During the summer preparation Leeds gave some friendly matches in order for the players to build their physical condition and to bond as a team. Smith 's boys did it quite well.
View attachment 73566

In order for Leeds manager to strengthen his squad three new players were brought in Elland road. Smith did an expensive shopping in order to keep the balance with the expenses some players had to leave and seek their luck elsewhere.
View attachment 73565

A glance to our new stars.
View attachment 73564 View attachment 73563 View attachment 73562

Two big finals were the two first official games for Leeds for this season. The fans hoped for a new trophy but unfortunately Leeds came home empty handed. However, the team started well in the league with two big wins and an away draw against Tottenham in the New White Hart Lane. If Smith's players had been more careful that draw could have been a win since the Spurs got the equalizer in the last minutes of the game.
View attachment 73561

Another noticeable event in August was the draw for the upcoming champions league. Leeds effort to defend its tittle was going to start from this group.
View attachment 73560

After the first three games , the league table in the Premier League was like this.
View attachment 73559
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Massive money spent on Pereira, hopefully he can form a good partnership with Rashford and fire you to the title!
Massive money spent on Pereira, hopefully he can form a good partnership with Rashford and fire you to the title!

I agree that he was an expensive buy but the money was there for me to spend them ha ha ! So far he is great and as you can from his stats he is my best player and the team 's leading scorer (Rashford has one goal less). Let's hope he will continue in the same pace!

September was a busy month for Leeds and Allan Smith. Together with the games for the premier , the team gave matches for the champions league group stage (in an attempt to defend its tittle) and the EFL Cup as well. There were some bad results some good results and some unexpected results.

View attachment 72924

In the champions league , Leeds managed to get a good start with two wins in their first two games. In a group consisted of A.C. Milan , RBL and Austria Wien , Smith and his boys won the big favorite for the first place of the group (Milan) in an entertaining home game and the weakest team of the group in a big away win in Vienna. What was very encouraging was the fact that Leeds score seven goals in these two matches and did not conceive any !

In the Premier despite the good start, the team could get more points judging from the teams that was up against. Despite the fact that Leeds managed a good home in the big encounter with Chelsea and continued with an away against Middlesbrough the upcoming results was a bad home draw with Norwich and a shocking loss from Sheffield United , a team that was lying in the last places of the table.

One more noticeable but also bad result was the loss in the EFL Cup. Unfortunately Leeds did not manage to win "Boro" second time in a row.

So with September kissing us goodbye the league table was like this...
View attachment 72925
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October and November

Another two months were Leeds had its ups and downs. Smith was still trying to find the proper tactic for thee team and the proper roles for the players in order for Leeds to overcome its rivals and reach the first place of the premier league. But when a coach frequent changes things in his team he cannot succeed harmony and balance, two basic factors for consistency which is the key to success in a marathon like the premier league.

View attachment 72864
Leeds may have managed a big win against City (they are not doing so good in the league up till now but remain a strong team) but they had two shocking losses from Hull and Newcastle which kept them away from first place. In the Roses game , despite the fact that Leeds looked more fresh in the field Man. United took the early lead and at the end of the game everybody admitted that Smith and his boys were lucky to get away with the draw.

At least this year the Red Devils look a bit vulnerable in compare to the previous season. They have already suffered two losses and three draws and that gives the league a new interesting since Tottenham, with a very good performance up till now is on top.
View attachment 72863

In the champions league , Leeds is dominating its group with five wins in five games and that 100% success has put them in first place.
View attachment 72862

last but least. in October 20th , Leeds manager Allan Smith reached his 700th game in his favorite team bench. The crowd gave him a standing ovation as he entered the field before the start of the game against Hull in a very emotional moment.
View attachment 72861

We had reached December and it was time for Leeds to start its preparation for the Club World Championship. Smith however feared that this competition could heart his team in the future. The extra effort that the players would have to show in the upcoming match for the premier league, were Leeds would have to play many games close to each other could exhaust the team. In any case challenging for this cup and winning it is always helpful to the team's name. Leeds has managed to grow amazingly as a club during these twelve year with Smith on charge and has manage to do that by winning trophies. So was to up to the team manager to find the balances and make the proper rotation.

