View attachment 63928
[FONT=comic\ sans\ ms]During the Summer transfer period, Smith had bought Justin Arrowsmith in order to give more depth to his attacking line. Unfortunately young Justin had a serious injury during the pre season which kept him away from the training ground for quite some time. He had returned to full training for about a month ago and Smith decided to give him a chance in the first team. The kid responded marvelously and scored a hat trick in his debut !

View attachment 63926
Smith rotated his squad in the game against Forest green Rovers so as to keep him team fresh for the big game against Chelsea. However the peacocks were never a matches for the blues and lost easily. A bad loss for Leeds especially since the big game against Arsenal for the premier was just a few days away.

View attachment 63925
Leeds manager was so disappointed from his attackers in the game against Chelsea that decided to give a second chance to young Arrowsmith in the encounter with Liverpool. Justin was once again brilliant and gave his team the win by scoring two beautiful goals. Not bad for the "new Harry Kane" according to the media !

View attachment 63924
Everton was going to be the Leeds next opposition for the FA Cup. Surely a tricky game since Everton is doing quite well in the league this season.

View attachment 63923
Arsenal was coming to the city of Manchester stadium in order to get the win and send a tittle message. However Smith and his boys were 100% ready and showed that to the pitch. The Gunners were completely at a loss and Leeds got an easy win in probably the most serious game of this season.

View attachment 63918
After the big win against Arsenal the players were starting to believe that they would be able to retain the league tittle and when you play feeling confident for yourself you can do miracles !

View attachment 63915
Feeling confident was never a bad thing. Feeling invincible however can cause a lot of troubles. Leeds went to play the game against Everton with the wrong attitude and the toffees made them pay by knocking them out of the FA Cup, winning fair and square.

View attachment 63914
Leeds had to forget the bad loss from Everton very quickly since the team had to travel to Italy to face A.C. Milan for the first knock out stage of this year champions league. Ex Leeds captain , Mexican Cesar Montes had been to eager to meet his former teammates but had no intention of letting them get anything from the game. But Smith had been sharing the same opinion and prepared his team ingeniously ! Leeds played wonderful and the final score gave minimum hopes to the Italians to proceed to the next round.

View attachment 63903
After 27 games in this year premier league Leeds had a four point advantage from Arsenal and things looked good for the tittle !
View attachment 63133

View attachment 63132

View attachment 63131

Leeds players have been dominating the league so far !

View attachment 63130
The citizens managed to the lift the first trophy of the season. Congratulations to them. Premier League needs them to rise up and become tittle contenders again. Strong competition could lift up all the teams in the league.

View attachment 63129
City had been in good form and the winning of the EFL Cup had given them a psychology boast. Taking all these into account an away draw was a good result for Smith and his boys.

View attachment 63128
The peacocks returned to the easy wins and added three more points in their battle with Arsenal for the tittle. Justin Arrowsmith was lethal one more time.

View attachment 63127
That result however looked like a loss . Leeds should have won this easily. With not many games until the curtain drops in the Premier Smith could not afford seeing his team drops points in games against weaker teams. Especially when Arsenal was just a breath away from them.

View attachment 63126
Despite the disappointment from the game against Stoke , Leeds managed to double their wins against A.C. Milan and proceed to the next round of this year champions league. A good performance by Gomez after quite a long time for the peacocks.

View attachment 63125
Next opposition would be Tottenham . It was going to be two very close games.

View attachment 63124
Back to winning days for the premier despite the fact that Rashford 's goal filled Smith with anxiety. An own goal from Burnley however secured the win for the peacocks.

View attachment 63123
Leeds closed this month with a three point lead. The following game however was not going to be an easy one...
View attachment 63004
The games against Manchester United had been always special. Leeds was the better team in that game but the Red Devils defended well and got one point from that game.

View attachment 63003
A tough game against Tottenham for the second knock out round of the champions league. Leeds leading striker Portugal Gomez got the goal that probable could sent the peacocks to the next round.

View attachment 63001
A bad result for Leeds since although they got the lead did not manage to hold on the win. One more chance for Arsenal to reduce the gap from the tittle holders.

View attachment 62998
Tottenham kissed this year champions league goodbye and Leeds got one more win from the Spurs. Spanish attacking midfielder Cabale showed how lethal he can be and led his team to victory.

