November review

View attachment 69002 First game for November and Gomes with a very good attacking performance managed to send Leeds on top for the premier League. The Portuguese is lethal this year and has kicked out Marcus Rashford from the first eleven. His quickness together with his physical skills are making him a very hard opponent for the opposite defenders to tackle.

View attachment 68999 Leeds are chasing the championship this year and Smith has decided to rotate his squad in the champions league games. However , apart from one or two games, Leeds shows depth in the bench this year and the players who are considered as second choices have made some very good performances. This win was one more example of that.

View attachment 68993 An unfair result since the peacocks dominated the game. Tottenham felt lucky to get away with the draw. Smith had no complaints from his players. It was one of those days where the ball simply did not wanted to go in.

View attachment 68991 Leeds has been fighting head to head with Chelsea for the first place of the premier league. That win brought Smith and his boys back on top and everyone expected to see if Chelsea could handle the pressure knowing that Leeds had won their game.

View attachment 68995 Despite the fact that champions league is not so important this season, Leeds managed to qualify from the group stage and now Smith had one more chance for rotation since the last game against Dortmund was nothing more than a typical obligation.

View attachment 68984 End of November and Leeds was laying in second place but very close to Chelsea. "If only we had won the game against them" Smith said to himself looking to the premier league table. But after a call that he received from the president of the team he had other more cheerful thoughts to make.

View attachment 68983 More money to spent and time to think how Smith would enforce his team.
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View attachment 68772 During the previous years Stoke had caused many troubles to Leeds but this season the peacocks look a totally different team. Smith boys look capable of destroying every defense! A very good performance.

View attachment 68771 The game against Dortmund was not important for Smith since his team had already achieved qualification so he rotated his team a lot. However his boys managed to get the away win in the last game of the champions league group stage.

View attachment 68766 Smith 's rotation had an immediate impact in the next game for the premier league. Everton could not handle Leeds game and the suffered a big loss.

View attachment 68762 Next opponent for the champions league would be famous Real Madrid. Surely a huge encounter !

View attachment 68745 What a game and what a win for Leeds !! Smith and his boys manged to complete a huge comeback against the Red Devils. Manchester got the lead in the firs half although Leeds was the better team in the field. During half time Smith tried to boost his players and they came out to dominate the game. Pereira got the equalizer with an amazing free kick and Montes ( who came in a substitute) scored the golden goal which gave Leeds the win. The Mexican defender had not been considered as a first team regular so far since his performances had not been so great. However maybe this goal will change everything.

View attachment 68761 One more easy win for the league. Smith feared the game a lot since he believed that his team would not be so concentrated after the big win in the Roses game. His boys however did the job.

View attachment 68735 A bad draw since Leeds created many chances but they were careless in their finishing. West ham got the point by an own goal and despite Leeds had plenty of time to try and get the lead their efforts had no result.

View attachment 68732 In the game against Burnley, Leeds attacker were more careful and the win came easily. Gomes is having an amazing season so far ! He scores in almost every game he plays !

View attachment 68728 Manchester had kicked out Leeds from the EFL Cup but this time it was Smith and his boys the ones who celebrated the win. It was not an easy game since Gomes got injured and with Rashford being injured as well Smith had no attacker to use. He decided to use on of right wingers Stryjek in the complete forward position. After a few minutes Straton ( Leeds other right winger) got injured as well. Stryjek returned to his natural position in the right flank and Pereira became forward. No one believed that Leeds could get something from the game but Pereira scored the winning goal. Montes (who had returned in Leeds first eleven after his goal against Man. United) looked like a rock behind and Leeds got one more big away win.

View attachment 68722 However Gomez injury was a big blow for the team since he was going to be away for at least six weeks. At least Rashford was about to return.

View attachment 68718 Straton was the other miss but at least his injury was not so big.

View attachment 68715 When December started Leeds was in second place but just before the new year's eve the peacocks had managed to climb in the first place and with a six point lead as well!
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View attachment 68356

View attachment 68355

View attachment 68354

December had been a good month for Leeds and Smith. The peacocks dominated in the premier league. The important thing however was to keep up.