View attachment 72639
Leeds managed two wins in their last game before the World Club Championship with the one against Milan been the bigger result. Smith and his boys finished the group stage undefeated and looked good for defending their tittle. In the two main game for this month Leeds achieved two wins and won the World Club Championship for the second time in their history. The most remarkable fact was that Smith's team secured the win in the final in the penalty shoot out after a thrilling encounter with ATM where Leeds managed to send the game to overtime with a goal scored in the last minutes of the regular game.

View attachment 72638

In their return to England and to the premier , Leeds got three wins in the four games they gave until the end of 2028 and the most remarkable game was the one with Arsenal. Former Leeds attacker Pedro Martin gave his team a two goal lead in the first half but when the two team returned from the dressing rooms Smith boys looked a totally different team and they managed tremendous comeback. One more big result was the big win against Tottenham. The Spurs have been performing very well this season and are among the teams that will fight for the tittle and that win against them was considered to be a very important result. However the loss in the game against Everton was a bad one since it gave the opportunity to Man. United to extend its lead in first place. Yes the Red Devils had returned in their natural position and looked good for securing one more consecutive tittle.

View attachment 72637
January 2029

The first month of the new year has been a busy month for Leeds and Allan Smith. The peacocks needed something new in order to try and still the tittle from Man. United and that meant alternations in tactic and perhaps some new faces in the team. Smith sat down with his associates in order to discuss one or two tweaks in the tactic area. Leeds would have to be more aggressive in their games if they wanted to fight for the championship crown. As a result Leeds' coaching staff came to the decision that they will use a more attacking 4-4-2 formation and a more conservative 4-2-3-1. After all they had just the players for these two formations. Moreover they decided that they needed to get rid of players that were not longer necessary and perhaps bring a new face to help them in the attacking area.

View attachment 72568
The most noticeable departure was the one of John Stones. The experienced center back has had a marvelous performance last year but up till now he had not been able to help the team that much. His big wage was also a problem that needed to be solved. As a result Stones left Elland Road. After the selling of Stones Leeds brought in a former player , Ricardo Franzenburg. The German was considered to be a wonderkid when he was bought by Smith but he did not leave up to the expectations and eventually was sold to Roma. The Italian club did help him either and he was relished when his contract ended. Reading gave him an opportunity and he finally started to shown signs of quality. Smith started to have seconds thoughts about him. After all his stats showed that he was able to play in almost every position in attack. So he decided to give on more chance.

View attachment 72567

His return to Leeds was one of biggest deals during this transfer period.
View attachment 72566

Leeds made one more buy but this time for the future, since young Romanian Raescu will join the peacocks in the Summer.
View attachment 72565 View attachment 72564

As it was mentioned above, Leeds' manager wanted to bring something in the team's tactics as well. His new thoughts had been very helpful since the team ,and especially Rashford in his new role as a false nine managed to tear apart every opponent defense.
View attachment 72563
Rashford scored a hat trick in the game against "Boro" and four goals in the one against Sunderland. Not only that but he manage to create quite a lot goals for his teammates as well. That performance gave him the player of the month award.
View attachment 72562

Leeds players impressive play brought the team back in second place and seven points behind Man. United. The peacocks looked powerful and ready to give the final fight for the tittle.
View attachment 72558

PS : If anyone is interest in testing these two tactics and provide me with any feedback please do so (I think that I have manage to add them as attachments, if not please inform me on how to do it).
February 2029

In February Leeds showed that it is not Manchester United their biggest opponent but themselves ! The peacocks managed to win only one of the five games they gave this month. After the big win against Bournemouth it was nothing more than a downhill. And if the fans could understand that an away loss against City is considered to be a reasonable result, a home draw against Hull (the last team in premier up till now), is surely not.

The team looked tired and lacked creativity. Moreover the fact that Leeds' best defender Mexican Cesar Montes had been out for a month made the peacocks extremely vulnerable in the back. Tyler and Onovo are considered hot prospects for the future but maybe it is too soon for them to start both in the first eleven. The conclusion that came out from this matches was that the first thing that Smith is going to look in the summer will be one more top class defender to team up with Montes and the other two youngster will be there to offer when a rotation in the back is needed.

It had not been just the premier though. Leeds gave their first game for the first knock out of the champions league were they lost too. SLB looked pretty strong in Portugal and Smith had to find a way to make his team more dangerous in the second game.

