Monthly Report

December found Leeds away from the top. With less games of course but if Manchester United continues like that they will win the trophy very easy this year again.
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The board however remains pleased
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A small improvement to the finances as well
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A reward for one of our star players. It's going to be an encouragement for Pedro Martin now that he is injured.
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January Report

New year and the attempt of Leeds to take away the crown from Manchester United is continuing. Although it looks like an impossible task (since the Red Devils hardly loose a game) Mr. Smith and his lads won't intend to give up the fight.

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A good solid win. The team is starting to find its pace again after the World Club Championship.

View attachment 78265However that win came with a big price since one of the team's top players will be out for some time.

View attachment 78264Leeds managed to get back on with Middlebrough for the loss in our previous encounter.

View attachment 78263And the winning strike continued with an AMAZING performance and a huge win against the Gunners!

View attachment 78262Due to the many games that the team lost during December, all our matches are very close to each other and that means almost no time for rest. The players showed tired in the match against West Ham but at least they left London Stadium with one point.

View attachment 78261Back to winning days with a great performance by Aaron Burke. Now that Mohammed is out Leeds back up left winger found the perfect timing to step into his boots !

View attachment 78260The upcoming game was going to be a historical for our hero!

View attachment 78259Unfortunately the celebrations for the icon manager of the team did not combined with a win that could bring Leeds closer to regain second place. Still lying third but at least with a safe distance from the teams that are behind us.

View attachment 78258And another draw but this time a bad one. The Saints are not on their best this year and all the odds were against them.However, they played well and got away with one point. Burke had a good game but his performance was not enough to secure the win for Leeds.

View attachment 78257One more draw, the team showed luck of creativity upfront. At least our defensive line was solid. Not a good result though. The loss of points continued and the distance from the top is rising game by game.

Monthly Report

The first month of the new year has passed and Allan Smith is starting to realize that Leeds chances for winning the league are very small. The team's main target right now is finishing second and strengthen its finances with the bonus that will receive for this position.

View attachment 78210Despite the fact that Leeds posses one of the strongest offenses of the league , the team looks a bit careless in defense. Although Smith changed his beloved 4-4-2 into a 4-1-2-3DM in order to look more solid in the back, Leeds defensive problems remain especially against weaker teams. The basic issue is the lack of consistency. You cannot beat Arsenal with 5-1 and not being able to win easily the teams that are in the bottom of the table. If you cannot achieve consistency you cannot fight for the tittle. Is just that simple.

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It has been a wonderful month for Burke but we need more players to step up.

View attachment 78208Smith is still among the top three coaches in the league. The dominance of Mourinho is truly unbelievable.

View attachment 78207 The board remains satisfied with Smith 's work in the club.

View attachment 78206Our finances remain healthy although we appear to have losses almost every month.

View attachment 78201Leeds chairman wanted to show how much he supports his manager by providing him with a big transfer budget.

View attachment 78200However our small flexibility in salaries is not at all helpful. Perhaps in the end of the season Smith will have the chance to reshape his team and this budget gives him the opportunity to do that.

Wow, what a great story. I started reading it Friday and really love how far into the save you are. Kind of gives Leeds a reset and puts us right where you're at. Love the movement you've made at Leeds and the growth at the club. What are your future goals now that you've conquered Europe?

Also, what skin are you using, I didn't see it mentioned and I really like how it works into your presentation.

Great read, I'll keep following with excitement! :)
Wow, what a great story. I started reading it Friday and really love how far into the save you are. Kind of gives Leeds a reset and puts us right where you're at. Love the movement you've made at Leeds and the growth at the club. What are your future goals now that you've conquered Europe?

Also, what skin are you using, I didn't see it mentioned and I really like how it works into your presentation.

Great read, I'll keep following with excitement! :)

Thank you so much for your kinds words my friend! Highly appreciated !! I started this save knowing almost nothing about Leeds and I am starting to become a fan of the club ha ha ! My goal is to win the league (sometime I hope) and making this team one of the greatest in Europe !

Also about the skin you ask is called Gunzo skin FM17. You can find it in many colors. Perhaps one of the best skins I 've found for the game!
February Overview

The second month of the year 2027 found Leeds still in third place fighting to overcome Chelsea and stay as close as possible to Manchester United. Also it was the month where Allan Smith and his lads were going to face famous Barcelona for the champions league in their attempt to defend their crown.

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If only we did not have so many draws. He have lost only one game so far but the draws keep us away from the tittle battle.

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A big win against City. Citizens are struggling for some years now but still remain a tough opponent. They spend a great deal of money in almost every transfer window but cannot find the perfect chemistry so far.

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Another win with Burke our leading man for one more game. Amazing things from the team's back up left winger!

View attachment 78076It was now or never, but unfortunately they manage to fight back from 2 goal lead and left us win one point. The fans recognized the players' effort though and gave them a warm applause in the end of that thrilling game.