View attachment 62997
Next opponent just two games before the champions league would be Olympique Lyonnais.

View attachment 62996
Leeds under 18th team managed to win the league and everybody in Elland wanted their big boys to do same!

View attachment 62995
A narrow win for Leeds but as we were approaching the last games for the premier the points were more important now and not the performance.

View attachment 62994
Leeds managed to maintain a narrow lead against Arsenal . The next game would be crucial and could easily mean sealing the tittle for one of the two tittle contenders.
View attachment 62956

These are the games that make a team bigger and its player stronger characters! Leeds wanted the win more than Arsenal but none of the fans of these two big teams could predict such a thrilling encounter. The tittle holders got the lead and got an even bigger advantage since Arsenal was down to ten before half time. "Remain focused boys" were Smith words during half time. However Legrand did not pay any attention and Leeds went down to ten players at the beginning of the second time. Arsenal managed to turn the game and got the lead but Gomez had not said his last word and gave the lead back to Leeds. The Gunners however tied the game but the Portuguese leader got the win which would probably bring the tittle for his team during stoppage time !

View attachment 62954
There were not only good news from that game however ...

View attachment 62953
With one of the team best player out Smith had to think of a trick or two to cover up Eikrem loss. He tried but with no success. Leeds had to travel to France for the win.

View attachment 62952
Gomez got the goals that brought Leeds close to their consecutive tittle but he was hungry for more so he also scored the goal that gave Leeds their back to back championship trophy! What a glorious day for the peacocks !

View attachment 62951
"We want to more from everyone and made it happen. I am so proud for the players! My boys deserve all and every credit" Smith could not hide his emotions during the press conference after the win against Wolves that gave the tittle mathematically to his team for the second time in a row !

View attachment 62950
And that was not going to be the only trophy that Leeds would fight to win in this season !

View attachment 62949
No hard guesses about the opponent ...

View attachment 62948
The end of the season was just three games away. Two for the premier league where Leeds had secured the tittle and the champions league final. Smith had decided to give to his secondary players opportunities so as to prove him that they belong to stay in the team. They did not get a good grade at the first test.

View attachment 62947
Neither at the second one since Smith had to put Gomez and Caballe as substitutes in order for the Leeds to secure the win in the home game against Norwich , a team that finished last in the Premier .

View attachment 62946
Leeds fans could not stop admiring the league table !

View attachment 62945

View attachment 62944
And the awards were kept coming for the peacocks !

View attachment 62943
Once again Leeds had been the better team however Manchester United managed to win its back to back champions league trophy. Despite Leeds goalkeeper who was there to save the controversial penalty the the Red Devils won in the second half and saved one more penalty in the shootout, Smith 's attackers could not hit the target neither in front of goals nor from the penalty spot. So far Leeds had reached in four champions league finals and won only one of them.

Another Season for Smith in view of new Stadium for Leeds

Every Leeds fan could not wait for the stadium to be delivered. It was a dream for so long and everyone was very excited about that.
View attachment 62049
The fans showed how much they love their team this year. Despite the fact that Leeds home stadium was the City of Manchester Stadium (due to the works in Elland Road) for this season , the peacocks fans where there in every game!

Smith however had to remain focused and prepare his team for one more difficult season. Leeds had managed to win the league for the second time in a row and all of the Premier League big boys wanted to still the championship crown from the peacocks.

View attachment 62065
Leeds manager, knew who wanted to buy and also who to sell. There were some first timers who did not want to stay to Elland Road any more and Smith did not want to stand in their way. After all he had already found their replacements!
View attachment 62064

View attachment 62057
Leeds long serving goalkeeper Argentinian Seccafien wanted to join Barcelona. Smith agreed to sell him and asked his director of football for an advice. Former football Matias Sammer proposed this guy. Smith was fascinated from his physical attributes and made his move.

View attachment 62059
Another player who wanted to leave Leeds and England was Portugal Manuel Augusto. Smith tried to explain him many times during the previous season that he saw to him the replacement of Leeds captain and world class left winger Aaron Burke but he did not want to wait any longer. His replacement was this youngster (another suggestion from Sammer).

View attachment 62058
With Eikrem out for long time (he suffered a damaged Achilles tendon in the game against Arsenal in the previous season) and Djordjevic traveling to Barcelona so as to join his new team (another player who wanted to leave even though he was only one season in Elland Road) Smith had to look for a new midfielder. Ferguson was the ideal player. He was young , he had bags of potential and he was English (the fans had expressed the desire for more homegrown players).

