was performing well, getting good average scores, but he was pretty poor last season. I've been on another forum about crossing, some people seem to think there is a bug. I wish they'd sort it out. The amount of time crosses go nowhere near one of my players is ridiculous.
I'm using this with City, and it's been great, but I feel you need very decent defenders for this to work. I concede some space in the back
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Where Ghost's tactic was better in 11.2, you're tactic is way better in 11.3, the first tactic that does work.
Hi anyone have good tactic for lower leagues team ? patch 11.2.0/1
Working my way through on this one.. Results will be posted soon enough. :)

Anyone having an idea what skin Mr Hough is using? (H)
Can someone post pictures of how tactic looks like & tactics orders or just write it???

been using this tactic and instructions in the OP in 11.3 and the results are still good.
Well, results are good, but not very good :p

I'm playing one of the best polish teams and results in league is not good enough, i can win with similar team 7-3 but than lost to the weaker team 3-0 .... it seems that attacking is still very good but defending is not what was on 11.2.1 ... I mean that 3 shots on goal and 3 goals, even shots from distance, seems that defenders are not tackling, they just wait on shot

In european competitions i'm doing very well, win over Palermo, 5-3, 3-4 .... but as you see still lost 7 goals

I was playing same team in 11.2.1 and results was very, very good

cant download

hey mate,the link is broken can you provide me with another?thanks
Besides the fact this tactic wasn't made for 11.3, it's the one that's working the best for me.
This tactic is amazing man! 6 Games undefeated with the mighty toon in my 3rd season, won 5 drew to liverpool. Scored 21 conceded 5. Beat bayern and cska moskow in my first 2 Champ games!
I usually test tactics with lower teams, but with this one I decided to use it with Real Madrid. And it went perfectly for the first season, I attached some screen shots (notice a great performance from C. Ronaldo, whom I regularly played as STCR). The tactic works great with this great team. Well, since I already won everything, I guess I will go back to manage a lower team again: who knows, maybe I will use the same tactic ;)

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Good Tactic so far in my game. But why is it like the 09/10 style tactics?

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Oh and I also found it better when I went to a 4-1-2-2-1 formation with a more attacking central midfielder.
Anyone got a link to Dave's tombstone/Undertaker tactic? It might have been Undertaker/Tombstone
I love you hough!! can i have your babys?? lol 3rd season with doncaster thinking of moving on due to wingers not crossing strikers scoring.did you tactics WOW im not fluid but scoring like a cheap whores.
Doncaster team:
GK stuart taylor
DR adam matthews
DCR eddie nolan
DCL rob edwards
DL paul robinson
MCR sunny
MCL micheal tonge
AMR reginaldo
AML jonny hayes
STR billy sharp
STR Carlo Aranda

Carlo is a amazing striker and the wingers are gems.i have a v old defence so cant wait till next season new buys.
thanks hough :)
im still using this 11.2 tactic with the 11.3 works better (for me) than the 11.3 "weak" sporting gijon side are punching well above their weight, and am currently in 6th spot, just over the halfway tactic!