SPL Chairman Game - Season 1 - WINDOW OPEN

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February 1st Update

SPL Table

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Celtic pull away a little over the january period whilst the rest of table remains roughly the same.

Scottish Cup

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Dundee, St. Johnstone and Hibernian out early. No stand out ties in the 5th round either so all the chairman teams are still in with a chance.

In terms of Transfers, no other incoming transfers happened at all.

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Season 1 - End of Season Update

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For a small time, it was close but after strong second half to the season, Celtc as expected dominate and win the league. Aberdeen shock many to finish second ahead of a Rangers side with a far bigger budget. Hearts qualify for Europe in fourth.

Very strong first season fr Dundee getting into the top 6. Steady but standard seasons for Killie and St. Johnstone and hibs having a shocker for a team of their quality.

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Domestic double for Celtic and Brendan Rodgers. Hearts and Rangers also have good cup runs this season but Celtic prevail.

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After a strong first leg against Spartak, Celtic go out on away goals but to be in Europe after January can't be disappointing in the first season... can it?


Please only use this for season review posts as it does not have updated budgets. i will open transfer window following season reviews and the end of season rewards post


Next season i will do month by month run downs in the September to January & the February to May posts

Teams who have sacked/replaced managers and need to get in contact are:


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4th and a Cup Semi final in Adam Owen's first 5 months at Tyncastle. We were only 2 points behind Rangers & Aberdeen is very encouraging with the player we have joining on pre contracts i expect to be massive upgrades to the squad.

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I'd say that we end the season with 7 players i'd be happy with for several seasons. This summer i'd like to add a quality keeper & find a 20+ goal a season striker then add some depth as were away to loose a heap of players we had on loan last season,

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I expected more from players with international & Premiership experience with in Wollsceid & Song. Lafferty, Berra & Naismith's SPL history proved to be some of our best players. U20s Rodrygo & Bongiovanni look to be stars for now never mind the future

To Sell
MC Arnaud Djoum £500k
DR M Smith £100k
MC P Buaben £100k
MC R Callachan £100k
AT C Sammon £100k
DR Liam Smith Free

I'd probably let you take any of the £100k players for less

Sorry guys I'm pulling out of this as I'm off on holiday for 10 days so won't get chance to play. If it's still going when I return I will hop3fully have an opportunity to rejoin!
I have to pull out too. Missed a bit this week and a combination of my Newcastle save, a new job and being busy this week means I cant really continue.
thinking this may end tbh, tried it as a trial to see if i could run a big game on fm19 and it's taken far too much time. Sorry lads
thinking this may end tbh, tried it as a trial to see if i could run a big game on fm19 and it's taken far too much time. Sorry lads

It will be disappointing to see this end but I can understand the reason. I have struggled to run my own chairman game and keep up with all the updates. It has led me to not enjoy playing FM as much recently. I have a lot more respect for those who can run them for a long time.


Having spoke to Liam i'm going to to take over running this game if there is interest in keeping it going.

AberdeenSheepFM£2.98m£62.33k p/w2Derek McInnes
CelticBCFC1£22.05m£472k p/w1Brendan Rodgers
DundeeLiamCFC88£483k£34.08k p/w10Neil McCann
HeartsStonecold£6.06m£53.88k p/w5Craig Levein
HibernianKLIPPYBO£1.76m£52.56k p/w12Gordon Strachan
KilmarnockTNSSO£767k£38.55k p/w8Steve Clarke
RangersMWPlayz£10.5m£309k p/w3Graeme Murty
St.JohnstoneZacram£2.4m£27.1k p/w4Tommy W

Who out of the original 8 is happy to keep going.

Few changes

It seems few if any have time for updates so we'll look less for review posts but please feel free to chuck in a few sentences at the time of the updates of youth thoughts so far and any players you want to sell.

I wont be running bang on schedule like before. Will try to be regular as possible and will have 24 hourish windows for the two transfer windows.

We'll run one award that will be handed out
Chairman of the season (Voted by Chairman) = £5m

Voting will be open in the summer, Winner will be given £5m in the January window.​
I am also sadly dropping out as i dont have enough time as i gotta do my editor and anything including the truro city save
I am happy for this to continue but it seems that a few people are a bit worn out from chairman games. I wonder if anyone is aware of any other form of games that are available on FM?