View attachment 62061
During the previous season , Smith had given a lot of chances to Onovo (player coming from Leeds academy and had the wonderkid tag all over him) in order for him to shine but he was very unstable especially in big matches. he decided to buy commanding center back Langford in order to strengthen his defense and make Onovo realize that he needed to work harder if he wanted to be considered as first team regular.

View attachment 62053 View attachment 62052
The last two players Smith bought during the Summer transfer season was for the future. Lundberg did not manage to gain work permit and would go to Heerenveen (Leeds feeder club in Holland) so as to show if he could develop into a famous midfielder and Cichon (one more Sammer 's suggestion) came in as first timer in the under 23 team . Both of them almost nothing!

View attachment 62048
Leeds continued to grow as club since the peacocks where now in the sixth position among the richest clubs in the world !

View attachment 62047
Despite Leeds domination in the last two seasons , Manchester United remained the top favorite to win this year tittle.

View attachment 62046
Leeds top striker was among the contenders for this year top goalscorer award.

View attachment 62045
The media predicted that Eikrem would return stronger from his injury and claim the top player award.

View attachment 62044
Young Sarenac one of Leeds most expensive transfers last year was the top favorite for the young player award.

View attachment 62043
Leeds showed great concentration during the Summer friendly games since they conceived only one goal in the games they gave.

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View attachment 61442
"Let's get this show on the road lads! You are the better team and you deserved to return to the dressing rooms with the tittle in your hands" Smith words gave a psychological boost to his players but West Ham put on a defensive show in the game. If it had not been Daja inspiration with an amazing shoot nobody could predict the final outcome. Even though Leeds won the game not as easy as many had predicted , Smith managed to add on more trophy to the museum of his favorite
team !

View attachment 61441
One more glory day for the Leeds fans!

View attachment 61440
"It is always great to start the new championship with a victory especially when it is an away one". I am very satisfied with my players although we should have been more concentrated in the second half". Smith was happy with the win he talked to his boys after the game reminding them that they have to bare in mind that a game ends when the referee decides and they have to keep focused until he does.

View attachment 61439
One more key player will be out for a long time. The Spanish word class midfielder adds flair to Leeds game. Everybody were keen to see whether Smith would change his plans now that two of his best players in midfield (Eikrem and Caballe ) won't participate in his squad.

View attachment 61438
With Daja scoring his third consecutive goal and Burke put one more show in front of his fans, Leeds managed to double their wins in the Premier. Chelsea tried to get the draw and maybe if they had more time they could have done it. "It is very annoying when I say something and you decide to ignore it guys. Why is it so hard to keep focused during the whole game ?" Smith had every right to be furious with his players despite the big win.

View attachment 61436
A fantastic display of attacking football from the champions in the game against Barnsley! Smith decided to give a chance to young Chicon who played wonderful in Leeds under 23th team a couple of days ago and he scored his first professional goal with his new team ! The most beautiful goal of the match was an amazing shot from Alexander Ferguson who completed a wonderful team effort. Gomez did not manage to get himself in the score sheet but he was a key factor in Leeds domination since he gave three assists showing that apart from a lethal striker he can be a very creative player as well!

View attachment 61435
Leeds first opponent for the EFl Cup.

View attachment 61434
Leeds draw for this season champions league will include a big clash against legendary Bayern Munich.

View attachment 61433
Leeds defensive play managed to sustain famous Argentinian striker and ex peacocks favorite Jonathan Cappobianco but Liverpool defender were also very effective in their own duties. A boring draw which would be easily be forgotten by the fans of both teams.

View attachment 61432
After the draw against Liverpool , everybody predicted that Leeds would fall from top spot. However Smith and his boys were extremely lucky since neither Tottenham nor Manchester managed to win and the first month of this new season ended with Leeds on top.
View attachment 61266
August has been a good month for Leeds' captain Aaron Burke who found himself among the top three players of the Premier League.

View attachment 61265
Daja , who is having a very productive season so far was among the top three youngsters for August.

View attachment 61264
Despite the fact that Leeds has been very lucky so far seeing some of the team 's key players been out with serious injuries, Smith managed to keep the team in a very good form. That has been the factor for winning this month top coach award.