View attachment 68353 Gomez absence due to his injury has not troubled Leeds so far. The team continued to work amazingly well in offense if we take into account the fact that its best attacker is out.

View attachment 68352 From one big win to another !!

View attachment 68351 Leicester would be Leeds next opponent in the FA Cup and a chance for Smith and his to move even forward in the competition.

View attachment 68350

View attachment 68349

The upcoming game against Arsenal for the league was a huge one. However Smith saw more of his first team players out with injuries. At least they were not serious ones but now he had to change his plans one more time.

View attachment 68348 What a victory by Leeds. An truly remarkable comeback by the peacocks who were led by a superb Rashford. The experienced striker put one his superman costume and gave an important win to his team. Former Leeds player Martin was once more great for Arsenal but in the end his performance was not enough for the gunners.

View attachment 68347 Sunderland fought hard for the draw but was lucky to keep the win. The team looked tires from the effort that the players put in the previous game but at least defended well in the end and left the field with another three points in their bags.

View attachment 68346 Smith saw Eikrem to give his team the win the minute that everybody believed that 1-1 would be the final score in that game. In the press conference after the match Leeds coach admitted that his team was lucky.

View attachment 68345 Being left with ten players early in the game and with Liverpool as your opponent? No problem. Leeds managed to play even better and got an easy win. In fact Liverpool 's coach said in the end of the game that he felt that it was his team who had one player less in the field !

View attachment 68344 A last minute draw in the away game against Chelsea was not such a bad result , especially when Manchester United did not won its game either. Of course everybody in Leeds camp would prefer to have won this game but it is never good to be greedy!

View attachment 68343 For the first time since Smith took over Leeds the peacocks are in first position and with such a clear lead from the other tittle contenders!

View attachment 67839

View attachment 67838

More awards for Leeds and Mr. Smith !

View attachment 67837
Everyone thought that it would be an easy game but Leicester had been the better team. The wanted more and proved it on the pitch. Goodbye FA Cup...

View attachment 67836
However Leeds managed to put aside the disappointment from the FA Cup game and returned to wins in the Premier League.

View attachment 67835
A bad draw which did not allowed the peacocks to extend their lead from Manchester United.

View attachment 67834
Gomez returned from his injury hungry for goals and with a dominating performance gave Leeds a huge advantage in a view of the rematch against Real Madrid for the champions league first knock out round. What a player !!

View attachment 67833
Still ahead but with less points this time.
View attachment 67713
Things were getting more and more serious. Premier League was approaching in its final stages for this season. Leeds had to remain focused if Smith and his boys want to celebrate their first championship tittle. In the game against Bournemouth the team had been clinical in front of goals and the win came easily.

View attachment 67712
Manchester City won a tittle after very long time.

View attachment 67711
One more win and three more points in the bag. Manchester United remained six points behind.

View attachment 67710
The score of the first game , allowed Smith to rotate his squad in view of the upcoming games for the Premier League. Leeds defended well and manage to qualify.

View attachment 67709
Next opponent would be Juventus.

View attachment 67708
Leeds managed to win the away game against Newcastle although the team's performance had been awful. Smith reminded to his players that they must remain focused and serious or else all their hard effort so far would be in vain.

View attachment 67707
That win secured Leeds qualification in the next season champions league. Everybody in Elland Road however want to end this season as champions so they must not stop trying to succeed that.

View attachment 67706
A huge improvement in the team wages will help Smith to make Leeds even more strong.

View attachment 67705
The end of March found Leeds in the first place with six more game until the end of the Premier League. Get in guys !!
View attachment 67546
The first game that Leeds gave in April was for the champions league. The away victory for the peacocks in the clash against Juventus gave them a huge advantage. Smith had the Premier league as his first priority but know he was beginning to make dream for one more champions league tittle.