View attachment 71991

View attachment 71990
March 2029

In March, Leeds gave four games and the most noticeable one was the big victory against SLB which allowed the peacocks to continue to the next round of the champions league. Smith and his boys not only won the game but the did it with style. That 5-1 win was really something! However that away draw against Man United destroyed Leeds last hopes for winning the league. To be honest not many things could have changed if Leeds had won that game but that result put an end to the championship battle for good.

View attachment 71460

View attachment 71459

The two remaining goals until the end of the season was finishing second in order to receive a bigger money award and trying to defend the champions league tittle.
April 2029

Despite the fact that Smith and his boys managed to win every game in the premier in April maintaining second place was not going to be an easy task. Chelsea looked very strong and in better physical condition than Leeds. Every remaining game was considered to be a final and with Chelsea having a game less everybody in Elland Road looked anxious. In the champions league Tottenham kicked the peacocks out despite the fact that Leeds was the favorite before the two games and we had the upper hand from the 2-2 draw from the first game in the new White Hart Lane. Spurs played perfectly in Elland Road and manage to get the goal they wanted which gave them the ticket to the next round. Smith and his boys tried hard to get the golden equalizer but the end of game find them with their heads down. Everybody knew that defending the champions league was not going to be easy but losing a game like this especially when you have manage to have all the odds with you is like a kick in the teeth...

View attachment 71458

View attachment 71456

Rashford and Pereira our best players so far picked the worst period to play badly and they did help their team in the two important games against Tottenham. Not only that but they were the two worst players of the whole squad. Burke and our other striker Gomes tried really hard but their efforts were not enough.
Still so close, yet so far! Might need another top player or two to push you over the edge next season
Still so close, yet so far! Might need another top player or two to push you over the edge next season

You are right on that Patrick. And I am planning to get these players in the upcoming transfer window. One other thing is that changed the team's formation a lot and that cost me in the so called easy games. Maybe I will try to stick to one tactic in the next season and see what this will lead. Once again thanks for following mate !
May 2029

Manchester United managed to keep its crown and this time they did that a lot easier than last year. We were close to them until December but crucial injuries in the start of the second round hurt the team bad. Smith has created a strong team but still not strong enough to fight as equal against the Red Devils until the end. This marathon showed that Leeds needed to have more quality alternatives in the bench and the manager had to do some serious moves in order for the peacocks to have the appropriate depth as a squad. And to make thing even worse Chelsea knocked us out from second place in the three remaining games before the end of this season championship. Improvements needed to be made. At least we managed to close the season with a clean win against Liverpool something that pleased our fans.

View attachment 71445

Manchester United looked more "human" this season but we did not get advantage of that.

View attachment 71444

Since we were not such a strong opponent, they continued their dynasty.
View attachment 71443

And won the FA Cup as well.
View attachment 71441

However they lost in the champions league final. Spurs won the big game and lifted the cup. Hats off to them. They were better than us and proved it by knocking us out.
View attachment 71442

Leeds season overview

Leeds biggest highlight for this year was winning the world club championship tittle. Smith managed to give to his favorite team one more trophy but in his mind this has been a bad season and he needed to think ways of improving so as to fight for the premier league tittle. What Leeds had to realize was that the two battles against United are not the ones that clinch the tittle but all the other games. Ending the season with seven loses while we had less ties than Man. United cost the championship crown. Smith knew that he had to strengthen his bench if he wanted to return to his champions league throne and of course winning the premier league and put an end in Man. United dynasty. He had found his transfer targets , he had the money so as to buy them and knew the ones that would leave in order for the new arrivals to take their place.

View attachment 71437

After all the board believe in our hero!
View attachment 71435

Rashford was once again in the top three goalscorers but in the last two month of this he had many bad games. View attachment 71440

In many of these bad games, Gomes was there to save the day but unfortunately not in all of them.
View attachment 71439

Pereira, our biggest and most expensive transfer ended the season badly although his amazing start and that cost him a spot in this year Leeds top eleven. Smith however knew that this guy has enormous quality and perhaps the upcoming season will show to the world how good he really is.
View attachment 71436

Premier League top eleven showed why Manchester dominated for one more year.
View attachment 71438
Pre Season (June- July 2029) and transfers

Smith wanted his team to make an greater impact this year and to achieve greater things than last season where Leeds finished third in the premiership and did not have the opportunity to defend its champions league crown. In order to that he knew that he had to strengthen his team and perhaps try something new in the tactics area. After spending hours and hours in the tactic board alongside with his coaching staff he ended up to this season 's formation. This time he had decided that he would change this shape until the end of the upcoming season. Last year frequent adjustments confused the team and Leeds ended up with nothing.

