Signing of the season so far?


May 31, 2010
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For me it has got to be Javier Hernandez or Van der Vaart.
Van der Vaart or Raul Meireles, they've been great this season.
Van der Vaart, earlier in the season wud've been Chamakh for me, but he needs to build up fitness, he himself admitted to being worn out after less than half a season.
In terms of how they have performed and how much they cost. Van der Vaart for £8m and Hernandez for £7m would be up there for me .

But I'd go for Van der Vaart, how he cost so little and why Chelsea/United where not sniffing around surprised me.
Fernando Torres. Really has proven to be value for money.
Van Der Vaart, Javier Hernandez.

Chamakh was good 2 satrt with but has lost his place 2 VP, which shows he aint better then him.
and It cant be real merielses because hes only played good under kenny daglish which is after xmas, a signing of the season has to be whole season.

I support united, but i think van der vaart just tips hernandez.