It was time for this season champions to start and Leeds had a tricky game again RBL. It was important to start well in the group if we wanted to continue. We had to take advantage the fact that we were going to begin with a home game.

View attachment 76450The game was as Smith expected it to be , tricky and difficult but we managed to get the win with a late goal from our youngster Da Silva.

View attachment 76449Back to premier where Leeds achieved a big away win with Rashford being once again the key player and the scorer of the only goal. Got work boys !

View attachment 76448First game for the EFL. Leeds won and Smith had the chance to rotate his squad. Da Silva was brilliant once more. However Capobianco has been in his best so far and that could be a problem. We need him to get back on track.

View attachment 76447
Next stop for the EFL Cup was going to be West Ham in a difficult away game.

View attachment 76446Rashford was amazing but we let Norwich get back in the game due to same mistakes from our defense. We dropped two points and that draw looked like a loss...

View attachment 76445Our captain Aaron Burke gave led us to victory in a must win game against the weakest team of our champions league group. The best performance from him since the beginning of the new season.

View attachment 76444He has been lethal so far. Exactly what Smith wanted by him.

View attachment 76443Our best performance so far for this year. What a win against the champions ! Rashford showed Mourinho that he made a huge mistake letting him go during the summer. We climbed in second place just one point behind them. Get in guys !

The battles in the Premier League continued as Leeds guided by the talented manager Allan Smith was trying to put an end in Manchester united domination.

View attachment 75928We gave our best but we could not escape from Bournemouth's home with a win. At least the late goal gave s one point. United however won again and we are back four points again.

View attachment 75923We were fortunate to score a goal in the only chance we created in the whole game. Real Madrid came to us hard but Montes was our key player. He was everywhere !

View attachment 75918With Rashford being our main threat upfront, Leeds managed to extend its undefeated strike and remain close to the Red Devils.

View attachment 75916
Sometime they will loose a game and when they do we will be there ...

View attachment 75922
After the tough game against Real in Spain and the encounter with Hull for the league, Smith decided to rotate his squad. The players that came in played wonderful and Leeds managed to kick out West Ham in their EFL clash.

Lady luck was not polite with Leeds though...
View attachment 75921

Next stop an away game against Watford. Our first team players had enjoyed their rest and we were ready to play for the win.
View attachment 75920Marcus Rashford the machine gun !!!

What an inspired signing Rashford has proven to be!

He is trully unstoppable and to be honest I did not expected him to be THAT good! For some strange reason he was put in United's transfer list with a 45 million price tag. I offered the money and they wanted 86 million !! I steped back and made the same offer after a week and they asked 56 million and the deal closed. I looked for a striker who could combine strength, technique and speed and he is got everything ! Another bonus is that he has very good free kicks as well. Let's hope that he will remain healthy and hungry for even more !
View attachment 75822
Two Leeds players in the top three for this month. No hard guesses about number one, lethal Marcus Rashford! Pedro Martin a former Leeds player completed the top three players. Pedro has been one of Arsenal 's top players so far. If it had not been for his two serious injuries in the past two years he might still being in Elland road. On the other hand that could mean that Smith would not have brought Rashford. So far the results so that Smith made the right choice. He could not buy Rashford and keep Martin on the bench with a 13 million contract per year.

View attachment 75819Mr. Smith won an award as well for being the best coach in the league.

View attachment 75818Many Leeds players in the best eleven for the Premier League.

View attachment 75816Smith decided to rest Rashford for the game against Real and gave one more chance for Capobianco to score his first goal for this season. The Argentinian had not started well and Leeds' manager feared that his lack of goals could affect him. Also there were rumors that the fans did not approved the sell of Martin. Most of them were saying that it could have been best if Smith had sold Capobianco instead. Jonathan however proved with that appearance that he remains a quality attacker.

View attachment 75815With that win Leeds not only secured qualification from its group but also locked the first place with two games remaining!

View attachment 75814Another typical day for Rashford !

View attachment 75812And one more participation in the best eleven for him alongside with Onomah !

Leeds players continued to do well in international matches too. Especially Rashford who kept on scoring !
View attachment 75502

View attachment 75501

After the brake due to the international games the team gathered up for a tricky away game against West Ham. Smith had decided to play with his best squad even though he was going to have an away champions league against RBL in just two days time. Since Leeds had already secured both qualification and first place it was a great chance for rotation.
View attachment 75500
However things did not go too well for Leeds. At least we got away with a draw even though we had to play with ten players for almost 30 minutes.

View attachment 75499
Another draw but this time it was a good one. Leeds came down to play with quite a few youngsters and managed to get away with one point and if we had been more careful you could have won the match. In any case we got a good result and manage to rest some of our key players.

