Nov 18, 2013
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I don't know if I 'm going to create a new story (feeling a bit rusty ha ha ), but I am so excited for this huge achievement I have just pulled that I wanted to share with all of you !

Allan Smith, (our hero) former Leeds star player , started his coaching career in his beloved club in 2016. Managed to win promotion in his second year at the club and after nine years as a manager won two Europa Leagues back to back and also the EFL Cup. But his latest performance outruns all the above !!

Let 's hope that he will manege to add a Premier League tittle as well in one of the upcoming seasons. Mission impossible ? Time will show...
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So after the success in the Euro Cup Final it was time for the new season in the Premier League to start. Last year despite the fact that Leeds where very close to cause an upset and steal the championship from Manchester United they end up in third position. What will happen this season ?

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The team closed the first month of the new season undefeated and if we had managed to hold on to our lead against the Spurs we would be in first place. No complaints what 's so ever. We 've made a good start. Hope to continue like this.
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Monthly Report

So after the first three games for the League we are looking quite good in third place. Let's have a look how the team is doing in general.

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Finances looking good. So far we have made wonderful progress and we are among the the best healthy clubs in the league
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The board seem to be satisfied with our progress so far.

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Our coach is on the top three best coaches for this month. Quite an honor if you look the other two coaches.

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Two of the three best youngsters for this are Leeds player. Encouraging for the future of the club.
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Our main strike Argentinian Capobianco is considered to be the top goalscorer for this year Champions League. Let's hope he will be up to the challenge!!

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September Matches

So the last month of the summer left us and Leeds were situated in 3rd place. September had more games since Champions League ,and the effort to defend our tittle started.

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Boro has done a wonderful start so far in the league and despite our effort they manage to add another win to their impressive performances. They are now in second place.

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We recovered quickly from our loss in Premier League and managed to start this year Champions League with a big away win against the most dangerous team of our group. The other two teams are Anderlecht and Sion.

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Second win in a row and back to winning days for Premier League with a huge comeback against West Ham. What a match that was!

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Our coach decided to rotate the squad in the game against Norwich for the EFl Cup. We were amazing upfront but our defense looked like a Swiss cheese and we paid that. No more EFL Cup for this year.

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We got over our defeat in the EFL Cup with a huge league win against Chelsea. A solid performance.

View attachment 78983 Manage to double our wins in the Champions League. Sion is the weakest team of our group so it was very important not to loose any points against them. They gave a good fight though.

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Mothly Report

Autumn is here and time for our monthly report. Nothing changed much though since we are still in third place. United remains first and undefeated so far.

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The board remains satisfied since we are still in the tittle battle.
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Our finance status showed damages for this month despite the fact that we gained 3 million Euros from our two wins in the Champions League.
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October matches

Things are starting to become more and more serious as we have reached the third month our this year season. Matches for Premier League and Champions League was the menu for the second month of Autumn.

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A good and solid home win against Hull for the championship. If we want to challenge for the tittle we should be able to win games against weaker teams.

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Another huge away win against a bigger opponent! United came to us hard and hit us with everything they 've got but we manage to defend well and score in our first and only chance we had in the whole game!

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Three out of three for the Champions League. Even though we did not had many chances we were to fortunate to get the win against a tricky opponent.

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A chance to get even with Norwich. We got the three points and remained close to United in our battle to win the tittle this year.

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A bad result. We managed to close the first half with a two goal lead but our performance in second half was below average. They took full advantage of it and managed to tie the game in the last minutes. We had an amazing chance in stoppage time but we kicked it away. So disappointed since when the game ended we felt that we have lost it despite we got one point.
Monthly Report

Things could have been better this month if we had managed to hold our lead in the game against Bournemouth. United remains upfront.

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Although things could have been better , Leeds board remains satisfied with the progress of the club.

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Leeds coach, Alan Smith found himself in the top three of the Premier League coaches for the second time since the beginning of this season.
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Negative figures in our monthly economic report. No worries though since the club remains economically healthy.
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Okay my friends , I 've decided to make a proper story so if one is interested stay tuned ! (H)
The stadium


Elland Road is a football stadium in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, which has been the home of Leeds United F.C. since the club's foundation in 1919.The stadium is the 13th largest football stadium in England, and the fourth largest outside the Premier League.