View attachment 61262
Buying players from German clubs has become something of a tradition to the Premier League and this transfer window was not an exception. Dortmund is the club that has sold the most players to Premier League teams.

View attachment 61261
Smith had decided not to buy one more right back as a cover for Tyler. Despite being a left foot , the English full is having a very good season far. Leeds manager wanted to retrain Lewis Martin (his back up right winger with good defensive characteristics ) as a right back in order to use him either as a back for Tyler or Stryjek (Leeds first right winger). However , having his mind set to the future , decided to buy German wonderkid Felix Golinski as a potential cover from Stryjek in case a team comes and place a big offer for him. The transfer will be sealed in the end of the season.

View attachment 61260
This boy has a bright future ahead of him !

View attachment 61259
Leeds had to face Manchester City for the championship and Bayern for the champions league in just six days. Rotation was inevitable. Seeing Justin Arowsmith and Lewis Martin having a wonderful game with the under 23 team (Arowsmith scored a hat trick) , Smith decided to give them a chance in the clash against the citizens. He made the wrong decision. City won the game easily and Leeds did not manage to cause any threat offensively.

View attachment 61255
Despite the fact that Leeds was last year runner up in the champions was not among the strong favorites for this year tittle. Smith hoped to prove all the bookmakers wrong.

View attachment 61258
With his first timers starting the game Leeds had no trouble beating the Germans in the Allianz Arena. Bayern scored a goal but that was their only serious attempt in the whole game. Perhaps Leeds manager should have done a better job in his players selections for these two games.

View attachment 61257
Back to winning days in the premier for Leeds! Stoke has been performing above expectations so far and the Potters found themselves in third position before this game. Leeds however played great and Burke showed one more why he is considered a world class left winger.

View attachment 61256
The game against Barnsley was one chance for the so called back up players to prove their worth. This time they did what was necessary and Leeds got a clean victory against the Tykes and proceed to the next round of the EFL Cup.

View attachment 61252
In order to celebrate his transfer to Leeds and his wonderful form so far John Langford wanted to offer an expensive gift to himself so he went and bought a brand new Ferrari 458 Speciale. But what he should know was that these car require special driving skills something he did not have. As a result ...

View attachment 61253
It was time for Onovo to prove whether he had what it takes to be considered a first team regular or not. Needless to say that Smith was furious with Langford but decided to keep his temper until his player recover.

View attachment 61251
After the bad news of Langford injury, Smith learned Leeds opposition for the next phase of the EFL Cup. It was going to be an interesting game for sure.

View attachment 61250
Before the game Tottenham was one point ahead of Leeds and the peacocks wanted the win in order to show that they would not give up their throne so easily. The Spurs had a different opinion though. Tottenham got an early two goal lead and despite Gomez 's effort who managed to score a goal, Leeds did not avoid defeat which brought the team to third place and four points away from the top. Umar Mohammed (former Leeds player) wanted to prove to his old boss that he should be part of his plans. He was a class apart !

View attachment 61248
Leeds started this month in top spot but now the peacocks had to fight their way back to the top.

View attachment 60855
Finally the expansion works in Elland Road have been completed and it was time for Leeds and their fans to return home! A historical day for the club.

View attachment 60852
Leeds captain Aaron Burke is having the season of his life so far. The left winger is truly unstoppable. His crosses cause panic to the opponents defenses and Smith is feeling very confident each time the legendary English start a run from the left flank or is preparing for a corner kick.

View attachment 60848
Alongside with his captain, youngster Daja has been one of the key factors in Leeds attacking play. No matter which position he plays he can cause lots of trouble to his opponents.

View attachment 60843
OK Burke can create a lot of goals but he is also lethal when he places the ball for a free kick. It looks as if he has a remote control in his left foot and sends the ball exactly where we wants it to go!

View attachment 60841
Burke is the creator , Daja is the new best thing but Gomez is the killer in Leeds offensive play. Porto has been one more addition to his victims list !

View attachment 60840
Eikrem 's return from his injury gave Smith the opportunity to allow his team play even more attacking football. With the Norwegian dominating the midfield in every game he plays , the peacocks look extremely dangerous in the transition game. He returned hungry for more and Smith could not hide his delight. Eikrem loves to do the dirty job which leads to goal chances and with Gomez upfront things get complicated for the opposite goalkeepers.