View attachment 75498
The next game for the premier showed the importance of rotation. Leeds players looked fresh and ready to play. Rashford was lethal one more time and the win came easily. Still in second place and still close to Man. United.

Rashford amazing form so far has put him among the candidates for the golden ball. It will be huge for the club 's reputation if he manages to win this award.
View attachment 75487

Leeds lethal weapon remained among the top three premier league players.
View attachment 75486

And Leeds coach among the top three coaches
View attachment 75485

The board continues to love our hero!
View attachment 75484

And they wanted to prove their support by giving him a present.
View attachment 75483

Despite the opponent 's big name , Smith decided to rotate his squad for the clash with City for the EFL and the boys that came in got a big win.
View attachment 75482

Next opponent West Brom
View attachment 75481

Unfortunately Liverpool was better than us and as a result we had our first loss in the Premier.
View attachment 75480

United took full advantage of our latest bad form in the Premier and things look difficult for the tittle. We have a long way to go but if they keep on going like that the will secure the tittle easily.
View attachment 75479

Our opponent for the FA Cup. If United continue their amazing form perhaps it would be better to try and win the two cups EFL and FA.
View attachment 75478

Last game for the champions league group stage and we managed to put on a show for our fans who packed the stadium! Capobianco looks like he is finding his form again.
View attachment 75477

Back to winning days for the premier even though we made it very difficult for ourselves.
View attachment 75476

However we did not manage to achieve a second win in a row. Arsenal was gaining on us and we had to be very careful if we want to stay in second place.
View attachment 75475

A huge away win which was combined with United second loss in the Premier. Rashford returned to scoring days and even though Arsenal pushed us a lot in the last minutes we managed to hold our lead.
View attachment 75474

We were about to end 2027 and Leeds had to give two games in just 4 days time ! It was going to be a hard task for Smith to keep his team fresh and get as many points as he could.

View attachment 74981Despite the poor score, Leeds played very well in the away game against Derby. Smith decided to rotate the squad in view of the upcoming game against Tottenham. The boys that came in did the job wonderful !

Unfortunately though Leeds' main goalkeeper had a serious injury and it was time for youngster James to step up. Everyone was keen to see if he had what it takes.

View attachment 74980
Tottenham was supposed to be a hard opponent but eventually the game was like a walk in the park !

View attachment 74979 More of the same for Rashford. In top three again.

View attachment 74978 And for Leeds coach as well !

View attachment 74977 Another easy win for Leeds. Kieran Tierney has been performing very well so far. Even though he was considered a backup player and he was on the verge of leaving Elland Road during the previous season, Smith decided to keep him and the Scottish showed to his coach that he made the right decision.

After Tierney 's great game , Smith decided to say yes in Bayern 's offer for his main left back. Ooijen was top class but he was getting injury prone and that 54 million euros was very tempting.
View attachment 74976
View attachment 74975 The squad however did not agreed with Mr. Smith. However after talking to them Alan gave his promise that he was going to enforce the team. After all, he above all did not want to see Leeds getting weaker.

View attachment 74974 The team remained focused despite all the fuss that created after the selling of Ooijen, passed easily from Leicester and continued to the FA Cup.

View attachment 74973 And did the same with West Brom for the EFL Cup. The final was one game away !

View attachment 74972 Rasford was the first player that disagreed with Smith 's decision to sell Ooijen. However in the game against Middlesbrough showed what a great professional he is and gave the victory to his team. With that three points Leeds remained five points behind United with one game less though. Yes the Red Devils had started to loose some points ! We were back in the race for the championship tittle !

After viewing many scouting reports , Smith finally decided which player to buy in order to fill up the vacant place of the second left back. The talented manager after seeing Tierney impressive performances did not want to shadow him by buying a player who would send the Scottish to the bench but a youngster who could learned a lot from him.
View attachment 74777 View attachment 74776
He has some very good stats and if he is determined to put some hard work in the training ground he could developed into a very good player for the future.

View attachment 74775 Our next opponent for the FA Cup and a chance for some rotation. So far lady luck is with us this year and the team has had some very good draws. However all that must be proved on the pitch as well.

View attachment 74774Another good performance by Tierney. This time his goal gave Leeds the win against Stoke a team which always causes Smith many troubles. However the team did not created so many chances and perhaps Leeds tactic needs some tweaking.

View attachment 74773 "It is okay to loose but it is not acceptable to surrender like that ! You made it to easy for them and I am excepting better performances from all of you in the future". Leeds' manager slammed his team in the dressing rooms after the bad result against Everton , a team that is struggling this year and it 's on the verge of relegation.

View attachment 74772 We lost the chance to narrow the gap from United into just three points and we threw it away...

