SPL Chairman Game - Season 1 - WINDOW OPEN

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SPL Chairman Game - End of Season 1 - Spaces Available

What is a chairman game
For those who don't know what a Chairman game is, it's essentially a game where people become the chairmen of all the clubs in one league, and they become responsible for setting budgets, changing managers, making key transfers, and managing certain aspects of the club. Everybody who takes part will run their changes through me, I will confirm when/if they are OK and edit them into the game, and then that "chairman" can announce what they have done in the thread via a Press Release.

This game will be based in the Scottish Premier League. The teams are as follows and budgets will be updated here every time i update the thread. As Scotland lacks money, I plan to introduce rewards for Best Chairmen, Best Press Conferences and others similar with cash boosts to the winner and potentially runner up.

TeamPlayerBalance (£)Wage Bill (P/Week)Transfer PriorityManager
AberdeenSheepFM£2.98m£62.33k p/w2Derek McInnes
CelticBCFC1£22.05m£472k p/w1Brendan Rodgers
DundeeLiamCFC88£483k£34.08k p/w10Neil McCann
Hamiltonavailable£2.48m£20.89k p/w11Martin Canning
HeartsStonecold£6.06m£53.88k p/w5Craig Levein
HibernianKLIPPYBO£1.76m£52.56k p/w12Gordon Strachan
KilmarnockTNSSO£767k£38.55k p/w8Steve Clarke
Motherwellavailable£1.22m£33.1k p/w9Stephen Robinson
PartickThistleavailable£315k£27.77k p/w6Alan Archibald
RangersMWPlayz£10.5m£309k p/w3Graeme Murty
Ross Countyavailable£302k£37.67k p/w7Owen Coyle
St.JohnstoneZacram£2.4m£27.1k p/w4Tommy Wright

To Play

1) To sign up you must have a copy of FM18. This is because I will be running my game on so you need the same version to ensure that transfers are done correctly.

2) You must be able to regularly check the thread for updates. I plan on posting

. End of August Update only
. Post the save on January 1st for the transfer Window for 48 hours
. End of Season Update and request players team transfers ect for the next season, Player Transfers 48 or 72 hours

General Rules

1) You may sack your manager after any update. Doing so will require you pay the remainder of their contract in full.

2) Unemployed managers are first come first serve.

If your manager gets sacked. If this happens the owner will get the choice on the next appointment or keeping there current manager. They cant poach another players manager but can buy them similar to a C2C deal if both managers can agree a fee

3) You can set your transfer & wage budgets to whatever you like, (for your AI manager)

4) Facilities may be upgraded at any time, however at a cost:
1,000,000 per 1,000 seating increase, Max of 5,000 a season
1,500,000 for a minor improvement to your youth system.
2,000,000 for a minor improvement to your training facilities.
1,500,000 for a minor improvement to your Junior Coaching.
1,500,000 for a minor improvement to your Youth recruitment.
(New Rule) Buying a unowned/ or agreeing stadium share will cost £750k per 1000 seats
(New Rule) 750k to Change Surface Type

If you go through a whole season without any posts ect for a whole season i will message you before the final table update and a failure to reply will lead to you loosing your team and we'll for a new manager to take you spot

Transfer rules

First of all:
There are 6 different types of Signings:

-C2C (Chairman to Chairman): Basically signings between controlled teams.
-DOM (domestic - CPU controlled and lower league teams)
-FGN (Foreign): Signing players from abroad,
-u18 -(Aged 18 or under)
-EXP -(Pre Contracts arranged in January)
-FREE (Free signings)

Just for note for FGN & U18 transfers priority goes in last seasons league order so for the first season goes like this (Based on current FM database)

Celtic - BCFC1
Aberdeen - SheepFM
Rangers - MWPlayz
St. Johnstone - Zacram
Hearts - Stonecold
Partick Thistle
Ross County
Kilmarnock - TNSSO
Dundee- LiamCFC88
Hibernian - KLIPPYBO

1) To sign a player from player controlled team you must contact the Chairman of that club and agree a value with them. You can then calculate their wage using the rules below.
Both Chairmen will then need to PM me with the agreed amount and quote the message showing you have agreed the transfer/loan, and once I have confirmed it then you can announce the transfer.

If more than 1 club bids for a player in a the FGN, U18s & DOM deal it goes to the club with the league position in the most recent full season and the loosing club will get a second shot to use the slot on another


Each club has 2 expiring contract offers (EXP) spots on there team. You can use it on ALL PLAYERS in the final 6 months of a contract.

3) The price & number of players that you can sign is limited per season to the following:

C2C - Agreed by chairmen
Transfers - Unlimited
Loans - 1

DOM 1.5x Player Value
Transfers -2

FGN - 2x player value
Transfers - 3
Loans from foreign clubs - 1

U18 1.5x Player Value
Transfers - 3

Offers per season - 2
You just need to enter what wages you will offer. Highest bid wins

Free signings - 3 per season
You just need to enter what wages you will offer. Highest bid wins

NOTE: If a player is transfer-listed for a particular value in game or has a release clause, it is possible to sign said player by paying the required amount. If both a transfer fee and release clause exist, the player can be signed by paying the lesser of the two amounts.

All loans will be for 3 per season at 100% wages. 1*FGN, 1*DOM, 1*C2C
Player must be either loan listed or be back up or worse in his squad status. No loaning Messi for the year!

You can cancel 1 loan a season, C2C loans must be agreed that both sides want to cancel before and agreement ends

Player Wages
Ages 20 or under = x1.5 current wage
Aged 21-30 = x1.5 current wage
International players aged 21-30 = x2 current wage
Ages 30+ = x1.25 current wage
Chairman & Monopoly sales - No change

Unemployed managers rate based on reputation (Remember Limited Funds)
World wide or Continental - Current managers rate x2
National and below - Current managers rate x1.5

If the AI sacks a manager then you will be able to choose a replacement or resign the old manager at the January or summer transfer window.
Current International Managers can not be used

Transfer template to complete, Must be filled in for EVERY transfers you plan to make, if two teams make a offer the team with the highers rep will always win

Transfer Type - Player Name - Current Team - New Team - New Wage - Transfer Fee

Trf Type - Player Name - Current Team - New Team - New Wage -Transfer Fee
FGN - Saul - Atletico Madrid - Inter - £42m

If you wish to sell players then you need to post them in the thread as available. Other Chairmen can then make offers for them if they wish. If they are not sold to another Chairmen in the league then I will set them as transfer listed in the game, this does not guarantee that they will be sold however.

I am very open to making changes,additions or cuts to the rules as i've jut copied the base rules that are used in chairman saves but made changes i think will make it a better save

Please feel free to sign up, I'll take a clubs once everyone else has chosen.
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can I take Celtic if they are still available
Not interested, Im in charge of Truro and sadly fking lost my winning run to dartford.
**** you Sheep!

I'll take Hearts since the Dons and celtoc are gone
Looking to fill the game ASAP so we can get started so sign up.
I have now decided to take Rangers in which their rival is occupied by BCFC1 the majestic league two chairman leader.
Worth noting that St. Johnstone, Aberdeen and Rangers are in the Europa League qualifiers whilst Celtic the Champions League qualifiers in the first season. Will start once we get to 8/9 players or once the larger teams like Hibs & St Johnstone get taken.
What database will you be using for this game?
Against my better judgement and mainly because Stonecold is Hearts - I will take Hibs if thats available
done, would you guys want to wait for more people or get this started?

Happy either way. Only Motherwell & St Johnstone of the notable teams left but we have 7 so we should have a solid top 6 fight once were up to speed