The ground has hosted FA Cup semi-final matches as a neutral venue, and England international fixtures, and was selected as one of eight Euro 96 venues.Elland Road was used by rugby league club Hunslet in the mid-1980sand hosted two matches of the 2015 Rugby World Cup. The stadium has hosted concerts, including performances by rock bands Queen, U2, Happy Mondays and the Kaiser Chiefs.
Elland Road has four stands – the Revie Stand, the East Stand, the South Stand and the John Charles Stand– and a capacity of 37,890.The record attendance of 57,892 was set on 15 March 1967 in an FA Cup 5th round replay against Sunderland.This was before the stadium became an all-seater venue as stipulated by the Taylor Report and the modern record is 40,287 for a Premiership match against Newcastle United on 22 December 2001.

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Training facilities

Both the board and Leeds' coach believe that is better to create a team than buying one. Two basic things for such a task though are good training facilities as a well a good academy. Let's have a more detailed description of our training ground (another thank you to wikipedia ha ha)

Thorp Arch is the training ground and Academy base of English football l club Leeds United. Located in the village of Thorp Arch, near the town of Wetherby, the site covers 12.1 hectares. The facility consists of three sections: The Barn, The Grange and the training pitches. Presently, none of the sections are owned by Leeds United, but the Barn and the training pitches are leased to the club. Leeds' under 18s and under 16s sides currently play their home games on the pitches at Thorp Arch.
The Grange, which was only operational by the club from its opening in the early nineties until the turn of the Millennium, accommodated the academy players, offices and changing rooms.
The site has eight full-size grass pitches and two all-weather pitches. Several of the pitches are floodlit.
The Barn, which replaced The Grange in 2002, contains a reception, a café, offices and changing rooms. It also houses the following top-class facilities:
· Indoor pitch: this is primarily used by the academy players. The pitch features artificial turf
and is heated.
· Physiotherapy rooms: there are two physio rooms, one for the first team and one for the academy.
· Bio science room: this room is used for player medicals, science testing, preventative screens and academy muscular evaluations.
· Rehabilitation room: in this room, assessment work and activities such as basketball take place to help players who are recovering from an injury. The room features a sprung floor for jumping work.
· Gym: the gym
is used for general player fitness as well as rehabilitation.
· Wet area: the wet area features a massage jacuzzi
, a hydrotherapy pool and swimming pool which is used for rehabilitation and recuperation.

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Let's hope that our training ground can help our young players to become our future stars!
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Team overview

But what about our first team ? After ten years , Leeds manager Mr. Allan Smith has manage to create a strong team and now is starting to add some talents from our academy.

Team Stats
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Team Report
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Our competition overview so far for this year
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Some of our best first team players

View attachment 78886 View attachment 78883 View attachment 78881 View attachment 78880

View attachment 78879 View attachment 78878 View attachment 78877 View attachment 78876

View attachment 78875 View attachment 78874 View attachment 78873 View attachment 78872

View attachment 78871 View attachment 78870

The best player that our academy has produced so far. There are a couple others who are showing decent potential and they are slowly introducing their selves in the first team.
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Team Tactics

Allan Smith is a bid admirer of the 4-4-2 tactic.This formation has managed to bring to this team last year huge achievement , the Champions League trophy. However this year has decided to add on more tactic in order to become more competitive against the big teams of the Premier League.

To cut a long story short these are our two tactics

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November Overview

November has left us and we are preparing for Winter. It was a good month for Leeds United. The team managed to close the last month of Autumn unbeaten. Allan Smith managed to combine wins with good football as well. Let's have a look.

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Since Anderlecht was considered to be a weaker opponent. Leeds' coach decided to rotate in order to keep all his players fresh. However the Belgians fought hard and managed to leave Elland Road with the draw.