The minute that Leeds returned home Smith had a call from the team's president...
View attachment 67532

View attachment 67545
Leeds schedule was very tight and the players was starting to feel very tired. However they had to keep going because that was the time that they had to push their selves if they would like to finish this season in first place. Playing good was not important any more. Winning was everything...

View attachment 67544
Smith awaited a more difficult game in the rematch against Juventus but his boys came to play and they did not left the Italians to breathe. That was an easy victory which led Leeds to the quarter finals.

View attachment 67541
Champions league cup holder was going to Leeds next opponent.

View attachment 67539
A wonderful season for English football since four out four teams in the quarter finals were from the Premier League !

View attachment 67531
A bad time for Leeds to play their worst game in the season so far. Everton could have scored more goals since all the players that Smith put in the game were acting as if they were not in the field. Chelsea and Manchester were extremely happy with that result since Leeds loss had put them back on track to steel the tittle from the peacocks.

View attachment 67530
What a game that was !! Manchester United players were very tired but they played perfectly and had the win in their hands until Smith 's decision to put Montes in the game. The Mexican defender was one of the worst players in the game against Everton but he was the one to score the late equalizer that kept Leeds in first position !

View attachment 67529
No one knew what to expect in the upcoming games with three teams fighting for the tittle with such a close distance to each other. One bad result could easily change everything.
View attachment 67521
The second month that Leeds started with a champions league. This time though the result was not the same as it was in the game against Juventus. However the away goal was giving Leeds the hope that they could turn things around in the second game.

View attachment 67520
With only two days after the big game against Tottenham Leeds players did not managed to find their breath and Middlesbrough got an easy draw which could hurt Leeds a lot in their championship battle.

View attachment 67519
An easy win and a totally different performance compared to the game against Middlesbrough for the league. The peacocks had reached one more champions league final !

View attachment 67518
And their opponent would be Manchester United for one more time !

View attachment 67517
One more for Leeds. Smith and his boys controlled the game most of the time but the citizens scored a lucky goal and got away with the draw from Elland Road. It was going to be a breathtaking finale ...

View attachment 67516
A very close in which Rashford had been the man of the moment. The experienced striker came in as a substitute and got the goal that Leeds wanted. The last game for the league was going to be a trip to Burnley 's home with Leeds and Chelsea having the exact same points !

League Champions or not ?

Leeds had booked a position in the champions league final against its biggest rival, Manchester United but everyone in Elland Road were expecting the last game for the premier league, the away battle with Burnley. The peacocks had the exact points with Chelsea and the Blues had an easiest game to play since they were going to face Middlebrough in their home. The days before that big game , Smith was trying to keep his players relaxed. They all knew that the team's last premier tittle was in 1992 and now for the first time after 38 years they were so close but everything could change in the nick of time !

The day for the big game against Burnley had come. Leeds players went out on the field. Bacj in the dressing room their manager 's last words were : "Remain clam boys , you are the better team and if you play like you know you will win. I have faith on you"! But the game was not going well for Leeds. The players were extremely stressful and they kept losing easy chances in front of goals. In the other game , Chelsea had already scored three goals and the Blues' fans had started to celebrate as championship winners. In the 65th minute of the game Smith said : "Marcus (Rashford) get in and win the tittle for us ! You can do it"! Rashford replied "Coach I will never forget the faith you showed in me when Mourinho kicked me out from Manchester United. Stay calm and when the referee will blow the end of the we will celebrate the tittle together! "

The experienced player was 100% right !!
View attachment 67438
What a day for Smith and his favorite Leeds!!

View attachment 67437

View attachment 67436

View attachment 67435

View attachment 67434

View attachment 67433

View attachment 67432

View attachment 67431

Pictures speak louder than words !

View attachment 67430
Congrats mate, it's always so much more satisfying to win the league after years of falling just short than it is to win in your first season!
Congrats mate, it's always so much more satisfying to win the league after years of falling just short than it is to win in your first season!