View attachment 74771 In the game against West Brom, Smith decided to do some changes in the tactic and also a little bit of rotation. Leeds controlled the game and got the win which led them to the final of the EFl Cup. Perhaps it was time for Leeds manager to start using this new tactic (4-2-3-1 DM wide ) in order to confuse his opponents who were starting to find ways to confront his 4-1-2-2-1 tactic that was using so far.

View attachment 74770 Leicester was going to be our opponent for the EFL Cup final. We were considered us favorites for this game but everything can happen in a final. We would have to be 100% focused.

View attachment 74769 The game against Wycombe was not the ideal one for conclusions on the new tactic since there was a large distance between the two teams. However the team 's performance and especially Capobianco, was encouraging.

View attachment 74767An amazing performance after so long for Leeds ! Smith 's team demolished City and if his players where more concentrated the score could have even bigger. The citizens were at a loss and that made them lose their temper. As a result the finished the game with nine players.

View attachment 74766 We continue to do well and put one more win in the bag. Our new formation made us look more dangerous upfront and we are starting to get goals from more players like Onomah who was lethal in that game.

View attachment 74765United won the Roses and extend their lead to nine points. Even though we manage to draw the game late in the first half, they returned more determined and took the lead. 2-1 was the final score and now matter how hard Smith tried from the bench United looked unbeatable. In fact the score could have been bigger since the Red Devils counter attacks had been extremely dangerous.
View attachment 74671 All the odds were with Leeds for this match and everybody were anticipating an easy victory. However Bournemouth came down to play and they almost made it. Smith tactical changes brought the win and Leeds fans returned home happy. What a game that was !

View attachment 74670Another tight game for Leeds and one more narrow win. The result however was more important since we manage to qualify to the next round of the FA Cup.

View attachment 74669 Wolves was going to be our next opponent.

View attachment 74668 Leeds traveled to Scotland for the first game of the Champions League first knock round. Aberdeen defended very well and managed to keep us away from their goalkeeper. A goalless draw is always a tricky result and we would have to be extra careful in the second game.

View attachment 74667 Onomah stepped up and gave Leeds the EFL trophy ! A wonderful performance from our attacking midfielder and a cup fro Leeds after long time! Well done boys !

View attachment 74665 EFL cup review.

View attachment 74664 And while we were playing for the final , this happened. Smith wondered if there is someone else except Leeds who could win United. They demolish every opponent they face !

View attachment 74663 United scored seven goals against City and we could not win Hull, who played most of the second half with ten players. We have no chance of winning the tittle with results like that.

View attachment 74662 One more late draw in our home against Watford despite the fact that we dominated the game.They scored a goal with just shots on target...

View attachment 74661 A totally equal game against Wolves for the FA Cup. This time we were lucky to get away with the win even though we had just two shots on target.

View attachment 74660 Next opponent was going to be Southampton.

View attachment 74659 Another heartbreaking game but at least we won and manage to continue to the next round of the champions league. The good news were that Leeds defended perfectly since our opponent did not have any attempt on goal !

View attachment 74658 Porto was our next obstacle.

View attachment 74657 At last a comfortable win after so long. Rashford was brilliant and we did not let West Ham to threat us. This time Leeds combined good defensive play with accurate finishing in attack.

View attachment 74656 Perhaps it was too late for tittle dreams though. United continued to extend the lead by taking advantage of every point we dropped. They were eleven points ahead and their fans were getting ready for one more tittle celebrations.

View attachment 74566 It took him some time to adjust to his new team but Onomah is starting to show what a quality player he is. The experienced attacking midfielder not only creates many chances but he has begun to score some beautiful goals as well !

View attachment 74565 Due to injuries , Smith had to use Stones as a right wingback and the 33rd old player was more than good in this position and helped Leeds to escape with the win from Portugal. A good win in the the champions league second knock out round. Everybody was anticipating the second game now!

View attachment 74556 Despite the fact that everybody in Leeds team had the second game against Porto in the back of their minds, Smith and his boys did the job in the away game against Burnley. Three more points in the bag!

View attachment 74564 Rashford was once again amazing ! His performance brought Leeds just two games before the champions league final!

View attachment 74562 Juventus was going to be our next opponent. It was going to be two hard games since it is never easy to knock an Italian club. They are masters in getting the results they want.

View attachment 74563 It was a breath taking game. Leeds took the lead with Rashford but the Reds manage to get the equalizer. Onomah steped us and gave us the lead again but Liverpool scored again just few minutes before the end. Smith then ordered his players to attack with everything they had. A cross into the opponent 's area , Rashford won the ball and gave the assist to Burke who scored the winning goal!

View attachment 74561 Just two words for you , Marcus Rashford!!

View attachment 74560 We managed to narrow the gap from United but still they are way ahead of us.

