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Sep 17, 2005
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Well i was looking into it and it does sound amazing.

here are some of the new features.

ES 2008 Team Lists

The following are the national teams present in PES 2008. ** Represents that the team is licensed with official kits.


* Austria
* Belgium
* Bulgaria
* Croatia **
* Czech Rep. **
* Denmark
* England **
* Finland
* France **
* Germany
* Greece **
* Hungary
* Ireland
* Israel
* Italy **
* Latvia
* Holland **
* Northern Ireland
* Norway
* Poland
* Portugal **
* Romania
* Russia
* Scotland **
* Serbia
* Slovakia
* Slovenia
* Spain **
* Sweden **
* Switzerland
* Turkey **
* Ukraine
* Wales
* Angola
* Cameroon
* Ivory Coast **
* Ghana **
* Nigeria
* South Africa
* Togo
* Tunisia
* Costa Rica
* Mexico
* Trinidad & Tobago
* Argentina **
* Brazil **
* Chile
* Colombia
* Ecuador
* Paraguay
* Peru
* Uruguay
* Iran
* Japan **
* Saudi Arabia
* South Korea **
* Australia **


All club leagues have been updated to include the newly promoted sides for the 2007/08 season. All clubs are licensed with the exception of the Premier League.

* Entire English Premier League (NOT LICENSED)
Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur are licensed.
* Entire French Ligue 1
* Entire Italian Serie A
* Entire Dutch Eredivisie
* Entire Spanish La Liga
* Bayern Munchen
* Anderlecht
* FC Brugge
* Dinamo Zagreb
* FC Copenhagen
* FC Honka
* Olympiacos Piraeus
* Panathinaikos
* AEK Athens
* Rosenborg BK
* Wisla Krakow
* Benfica
* FC Porto
* Sporting Lisbon
* Spartak Moskva
* Lokomotiv Moskva
* Celtic
* Glasgow Rangers
* Red Star
* Hammarby IF
* Helsingborgs IF
* IFK Göteborg
* FC Basel
* Besiktas
* Fenerbahce
* Galatasaray
* Dynamo Kiev
* River Plate
* Internacional

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What’s new in PES 2008?

* PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 formats will all be the same next-gen quality game.
* Extensive edit mode for all next-gen formats.
* Better graphics/textures and animations for the next-gen games.
* You will be able to import your own face on the XBox 360 game using the Vision Camera.
* More or less players can be added to a wall when defending free-kicks.
* Shirt pulling can be used.
* Diving function included although the majority of the time players will receive a booking.
* Brand new presentation and menu system.
* Improved quick free-kick taking with no transition screens.
* Greater number of statistics in the game including your longest goal, longest winning streak etc.

Who’s on the cover?

UK - Michael Owen and Cristiano Ronaldo
FRANCE - Didier Drogba
GERMANY - Jan Schlaudraff
ITALY - Gianluigi Buffon
AUSTRALIA - Lucas Neill

The commentators

UK - John Champion and Mark Lawrenson
SPAIN - Julio Maldonado & Juan Carlos Rivero

Screenshots can be found here
The new FIFA has a lot of great new features aswell like the 8v8 (i think) online mode and the way you change man by flicking the analog stick in the direction of the player you want to select instead of cycling through for the one you want. The guys at EA have actually gone out to make a new game, shame Konami couldn't do the same. Sorry but Diving and Shirt Pulling are completely pointless. It's a good job FIFA's gameplay will suck balls still or I might of been tempted to get it.

I'll probably be getting the PC version so hopefully you can play against PS3 and XBox people if it's all going to be the same.

*edit* lol
Hehe that's hilarious.

I agree though that the diving and shirt pulling features sound naff. But oh well.

Number of people in the wall sounds good though, and the quick free kicks.

i'm going to download fifa demo for pc see if a fifa game will FINALLY be worth buying.
Looks awesome, we going to have another online league? My beloved birmingham return to pro ev hopefully not just for this one. There seems be a little confusion with the release date though, have it next month but the shops are saying it comes out this month who is telling the truth?
Hopefully i will get the game for free because gamestation have a tornument on the the release of pro and the winner gets it free
woohoo they have new commentators

Can't exactly call Lawro a commentator. I hope his banter is as good as it is with Motson.