View attachment 60833
This time Leeds looked very tired and with no inspiration upfront. Bournemouth managed to put up a defensive show until Leeds lethal striker Gomez got injured. Then Smith took the decision that changed the whole game. He put Daja upfront to replace the Portugal star and he scored the goal that gave his team the win. It was an amazing effort from the youngster. After dribbling three players blasted the ball to the top left corner. Bournemouth keeper had no chance to save that thunder!

View attachment 60823
With Gomez out for two or three weeks Daja returned to his normal role as a complete forward and once again the best player in the field. He gave his team the lead and also scored the last of the five goals that perhaps sealed Leeds qualification to the next of this year champions league. This kid has it all and if he continues like this perhaps Smith will not a refuse a transfer offer for Gomez. If anyone has the cash for him !

View attachment 60822
Newcastle has been very good so far sitting quite high in the league table after many years. Leeds and especially Burke had absolutely no desire to let the "Magpies" cause any trouble in the new Elland Road. Smith 's team scored three goals in the first half and controlled the game ever since.

View attachment 60820
He has returned from his serious injury stronger than ever and it was no surprise that he would attract interest from big teams around Europe. Smith had no desire to let him go at least until the end of this season but if Paris Saint Germain comes with a big offer things will be complicated. Eikrem 's wife famous French top model was starting to find life in Leeds extremely boring. Returning to her hometown would be exactly what she wanted. PSG officials knew all about it and this was not the first time that a scouter from the French club had visited Elland Road.

View attachment 60817
The game against Aston Villa for the EFL was a great chance for some rotation. Lewis Martin took the game very seriously and gave Leeds an easy away win.

View attachment 60816
The next game for the EFL Cup would be a special occasion though.

View attachment 60815
People say that a person can feel lonely at the top but when we talk about the first place in premier league 's lead table it is what every coach desires !

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View attachment 1154112
Stryjek has created a wonderful duet with Burke in Leeds flanks. These two wingers create a lot of chances and play a very important part in Leeds attacking play. The Polish right winger had had a good month and found himself among the top three players for October in the Premier League.

View attachment 1154114
Smith finished October undefeated but so did Mourinho. However, the Portuguese wins were against stronger opponents so he was nominated top coach for October and Smith won the third place award.

View attachment 1154115
Another display of attacking football combined with good defensive mentality by Leeds. Burke was the key player in an easy away win.

View attachment 1154116
Zenit was the weakest team in Leeds group, so Smith decided to rotate his squad. Dunst played perfectly, and the peacocks got the win. The young German left winger had started very well in his new team although Leeds fans still believe that buying the player was a poor decision by Smith.

View attachment 1154118
Sheffield had a good performance and they managed to confuse Leeds player until the last ten minutes of the game. There Gomez stepped up and scored the goal that calmed everyone in Elland Road. After that Smith 's players finished the game without anxiety and got a third goal to secure one more win.

View attachment 60070
West Ham have been struggling so far but this time they wanted to prove that they deserve respect from everyone in the Premier League. Sarenac gave Leeds the advantage but everyone in Elland Road were holding their breath when the Hammers won a penalty. Leeds new guard behind the stick Krzysztof Pawlik showed that Smith made the right decision listening to his football director and buying him as a replacement for Seccafien during the Summer transfer window. He saved the penalty and help him team keep the three points.

View attachment 60067
Leeds had secured qualification and Smith took the decision to give to his so called secondary players a chance to test their selves against a very strong opponent. They passed the test and they did it with a very high grade !

View attachment 60066
Eirkem is probably spending his last weeks in Elland Road since everybody are certain that PSG are coming down with a very big offer which Smith won’t refuse since the player has expressed his desire to leave England for Paris. However, he showed one more time how important can become and how difficult it will be for Smith to replace him.

View attachment 60065
Leeds managed to finish one more month in first position. It was still too early for predictions though but the team looked in great shape.
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View attachment 58470

Eikrem has returned stronger from his serious injury and his quality is helping his team to win one more tittle. Everybody in Elland Road however are becoming more and more anxious what will happen if a big offer from PSG arrives in Leeds headquarters.

View attachment 58468
More awards for Leeds youngsters !

View attachment 58462
Another good month for Smith.

