Perhaps even a step further, in the form of a sub-forum for each of the WC groups. Can just hide them when the WC is over too.
yeah siforum did something familiar, think it would work very well. talk about each group game and try to recreate real life tactics.

What a goal and what a celebration. Love the ******* world cup except million bees buzzing noise.
What a goal , good passing and then brilliant finish .

Is there a ITV HD?
nice finish and now the game finally may be getting interesting
What a goal , good passing and then brilliant finish .

Is there a ITV HD?

I remember seeing an advert for ITV HD, but aren't sure on the date that it showed... I think there is one though.
I officially love Tshabalalalalalalalalalalalala now.

Oh good save!
Imagine an all african Semi-Final? That would be awesome, but probably won't happen
GOOD SAVE! SA playing really well now
Good to see the hosts get the first goal although I can't see it staying 1-0 either 1-1 or 2-0 for me.
Sounds a good match :(

**** WORK! :mad:

have to have a pint and watch the france game later id say
Saffers looking positively dangerous now! Nice one-touch football as well.
GOAL!!!!! BAFANA BAFANA! SOUTH AFRICA TAKE THE LEAD!!!! Tshabalala has given his side the advantage with a sublime left-foot strike into the top corner! What a thunderbolt from the number 8! Incredible goal.

Thats all i know of the goal :'(