View attachment 78678The result from the other game was a gift to Leeds since they won promotion with two games left in their champions league group and gave Mr. Allan Smith a chance for some more rotation in the upcoming matches.

View attachment 78669The rotation worked miracles! The team looked fresh, managed to demolish Stoke and remained in the third place chasing Manchester United and Chelsea.

View attachment 78668
Another player from the academy with bags of potential. He has been enjoying some time in both Premier League and Champions League in order to grow as a footballer. Maybe our future central defender.
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Another win and this time with a great comeback. Leeds did started the game well and Sunderland took the lead but some tactical tweaks brought the away win.

View attachment 78665
Even though the opponent has a strong one , Smith did not changed his decision to rotate the team. In this match threw in another youngster and he was the man of the match. Marwood scored a wonderful goal and earned the applause of the crowd.

View attachment 78664Let's hope he will continue developing well and help the team a lot in the future after all he is only 17 years old.

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One more clean win. As long as the team remains fresh maybe Leeds have a chance for something big this year in the Premier League.

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The draw between Chelsea and Man United brought Leeds in second place with two points behind the red devils.

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However one of Leeds' key players will be out for some time with a broken toe. Tough luck since Martin got injured minutes after he had scored a beautiful goal against Derby and looked like he was finding his form again. Let's pray he will come back even more determined.

A pleasant surprise

During the Summer , Leeds had a new chairman Mr. Dimitrios Ordoulidis from Greece. In his first meeting with the team 's manager, he told him that he is very fond of his work so far and that he hoped for a successful partnership. During the last days of November he proved that he was a man of his words.

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View attachment 78650
View attachment 78648

Speaking to the journalists the day after he agreed for his contract extension , Smith could not hide his delight !
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Good stuff mate, hopefully you can knock United off their perch!
Good stuff mate, hopefully you can knock United off their perch!

Thanks a lot Patrick ! It 's going to be very hard since they hardly lose a game every season (for example up till now in the season they have only one loss and a draw). I have to be on my best to overcome them. The problem is that although I end up with almost the same number of wins, I have a lot of draws every season (especially with smaller teams) and that is not helpful at all.
Monthly Report

November has been a good month for Leeds and its manager. The team, managed to end this month in second place in the premier league and got a big away against the champions Man United. As a result ...

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No change in our finances. The team is still writing loses, but look healthy.
View attachment 78575
Also our hero still has the support of the board.
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December Overview

On December, Leeds had one more big challenge come up against , the World Cup Championship. Another big tittle which add more pressurize to this club. Moreover there was the last game for the group stage of the champions league and matches for the premiership. Let's have a look of what happened.

View attachment 78568
Mr. Smith managed to combine rotation with a good away win. Sion fought the game but eventually Leeds took the three points and together the first place of the group.

View attachment 78567

View attachment 78566Woodburn was truly unstoppable and managed to keep escaping Leeds' defenders attention. At least we got away with the draw from a very tough game.

View attachment 78565The FA Cup draw brought QPR a historic team in Leeds path. A tricky match.

Another draw was very very unlucky...
View attachment 78564
But it was time for the big challenge to take place.An unknown experience for the whole team that Cup was.
View attachment 78563Two former Leeds players are playing in our opponent, Oberlin Pineda and Mathew Target. A chance to catch up with them.

View attachment 78562
Not a easy game but thankfully we won it. Former Leeds player Pineda was the man of the match. An amazing performance by him and Allan Smith admitted that in the press conference after the game.

View attachment 78561
Second win and the cup was ours! Although Leeds had to wait until the penalty shootout again Smith managed to Return to Elland Road with one more big trophy in his bags.

View attachment 78560

View attachment 78559
Back to the league and time to play the game that were postponed due to Leeds participation in the World Club Championship. First of these games was against Tottenham. A big win since the team did not had much time to rest from the return journey.

View attachment 78558Unfortunately, tiredness made its appearance a couple of days later. The team was not in good condition and Watford took advantage of it. A bad result and we are moving away from the top.

View attachment 78557
Not only that, but we kissed this year FA Cup as well. Maybe playing so hard for that trophy had not been such a good idea...