I could not agree more Patrick , and what a way to win it ! If you could see the chances that the team lost until the first goal you would be amazed ! I was so close in smashing my pc into pieces ha ha ha !!!
It was the team 's last game for the season and what a game that was ! The champions league final ! Smith and his boys despite the fact that their top priority was the league tittle , they managed to reach very high in the champions league. "Go out and play for you boys. Enjoy the game and try ti give your best. No matter what it happens today for me you are the champions"! That was Smith last words before the team entered the field.
View attachment 67324
Gomez scored the goals that brought Leeds ahead but he was also the one to loose the last penalty in the shootout. It was just not meant to be. However Leeds' fans gave to their players a warm applause in the end of the game acknowledging their efforts.

View attachment 67322
Gomez had been the number one top gun in the champions league this year. If only he had scored that last penalty...

View attachment 67321
Leeds captain was the one to win the award for the best goal however he was not at his best in the final.

But the most important news had been the ones that Smith heard from the members of the Leeds board the next day of the champions league final.
View attachment 67320
What a day for the club !
Pre season and transfers

It was going to be an odd season for Leeds since the peacocks would have to play in the City of Manchester Stadium until the works in Elland Road would be completed. That however was not going to be the only reason. After the championship , Smith had decided that the team needed reshaping. Despite Leeds' success some of the players wanted to leave the club and seek their luck elsewhere and Smith had no intention of keeping anyone against his will.

View attachment 66702
Pereira had expressed his desire to leave the club and sign either to PSG or Real Madrid. The Spanish club placed the biggest offer and the Portugal star packed his bags for the famous Santiago Bernabeu! He was not the only though since other big names left the club as well. Rashford (his contract expired) , Montes and Eisenhofer kissed Elland Road goodbye.

With lots of money to spent went for shopping. What he was seeking for was an attacking midfielder with the same characteristics as Pereira , a central midfielder similar to Eikrem , a right winger as a back for Stryjek , a central defender to team up with his young star Onovo (Smith was determined to see whether the youngster could stand as a first teamer) and a defensive midfielder who could also play as a defender.
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View attachment 66700

View attachment 66699

View attachment 66698

View attachment 66697

View attachment 66696

View attachment 66695

View attachment 66694

Despite the fact that Leeds had bought many players Smith decided not play many friendly matches during pre season. Most of the players had responsibilities with their national team for the World Cup and Leeds manager did not want his boys to feel exhausted before the beginning of the new season.

View attachment 66693

Everybody was keen to see whether Leeds could defend its tittle !

The fans however were ready to show their love to the team !
View attachment 66692

The first official match for the season was one more final against Manchester United. This time for the community shield. Everyone were keen to see the new players of Leeds and there was faith for a good result.

View attachment 66457
Leeds performance was awful. The Red devils entered the field more ready and determined and won the cup fair and square. Smith hoped that this defeat could make his players more alert in view of the upcoming games for the championship.

View attachment 66455
A win at the opening game for the Premier League is always welcome. Leeds manager had been very anxious about this game since it was going to be the first the team temporary home until the works in the Elland Road would be completed. It is never easy when you play a home game in a place where you do not feel quite at home.

View attachment 66454
A bad result against Newcastle. Gomez had not started the season well so far. Leeds top striker seems to be tired from the game he gave with his national team in the World Cup. It was vital to shape up.

View attachment 66453
First opponent for this season EFL Cup

View attachment 66452
Champions league group stage draw and quite a group for Leeds. The peacocks were going to face famous Barcelona in one of the most historical stadium of the world , Camp Nou.

View attachment 66451
The league table after the first two games in the Premier League.
View attachment 66274
800 matches in Leeds bench for Alan Smith !

View attachment 66273
The celebrations and the award that the president gave to Smith before the game affected the players and they did not take the match seriously. However another win in the bag.

View attachment 66272
Last season Gomez won the award of the top scorer for the champions league. It was logical to be considered among the favorites for this season as well.