View attachment 78075A win in Camp Nou is always a remarkable achievement. Although they managed to score a second goal which makes the second game a very tricky one it was a very good performance from Smith's boys.

View attachment 78074It is always difficult for a team to keeps its concentration up after a big European game. Smith feared the match against Norwich a lot but with Onomah in great form for second game in a row, Leeds looked unstoppable. It was about time for the ex Tottenham player to step up and justify the huge amount that was given for him in the summer transfer window of 2026.

Monthly Report

It is time for our monthly report. February is history and it has been a good month for the club. Leeds achieved a great victory against Barcelona and has the chance to move forward in the next phase of this year champions league and in the league is still hanging onto that third place but is very close to the second place as well.

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Burke has been wonderful and won this award fair and square.

View attachment 77968
Smith remained among the top three coaches of the Premier league.

View attachment 77962The board has still faith to their manager and the proved it by providing him with a big transfer budget despite the fact that we cannot use that money right now due to our salary restrictions.

View attachment 77959 Our finances remain healthy.

March Overview

Since the Red Devils continued their amazing run of win in the league, Smith had already decided that his prior target was going to be reaching as far as possible in the champions league. His away win against Barcelona showed that the team has a chance to defend its tittle!

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Unfortunately, Perdo Martin was going to stay away from Leeds' big fight due a small injury. The truth is that he has become a little bit injury prone after the serious injury he had last year (season 2025-2026). When he is healthy our Smith's 4-4-2 tactic looks unbeatable. With out him things are not the same.

View attachment 77813Youngster Da Silva decided to pop up in the right time. His appearance in the game before the big class with Barca, showed his coach that he could provide help upfront.

View attachment 77808What a result! Leeds knocking out Barcelona was the story of the day in almost every Sport news around Europe! Burke was one more time fantastic and the fans celebrated a huge win. Who was going to be Leeds' next opponent ?

View attachment 77803Stoke has been always causing us problems and now it was to time to steal another two points from our fight to take over second place in the league.

View attachment 77800Another "easy draw"...

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Monthly Report

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The end of March finally found Leeds in second place. Now the effort was going to be bigger in order to preserve that position.

View attachment 77797Da Silva was among the top three youngsters for this month. Good call for Smith not letting him leave on loan during the winter transfer window.

View attachment 77796The board continued showing faith to our hero.

April Overview

The most important thing that Leeds' coach had to his mind was the two games against Real Madrid for the champions League. The dream of winning premiership was lost and everybody in Elland Road were focused in preserving their European crown.

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Leeds should have won this but Smith did not said too much to his players for this bad result since the upcoming game was far more important.

View attachment 77456GET IN !! Another amazing away win against the other Spanish giant! Results like this make Leeds' reputation bigger and bigger. Capobianco was perfect. The Argentinian striker has been the team's first goal scorer despite that fact that he lacks of consistency this year.

View attachment 77455Despite the tiredness we managed to extend our winning strike. Liverpool has not been in their best this season but still remains among the big guys of the premier league.

View attachment 77454After Barcelona we managed to kick out Real as well! Although Gabriel Jesus almost won the match himself our fans celebrated another big night in Leeds' history!

View attachment 77453Juventus was going to be our next opponent in the attempt to reach the final and maybe celebrate a back to back trophy.

View attachment 77452A bad loss but a good lesson. Although this result might have cost Leeds the second place perhaps it could work as the perfect opportunity to bring the players back to the ground.

Monthly Report

One more month passed but nothing changed as far as the top three teams in the premier league. Leeds still lying third but close to Chelsea. Manchester United has retained their crown.
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Nothing has changed to the faith of Leeds' board towards their manager as well.

View attachment 77370

Finances remain solid.
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It is always nice when one of our players wins an ward. It is a reward for the manager as well and a lift to the club.
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May Overview

We have reached the final lap for this season and the dream for a consecutive champions league tittle for Leeds was still alive. In the same time the team was still close on winning Chelsea in the race for second position.

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That result was not helping at all though. Rotation was only road for Allan Smith since the big clash against Juventus was very close but the so called secondary team did managed to get the win against Everton.

View attachment 77225At least they did not manage to score an away goal which could been a disaster. Leeds' manager was not fond of the fact the first game against Juventus was going to be in Elland Road since he always preferred to play the second game home. He was right that time since the rematch was going to be a tricky one. It is never easy to win an Italian team away especially when there are so much at stake.

View attachment 77224A good win which could give confidence to the team for the upcoming game against Juventus. Nicolas Da Silva was once again the man of the match. This kid has shown great potential the last two years!

View attachment 77223The team gave their best but the Italian defense was simply unbreakable. They managed to win due to a mistake from our flawless (up till them defense) and after that it was an uphill. It could have been wonderful to reach the final second year in a row but in any case it has been a great effort from Smith 's boys.

View attachment 77222Despite the disappointment from the loss in the game against Juventus, Leeds gave a good show to their fans in the last home game of the season.