His tactic was not going to be a usual one in order to make it hard for his opponents to face.

View attachment 71050

Smith wanted his team to play a quick attacking football without allowing the opponent to keep much the ball. In order to achieve that, he came up with these instructions.
View attachment 71049

But in order for a tactic to be considered a successful one you need the right players. The peacocks had a good team but it was important to strengthen their bench and add more quality in midfield. Walking toward this direction , Smith brought to Elland Road these players.

View attachment 71048
Real Madrid and Manchester fought for this guy. He wanted to leave from the previous season when Leeds was the first team which tried to negotiate with Dortmund but their coach Mauricio Pochettino was not ready to let him go. This year he had no other choice since the player had been constantly unhappy and was causing disruptions in Dortmund dressing rooms. Smith was there once again to act more quickly than the other contenders to land this world class midfield in Elland Road. His arrival cause a massive impact to Leeds fans who rushed to buy his shirt!

View attachment 71047
Apart from Straton, Leeds had no other player to play as a right winger. Smith tried to do that with Mohammed during the previous season but although Umar is a player who can use both feet very well he did not had much of an impact in the right wind. Polish Radoslav Stryjek was the ideal solution although that it was an expensive buy.

View attachment 71045
With Umar Mohammed leaving Elland Road for Liverpool , Leeds needed a new player to team up with the peacocks captain Oliver Burke in the left wing. Portugal Manuel Augusto was the one and he agreed to leave Camp Nou and Barcelona in order to join Leeds. the future will sow if he made the right choice.

To cut a long story short, Leeds transfer this summer have been the following.
View attachment 71044

After his shopping Smith was keen to see how his new players would adapt to the team and the tactic as well. Leeds friendly matches had encouraging results!
View attachment 71043

The team looked ready for the new season and everybody hoped that it would be a successful one !
Hopefully these signings will help you make that next step, Eikrem looks exceptional! The tactic looks good too, hopefully can get the job done
Hopefully these signings will help you make that next step, Eikrem looks exceptional! The tactic looks good too, hopefully can get the job done

Thank you a lot Patrick! Yeah his stats are exceptional! I believe he can combine both defense and offense! As far as the tactic is concerned I believe a lot to it lets hope that it will work well!
August - Start of the new season

Everything was ready for the new season to start. Nobody in the Leeds field was talking about winning the tittle but in their minds it was the only thing they were going to after like crazy !

View attachment 70399Leeds' manager looked like this during half time ... View attachment 70398 "What the f@ck are you doing ? You let them pushing you around ! You look like you forgot how to play the game. I don't give a f@ck if you lose tonight but get out there and show me that you have some balls !" His players listened to him and went out on the second half to turn the game around and if it had not been an unbelievable chance from Gomez in the last minutes of the game, they could have pulled off a huge comeback! "Now that 's more like it! Now I recognize you! You see? You were better than them! Believe in yourselves and in your abilities for crying out loud !

View attachment 70394 Leeds was more concentrated this time and won that game easily Big moment for Eikrem who scored his first goal with a team and also an encouraging performance from Rashford who had been absolutely rubbish during pre season. Eveyrone hoped that this goal could wake him up. After the game, Smith called his star right winger Eugen Straton in order to express his complaints about his performance in the game. Although his performance was not good , the Romanian player did not agreed with his coach and both men had an angry talk after the game.

View attachment 70393 Before the big game against Arsenal, Smith sat down with his staff and talked about the first eleven. The knew that the Gunners would try to close down from the very first half and Leeds needed to have good ball handlers in order to keep the ball as much as possible in order to control the game and hurt Arsenal by setting up quick counter attacks. Also Pedro Martin was going to be very hard to face if both our defenders would be tall and less agile. Having these thoughts, Smith decided to start with one short and one tall defender and also fill his midfield with players who could combine marking with passing. Leeds started the game with an early goal but Arsenal looked very dangerous. In the 60th minute of the game Smith decided to put Straton in the game. The Romanian was in the bench due to the quarrel he had with his coach in the previous game with Swansea. He was so determined to prove his worth that changed the whole game by allowing Rashford to score Leeds second goal and then he score the third goal for his team to secure the win. When he scored he ran to his coach who hugged him! They were both cheering like crazy !