View attachment 66271
An away win against Swansea despite the fact that they gave a great fight. Leeds should be able to take these kind of games more easily though.

View attachment 66270
First game of this season champions league and Leeds got the win. However it was an easy game. Ajax managed to to score a goal and tried to get the equalizer. Leeds goalkeeper was in top form and the fans left the City of Manchester happy since their beloved team got the result they wanted.

View attachment 66269
Maybe it was not so bad to play in a bigger stadium after all...

View attachment 66268
Leeds started the game perfectly. The players got out ready to demolish Liverpool and they had scored two quick goals while the Reds could not get the ball out of their area. However two ridiculously red cards put them back in the game. Smith saw his team playing with nine players from the first half! He could not believe it! They remained players however gave a great fight and managed to get the win.

View attachment 66267
Rotation , good football and an easy win. That were the key words from the first game for the EFL Cup for this season. Due to injuries and red cards Smith had to use two players from the under 18 team for this game.The youngsters played very well taking into account that it was their first game with the big boys.

View attachment 66266
Next opponent would be Watford.

View attachment 66265
One more big away result for Leeds. the most noticeable fact in that game was that the Spurs had two former Leeds players in their first eleven !

View attachment 66264
Leeds managed to stay close to the top. Arsenal and Manchester City are having a wonderful season so far. Especially City looks ready to the fight for the tittle after many years of of bad performances that have kept them low in the league table.

View attachment 66263
Smith won the award for best coach. However the other two gentlemen deserve a lot of credit as well ! Manchester United coach famous Mourinho was not in the top three after very long time.

View attachment 65976
Leeds visit in Camp Nou did not end with a good result. The positive fact was that it was a tight game and the two teams looked pretty equal. Barcelona found the goal which gave the Spanish club the win in the last minutes of the game while everyone in the field was beginning to feel satisfied with the draw.

View attachment 65975
Leeds may had lost in Barcelona but took a good lesson on how to be cynical in front of goals. Smith 's players proved to be good students and in the game against Chelsea for the Premier League did exactly what Barca did to them.

View attachment 65974
And they kept one doing the same in the next game against Leicester for the league.

View attachment 65973
Time for some rotation and for an easy win. These had been Smith 's thoughts for the champions league against Sparta Prague. Everything went smoothly and Leeds manager was delighted to know that Barcelona lost their game against Ajax in Holland. So now three of the four teams in the group had six points and Leeds had still chances to finish first.

View attachment 65972
One more win in the league with Leeds favorite scoreline lately.

View attachment 65971
Despite Smith 's rotation , Watford was no match for Leeds and the peacocks got an easy win which help them to qualify in the next round for the EFL Cup.

View attachment 65970
So far Sarenac was showing good things. The Serbian wonderkid, which was bought to fit into Montes feet since former Leeds icon defender was now member of A.C. Milan , had created a good partnership with Onovo in Leeds defense.

View attachment 65969
Smith got the award for top manager of the month again !

View attachment 65968
Leeds was sharing first place with Arsenal and everyone had been wondering which of the two teams would drop from the top.

View attachment 65967
Leeds next opponent would be Liverpool. The Reds have been having an awful season so far.

View attachment 65956
One more narrow win for Leeds in their battle to win the championship.

View attachment 65955
Sparta Prague played a lot better this time but Leeds managed to leave the beautiful capital of Czech republic with the win.

View attachment 65954
A big win in the Premier it was about time for Leeds to play according to the team capabilities.

View attachment 65953
A bad result which happened in the worst time. The upcoming match was going to be the big clash with United in Old Traford in a game where Leeds could drop from first place if Arsenal continued their winning strike.

View attachment 65952
United had been the better time but sometimes this is not enough. Gomez managed to save a point for his team. United defense could not handle him at all. A good performance for the explosive striker who up till cannot find his pace due to injury problems.