View attachment 77221In last game of the premier though, Smith 's boys had already thinking about their vacations and when you face a team like City you must be 100% focused or else something like this happens...

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Monthly Report

The season ended and Leeds finished in the same place as in the previous one. The team manage to win two trophies and even though they were not so important, showed that Leeds deserved to be treated as a big club.

View attachment 77211Seeing Leeds above clubs like Barcelona and Atletico Madrid is not something that you can see every day.

View attachment 77220
The final wrap of this season.

View attachment 77219Season awards.

View attachment 77218Best eleven since Smith took over Leeds.

View attachment 77217
View attachment 77215And their whereabouts

View attachment 77216The review of a quite productive season.

View attachment 77214The board was satisfied from the team overall progress this season and especially from the potential that young Da Silva is showing. It is always nice to see a player from the academy to flourish!

A glance in the finales
View attachment 77213
View attachment 77212
Players monthly awards. Leeds players where situated among the top three.
View attachment 77210
View attachment 77209

View attachment 77208Juventus may have knocked Leeds out but PSG was too much for them.

Summer Overview

During the Summer , and while Leeds was preparing for the next season a lot of things happened that involved Allan Smith 's players.

View attachment 76842
View attachment 76841Nicolas Da Silva has begun to establish himself as one of the top talents in Europe.

View attachment 76840Montes participated in the best eleven for the North American Gold Cup best XL.

The media predictions for the upcoming Premier League have Manchester United as the top favorite to win the tittle and retained its crown.
View attachment 76838
Also Capobianco is among the players who will fight for the top scorer of the Premier award.
View attachment 76835

Building the team for the new season

Since Mr. Smith took over Leeds the club is constantly growing season by season and now is considered to be among the strongest teams of the Premier. However there was still some distance to be covered until this team could be considered as tittle contender. It consists of quality players no doubt about that but what this team wants in order to be great is more leaders. Players with strong personality and experience in order to step up and make the difference. Having this in the back of his mind, Smith decided to bring some star players in Elland road. These players are ...

1. View attachment 76561
Montes has been complaining all season that the team lacked in defense. With Stones as his wing man he now feels more confident.

2.View attachment 76560
Leeds offensive line has been one of the strongest in the league but since Smith decided that it would be best to play with one striker upfront he needed a guy with strong physical attributes and quite tall as well in order to be able to fight with the opposite center backs. Rashford (who was transferred listed by United) was the chosen one.

What the team also needed was to strengthen its midfield with players with good defensive abilities but also with technical skills in order to provide cover in the back and good transition. These players were...

3. View attachment 76559

4. View attachment 76551

Last but not least, Leeds needed a right back who could combine Pablo Maffeo 's skills but with better physical attributes. So Smith went and bought...
View attachment 76545

In addition to the players that came into the team some other had to leave Elland Road. Maffeo, Pedro Martin and Lewis Martin was the big names that left Leeds and went to continued their careers elsewhere. Maffeo had the quality but not the consistency while the other two even though they are quality players they suffered serious injuries during the last two seasons and never recovered in their best shape. To cut a long story short, Leeds transfers were the following.
View attachment 76492

In order for the new players to bond with the team, Leeds assistant manager arranged friendly matches in which Leeds showed good things both in offense and in defense.
View attachment 76491

So everything was ready for the new season to start with the hope that the end of it would find Leeds as champions !
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The opening match of the new season was not going to be an easy even though it was a home game. Leeds had to face Arsenal. The Gunners had bought Perdo Martin from Smith 's team and the welcome that he was going to receive has been the talk of the day the previous days.

View attachment 76572
A few days before that big encounter Smith had a meeting with the board in order to discuss the expectations for the upcoming seasons. Leeds manager said to them that we was feeling optimistic that they were in for something big this year.

View attachment 76562
Rashford had a marvelous debut and shown and Leeds celebrate and a big home win against Arsenal.

View attachment 76570Second game for the league and this time Stones showed that he was going to help Leeds succeed its goals. Smith's planning for this season was seemed to be working since his new and experienced players helped a lot in the first two games.

View attachment 76569Third game and third win. A great start so far!

View attachment 76568The EFL draw seemed to be an easy one. But this was going to be proved in the field.

View attachment 76567The champions league group stage draw showed that if Smith and his boys had a good chance of qualification to the next round.

View attachment 76566After three winning games it was time for our first draw. It least we did not lose from them as we did last year.

View attachment 76563Smith in top coaches for the month of the season. Mourinho in first place with a flawless record and everybody was wondering about how was going to beat Manchester United this year.

View attachment 76565Back to winning days in the premiership with another good performance by Rashford.

View attachment 76564The league table after five games found Leeds in second place and undefeated. Manchester United in first place with 100% success so far. The Red Devils look unbeatable for one more year.

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New upddate. As I just checked nothing is appeared again. Can some from the administrators of this forum help me with this problem ? :S:'(

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