View attachment 70390
So after the first three game of the new season the table was like this.

View attachment 70388
And Smith was among the top three coaches for August.

Other news in August have been the champions league group stage draw with Leeds being in a very tough group.
View attachment 70387

Also the peacocks learned their first opponent for this year EFL Cup.
View attachment 70386

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September review

View attachment 69642 In the first game of the second month of this season Leeds manage to outclass Sunderland with an emphatic win. The fans did not stop to applause and cheer for their team and the players reward them with an amazing attacking performance !

View attachment 69641 This wonderful show by the peacocks had a massive impact in the players award for that week !

View attachment 69640 The bookmakers believed that Leeds have a chance to reclaim the champions league throne.

View attachment 69639However , they did not believe that one of Smith 's players could win the top goalscorer award for this competition.

View attachment 69638 After the big win against Sunderland, Leeds took the next game lightly and Smith was furious at the end of the it although it had been a winning one. He told to his players that he was not going to tolerate any signs of arrogance from now on !

View attachment 69637 First game for this year champions league group stage and Leeds traveled to France to face Olympique de Marseille. This time the players were completely focused and Leeds got a clean win.

View attachment 69636
Smith was unsure whether he should rotate his squad or not. The game against Liverpool showed he made the wrong call. The peacocks looked very tired and even though they got the lead two former Leeds players managed to change the game and gave Liverpool the win which kept the Reds in the first place of the table.

View attachment 69635 And to make things more worse , the upcoming game for the EFL Cup, showed that in the future Smith should trust more of his so called reserve players.

View attachment 69634 The next game for that competition was not going to be such an easy one though.

View attachment 69633 With his squad look more fresh than the game against Liverpool Smith was certain for a win in the big encounter against Chelsea. Leeds took an early lead but Chelsea got the equalizer and although Gomez quick reply gave Leeds the lead again , Smith's players were not able to secure their win by achieving a third goal. An old rule in football says that when you lose too many chances your opponent will punish you and that was exactly what happened in the last minutes of the game...

View attachment 69631 With only for wins in seven games the end of September found Leeds in fourth place four points away from the top and with Liverpool having one game less. Smith and his players had to do better in the upcoming games.

View attachment 69626 The award from Ferguson showed that Leeds had more depth in its bench than Smith thought. He should trust his boys more in the future.

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October review

View attachment 69582 After Leeds win in the first champions league game, Smith decided to rotate his squad in the clash against Dortmund in order to see how his second choice players will handle the game and to keep his first choice players fresh for the upcoming premier league games. His test did not end up so good since Leeds lost easily by the Germans despite the poor score. Maybe it was time for some players with higher wages (e.g. Montes and Rashford ) to leave Elland road in order for some new and more hungry individuals to take their place. Winter transfer period is getting close and some of Leeds players have to be alert.

View attachment 69581 A really bad result taking into account the fact that Leeds had a comfortable two goal lead. The game ends when the referee decide to do so and the players must understand that. "If you want to be champions you must win these games easily lads. It is no use winning the big games and throw away points like that. Wake up gentlemen". Smith kept his players in the dressing room for almost an hour. He was really furious with that result.

View attachment 69580 "Now that 's more like it! A great performance and a good result. I don't know what to do with you. If you play according to your abilities no team can stop you. But you must keep your heads to the ground and face every game like a final. When you go out hungry for the win all things fall into place". This time Leeds manager was happier than the last game. He could not stop thinking however the two bad results with Crystal Palace and Chelsea where his team threw away four valuable points in the championship battle.

View attachment 69579 Win number two for the champions league group stage. The team looked on a good moon and the big question in Elland road was whether the peacocks could continue like this in the upcoming games.

View attachment 69578 The odds were with Leeds and everybody anticipated an easy win. However Smith and his boys had to fight really hard to overcome Bournemouth resistance. Straton late goal awarded Leeds for not giving up and the fans left the stadium happy knowing that their beloved team manage to climb in the first place of the league table !

View attachment 69577

View attachment 69576 Smith gave one more chance to some of his players to prove their worth to him and not to be considered as candidates for departure from Elland Road. Once again they were awful. Despite the fact that Leeds manged to take the lead after the shock of the early goal, City got back in the driver sit very easily and kicked the peacocks out of the EFL Cup and maybe sent some players in Leeds transfer list.
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