View attachment 58461
A tough game between two equal teams. Leeds and Manchester United put on a great show for their fans. United started the game very good but Smith tactical corrections gave him team the lead the Red Devil however managed to send the game to the lottery of penalties shootout. Leeds second goalkeeper was determined to become the star of game and gave his team the win.

View attachment 58455
Next opponent would be Chelsea.

View attachment 58454
Leeds opponent for the FA Cup and a chance for Smith to rotate his squad.

View attachment 58453
Leeds had already secured qualification from its group to the next phase of this season champions league and the final game of the group stage was a chance for Smith to give his youngsters one more to chance to grow as players. They copped the game well and Leeds finished unbeaten.

View attachment 58452

View attachment 58451
Arsenal wanted the win in order to put pressure to the tittle contenders. However, a late goal from Patrick Cichon gave Leeds a golden point. When you remain unbeaten by the teams that are close to you In the league table you can feel confident for the tittle battle.

View attachment 58450
Herta was having a wonderful season so far and surely it would be a tricky game.

View attachment 58448
When Smith brought Cichon to Elland Road he did not believed that the 18th​ year old shadow striker would make such a quick impact in Leeds first squad. Patrick grabbed the chance that his coach gave him (due to injuries of first team players) and was becoming more and necessary to the team.

View attachment 58445
The German kid was on fire !

View attachment 58444
Swansea was never a match for Leeds. The peacocks got an easy win and satisfied their fans by scoring four beautiful goals. A psychological boost a few days before the big clash against Man. United for the League.

View attachment 58443
The big game against the Red Devils was just two days ahead and Smith knew that he had to keep his team fresh so he made many changes in his starting lineup. Everton was not going to be as easy as Swansea since they are fighting for European qualification. They played well but an early goal from Arrowsmith gave one more home win to Leeds.

View attachment 58442
Mourinho did not share Smith ‘s decision for rotation. United ‘s starting lineup was the same as in the game against Middlesbrough. Leeds took advantage of the heavy legs of United ‘s players and got a strong two goal lead in the first half. Smith however, knew that the game was not over and tried to keep his players focused. He half time talk did not had any result. Leeds lost a lot of chances to secure the win by achieving more goals and gave United the chance to get back in the game. A bad loss for the peacocks in a game where they had the upper hand for 82 minutes !

View attachment 58441
Despite the loss in the Roses Game, Leeds kept the lead in the League table. Smith would feel more comfortable though if his team had left Old Trafford with the win since United had two games less and if they would manage to win them both they would minimize the gap to just one point instead of four. January was going to be a very hot month for the peacocks.
View attachment 56094
Four of Leeds players were selected in the world team of the previous season. Not bad at all!

View attachment 56092

View attachment 56089

View attachment 56088
Meanwhile some more awards for Leeds players. The team looked in a very good shape.

View attachment 56087
But there was not only good news for Smith. The opening game for the new year was not a successful one even though the peacocks got the lead with their lethal striker Gomez, Chelsea fought back and won the match fairly.

View attachment 56086
He wanted to go and despite Smith ‘s attempts of persuade him for the opposite Eikrem was never stop believing that PSG would come with a big offer for him. The French club place a bid that Leeds manager good not refuse. “Good luck boy I wish you the best” These was Smith ‘s words to the players just before he left the training ground to pack his things. Surely it would not be easy for Leeds to find an equal replacement.

View attachment 56085
First game without Eikrem and the peacocks played wonderfully. Smith rotated his squad and Arrowsmith showed one more time that he can provide a good cover for Gomez whenever Leeds nuclear weapon needs some rest.

View attachment 56084
Barnsley could not pose any serious threat to the champions. Leeds however treated the game seriously and pleased their fans with five goals and a very good attacking display. Aaron Burke has been wonderful so far and even though he had reach 30 he plays like his real age is 25 years old!

View attachment 56083
A good draw and chance to advance in the FA Cup.

View attachment 56082

View attachment 56081
Smith decided that it was time to start using the money from Eikrem transfer, but he did not buy one more midfielder. His scouts had informed him for a very promising right back. Up till now buying one more right back was not a necessity for Leeds but since Tyler did want to renew his contract it was time for him to leave the club with a transfer. This youngster was the ideal replacement.

View attachment 56080
A win against City or any other of the big boys of the Premier is a very good new for Smith. The scoresheet is never important in these games.