View attachment 65948
The two draws allowed Arsenal to reach Leeds in first place.
View attachment 64270
"Liverpool has been strangling this year, Leeds has the upper hand , it will be an a walk in the park for the peacocks"... That was some of the predictions for that game. Leeds manager tried to keep his player focused but they went out thinking that it would be an easy and Liverpool made them pay very hard for their arrogance . "I should have brought the under 18 team to play this game today and not you! Who the **** you think you are ? Hope that this game will become a lesson for all you ! I won't tolerate similar behavior from you in the future!". Smith had every right to be furious with his team.

View attachment 64269
At least Leeds players played a lot better in the next game for the championship and got an easy home win against Everton who looks very dangerous team this year. They are capable of causing a lot troubles if they are allowed to play their game.

View attachment 64268
Next opponent for the FA Cup would be Crystal Palace.

View attachment 64267
Last game for the champion league group stage and Leeds got the both the win and the first place of their group despite Ricardo Franzenburg amazing performance. The ex Leeds player wanted to prove to his former coach that he made a huge letting him go in the Summer but it was an ex Barca player who gave the peacocks the win ! Life can be so strange some times ...

View attachment 64266
One more win for the league despite the fact that Sheffield tried very hard in the last minutes of the game to steal a point. Thankfully for Leeds the only thing they managed was to score only one goal.

View attachment 64265
A huge clash in the first knock out stage for the Champions League.

View attachment 64264
Jordi Caballe was starting to prove that he could make Leeds fans to forget Pereira (who had left Elland Road for Real Madrid). The Spanish player has been lethal in front of goals so far. The only thing that troubles Leeds coach is that he is a little bit injury prone.

View attachment 64263
Simon Rowe is a kid coming from Leeds academy. Despite the fact that Smith though very high for him he never leaved up to the expectations. So Leeds manager decided to put him in the transfer list and West Ham place an offer which was accepted. Due to injuries Rowe found a place in Leeds first 11 for the game against Hull and he looked a totally different player. If only he could play more games like that ...

View attachment 64262
Smith wanted to end the year with a win that could allow him to run away from Arsenal , since Leeds and the Gunners had been head to head in the first place in the premiership so far. In order to do that he had decided to rotate his squad in the game against Hull in order for his so called first timers to gain some rest. Middlesbrough though did not share that opinion and if had not been Gomez's goal from the penalty spot Leeds would had suffered its first defeat in this year championship.

View attachment 64261
The end of 2030 found Leeds in 1st place together with Arsenal. Smith did not manage to fulfill his plan but at least Lees had one game from the Gunners and if they could win they would climb above them.
View attachment 64050
The first game of the new year had been the one against Crystal Palace for the FA Cup where Leeds had an easy afternoon and managed to pass to next round. Smith rotated his team a lot in view of the match against Bournemouth and his secondary players placed in a very good performance something that put him into thoughts on who to pick for the upcoming premier league game.

View attachment 64049
Lady luck smiled to the peacocks since Forest Green Rovers would not be a serious obstacle for the next phase of the F.A. Cup and Leeds had a chance to move even more forward.

View attachment 64048
Leeds manager decided to use the boys who played against Crystal Palace so as to reward them for their good performance and they were terrible. If it had not been Burke 's (who came in a substitute ) equalizer with an amazing free kick Leeds would have suffered its first
championship defeat for this season.

View attachment 64047
Leeds returned to the easy wins in the home game against Newcastle. One of the most interesting things in that encounter was that four of the magpies first eleven had been former Leeds players !

View attachment 64046
Swansea never stood a chance. League 's worst defense had to face league 's best defense. The odds were totally against them and the final score confirmed all the predictions.

View attachment 64045
Leeds started the game brilliantly by scoring in the second minute of the game but after that goal the Hammers' goalkeeper locked like a rock behind the sticks. Smith could not believed his players wasted chances in front of goals and the last minutes of the game looked like ages. Luckily Leeds managed to keep the early lead and the fans returned happy to their homes.

View attachment 64043
Everything remained stable in the league table with Leeds and Arsenal fighting head to head for the tittle.

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