View attachment 74559 With the first clash with Juventus being just two days after Smith decided to rotate his squad. Participating in the FA Cup was important but the champions league was of course a bigger occasion. However Leeds back players and especially Da Silva (who has agreed to leave Elland Road in the end of this season) took the opportunity and smashed the "Saints".

View attachment 74558 The final was going to be a great show !

View attachment 74557 Rashford was there to score the winning goal at the first game against Juventus but it was Stones who played again as a wingback that made the difference ! However the narrow lead made the second game a very tricky one.

View attachment 74495 After a meeting with between the board and Smith, Leeds decided to set up a link with Dutch club Heerenveen. Smith's scouter all this years had been finding quality players but Leeds could not buy them since they were not able to gain work permit. So now this deal could help Leeds a lot in the future.

View attachment 74494 That draw put an end in Leeds tittle hopes for this season.

View attachment 74493Hats off to them. They were great all season and fully deserved to finish first and preserve the tittle.

View attachment 74492Smith was once again in top three but in the end it did not matter since his team lost the tittle battle. However they gave a good battle. United did not won this easily like the previous seasons and next year things maybe will be different.

View attachment 74491That game was more important than the tittle battle since United had a secured lead. Leeds traveled to Italy with one goal lead but Juventus manage to turn this around easily during the first 30 minutes of the game. However Montes scored a golden goal and Leeds took the advantage in the aggregate. That goal from the Mexican defender change the whole game. Smith 's players believed in their selves again and manage a huge come back which led them to the final ! What a game and what an effort from Smith and his boys! They did not give up and they fully deserved this!

View attachment 74490 Everybody in Elland road had begun to count the days for this huge game!
View attachment 74354 We were going to face United in the champions league as well. So far the tradition in the games against the red Devils is not with Leeds. However the final is just one game and everything could happen.

View attachment 74352 We were very lucky in the game against the Spurs but we got the draw and kept a secure lead against Arsenal who lied in third position. We lost the tittle battle but we wanted to hang on to that second place.

View attachment 74350 Leeds players were starting to think about the two finals against United and the faced these last games as an obligation. It least this time they managed to win.

View attachment 74346 The last game for the premier league and Leeds gave a good show in front of their fans. The crowd gave the players a warm applause in the end of the game and wished them luck in the two huge upcoming games against their biggest rival !

View attachment 74345 The final wrap of the season. We were better than last year and finished close to the champions but still we had a long way to go until we take away their crown. Let's hope next season it 's going to be our time.

View attachment 74341 He had been wonderful throughout the season and he fully deserved this award !

View attachment 74338 He had been lethal as well !

View attachment 74337 Another recognition for Leeds this year.

View attachment 74335 The FA Cup final had been a nightmare for Leeds and a walk in the park for United. Even though we manage to score the equalizer with a beautiful goal from Straton they were far more better and they won with style. We came for the first battle but we were not a serious threat for them. United won easily and seemed that they had the upper hand for the champions league final as well.

View attachment 74334 Before this big game , Leeds coach Mr. Smith advice his players to forget what happened a week ago and show to whole world that they were the better team . However United started the game brilliant and took an early two goal lead. But our leader Marcus Rashford did not want to leave the field with his head down. He score his first goal and managed to tie the game in the last minutes with a wonderful free kick. The game went to overtime but nothing changed since both teams looked exhausted. In the penalty shootout Leeds goalkeeper was our hero. He managed to save two penalties and in the end Leeds managed to lift the champions league trophy. A glorious day for Smith and his boys ! they would celebrate this for a very long time! Marcus Rashford was the man of the match and his photo running to hug his coach with tears running from his eyes became headline in every Sport newspaper around the world !
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View attachment 74331 A memorable season for Leeds in the champions league !

View attachment 74330 Almost half of the dream team of this season consisted of Leeds players!

View attachment 74329 Leeds annual season awards. Smith has created a great team this season even though they did not end up as champions in the premier league.

View attachment 74328 Season overview with the home win against our big rivals considered as the best result.

View attachment 74327The board continues to love our hero.

View attachment 74326 View attachment 74325 Rashford continues to win awards. Smith 's decision to bring him to Elland road uplifted Leeds to whole new level. Bad call for Mourinho to put him in the transfer list during the previous summer. Thank you Jose!

View attachment 74324 A final game in which Leeds will not face United. What a surprise!

View attachment 74323 Here they are again !

View attachment 74322 View attachment 74321 Leeds continue to grow as a club. No one could have expect this back in 2016 !

Since there isn't much interest for this story I will cut back on the frequency of my updates. I will post a monthly update showing the league table and the results of every month. Merry Christmas to all and I wish you the best for the new year !!!