View attachment 56079
It was time for revenge and what a revenge that was! Leeds punished Chelsea for the defeat in the premier league with five goals. What a display by Smith’s boys !

View attachment 56078
Justin Arrowsmith gave his team the win in a game were most of Leeds players were still in the big win against Chelsea. Smith has furious in the dressing in the end of game. “One of key characteristics of a big team is the ability to treat every game the same. You gentlemen have a lot way to get there I am afraid”. No one had the courage to say a single word to him.

View attachment 56077
After the big away win nobody believed that Chelsea could turn the game around. They were right, and Leeds reached the final of the EFL after a very long time.

View attachment 56076
City was the other finalist. Surely the EFL Cup was going to be a cracking game.

View attachment 56075
Swansea was the smaller team. Smith had decided to rotate his squad one more time, but his players found it very hard to overcome their opponents defense. However, in the 71th minute everybody in the field witnessed a moment of sheer football magic!


View attachment 56070

View attachment 56069

View attachment 56068

View attachment 56067
Leeds making transfer deals in the last day of the transfer period was not something very common. However, this time Smith had made his decisions. Tsolkas and Tyler had finished their days in Leeds and Eikrem departure had created a gap in the team midfield line. So the peacocks manager went out for shopping!

View attachment 56066
One more month ended, and Leeds was still on top. Everything was still very fragile though.
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View attachment 52192
Eikrem transfer to PSG was one of the biggest news in this winter transfer period.

View attachment 52191
Tottenham was no match for Smith 's boys. An easy win.

View attachment 52190
Leeds was on fire ! One more clean sheet and one more easy win.

View attachment 52189
Leeds had to travel to Barnsley 's home for the next round of the FA Cup.

View attachment 52187
Swansea fougth hard but in the end Leeds got the win and the fans returned happy to their homes.

View attachment 52186
Leeds defense remained solid for one more game. Despite the poor scoresheet the peacocks got one more win.

View attachment 52185
Smith had decided to rotate his squad in the previous game in view of the big clash with Herta for the champions league first knock out round. Leeds looked unstoppable upfront and solid as a rock in the back.

View attachment 52184
Another clean sheet and one more easy afternoon for Leeds. The peacocks advanced to the next round of the FA Cup.

View attachment 52183
Where they were going to face Arsenal in an away battle.

View attachment 52182
Newcastle posed no threat for the peacocks. Gomez was lethal upfront and now everybody in Leeds were preparing themselves for the EFL Cup final against City !

View attachment 52181
Wow ! 900 games ! One of my biggest saves ever !

View attachment 52180
Lady luck decided to team up with the citizens in the EFL Cup. Smith team was the better team, but they did not manage to get the win neither in the first 90 minutes nor in over time. Penalties are never easy. You must remain focused. City had more experienced players and in the end the lifted the trophy.
View attachment 50178
Leeds had to start March with a tricky away game against Liverpool. Smith had no other option but to rotate his squad due to several injuries that many of his key players were facing. However, the peacocks had no problem against the Reds and the away win came very easily. In fact the score line could have been even bigger !

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Norwich was no match for the champions! In fact since Leeds had full control of the game, Smith in view of the rematch against Herta for the champions league, decided to give time to some of his players that were returning from injury.

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With Burke playing as a starter for the first time after his injury, Leeds had no problem in overcoming Herta and advancing in the next knock out phase of the champions league. Smith ‘s team always look more dangerous when its captain is on the field!

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After two easy wins Leeds took the game against Arsenal lightly. The Gunners played very well and had every right to feel that they deserved more from this game.

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A huge chance for revenge for the loss of the EFL Cup

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Another German team in Leeds attempt for reaching in the champions league final.

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The team looked very tired but managed to get the win. It was a very tight game with not many clear chances in front of goals. Leeds attacking play was boring and predictable and the Hammers had no problem in tackling it. However a personal attempt from Caballe was enough to seal the win for the peacocks.

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Leeds fans that had travelled with the team for the away game against Sheffield felt as if they were watching the previous game that they beloved team gave with the Hammers. Once again Leeds lacked creativity in front of goals. Smith knew that he should try improving his team play or else the upcoming games against Bayern would not be easy.

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Smith and his boys closed March on top and with a slight advantage from Chelsea. The upcoming month however was going to be very hot. Leeds was not playing so well lately, and Smith had to make the appropriate adjustments