Hopefully i will get the game for free because gamestation have a tornument on the the release of pro and the winner gets it free

Dream on. :p
There were only 14 people in last year first round i got a bye, it was on xbox which i had never played it on till the torument, and it is a lot different and i only lost in the final on penaltys, i think it will be mine this year :D
lol i always wanted diving to appear on games again but it will probably be a bit naff along with shirt-pulling, will be interestin to see it though.

thank god for the new commentary, though lawro may be even worse than trevor brooking

also, they have big players from each country on the respective covers, but whotf is Jan Schlaudraff? I think he goes good on fm but surely he's a nobody atm?

And they haven't got Prem licenses :( though at least theyve got everyone else :D
PES 2008 demo is available on Xbox Live.
PES 2008 demo is available on Xbox Live.

Cheers ears.

Edit* Had a few games through the night in between Burn Notice and I have to say it isn't as good as I'd hope for but it's certainly better than the last garbage they threw out. The AI finally plays bad passes, slow defenders won't catch fast attackers and the goalkeepers are far better.

The PS2 version of PES 6 was great, the 360 version sucked and this played a lot better. Only beef I have with this game is that I can't fool the ref for the life of me, booked every time for diving so far(LT+LB+RB to dive), good beef though. :)
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20% complete hurry up!!!!! lol i heard a rumour that it will be released on the 5th to compete early with fifa?
I played a few games of this last night and I like it, gonna take a while before I get used to it though and fully appreciat it. Anyway here are a few things I like and dislike about it:

  • Normal passes have a lot more pace on them
  • Long balls are a LOT faster
  • Player animations are pretty swish
  • The menus all look nice (although very unoriginal)
  • The camera's available from replays are better now as you can use the flashy angles that you get from the normal automatic replays
  • Camera angles for saving penalties is lush
  • Can jump down the squad list by pressing RIGHT and LEFT (to go back up) again yay!!!!!
  • Quick free kicks are much much better
  • Pretty much no loading times at all
  • Shirt pulling is a good feature, they actually tug at the shirt

  • Through balls seem to be played rather slowly sometimes
  • Keeper still passes the ball away too easily to attackers
  • Still easy to intercept from kick off
  • Also still too easy to score from corners where the ball is curled with outside of boot
  • Plenty of dodgy fouls from slide tackles where the ball was won clearly
  • In-game pause menu has a delay before showing. This is annoying to me as i'm the sort of person who wants to watch a replay everytime I have a good shot etc...
  • Crossing isn't as accurate. A lot of my crosses went straight to the GK
  • Can't work out how to skip to the beginning during a replay.

I havn't played on high-def yet so I can't really comment on the graphics that much. But the standard definition graphics do look better than PES6 :thup:

The AI finally plays bad passes, slow defenders won't catch fast attackers and the goalkeepers are far better.

The AI always played bad passes on PES6...well from Kick Off anyway. Also I think the keepers have gotten worse, mainly at saving shots near post. But i think that is a good thing as it was near impossible to score near post on PES6
i agree with you on most things Sean but that penalty cam angle annoys me. Keepers worry me they seem to pam alot of shots away
Yeh the keeper do seem to palm a lot of things, straight into the middle of the box as well.

Aww i like the penalty angle, it's different :D
Also I think the keepers have gotten worse, mainly at saving shots near post.

Really? That was the easiest way I scored on PES6. :|

I suppose everybody plays it differently so you're naturally going to have different views.
Yup lol. The way i tend to score on PES6 is to come in from the wide and fire it cross goal :D
Yup lol. The way i tend to score on PES6 is to come in from the wide and fire it cross goal :D

same here. adriano is a legend at that :p

just played the 2008 demo and seems pretty good. the only thing i dont like is how you can't just smash the ball at goal, it always seems to try and place it :|
its easier to keep shots down now aswell
the only thing im confused about is the point in showin the dugout on the start menu