Supposedly good players you would never sign again?


Nov 17, 2010
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Self explanatory really but please give your reasons

In my Liverpool save i'd have to say Abel Hernandez - i paid about £20m and his goal return has been very poor for that amount, Zezinho for his stubborn resistance to development and the double headed disappointment of Connar Wickham and Romelu Lukaku who have seemed to display the worst attributes of both Zezhino and Henandez whilst also being distinctly moody.

Manuel Neuer. Signed him for Benfica somewhere in my 3rd season, he was unhappy at Schalke and they let him out for ~ €8 Mil. Was quite prone to mistakes and lapses in concentration, suffered dreadful goals and hardly kept a clean sheet. Ended up being a close call between him and Roberto (!!!) for 2nd choice goalkeeper, whilst 20yo Oblak got the starter spot.
Not saying I wouldn't sign him again necessarily, I'd actually like to manage him on a different save and see if he turns out different then, but I have to say he was a huge disappointment.
Sergio Aguero - Had high hopes for him when I paid £52M with Chelsea for him. I had him for 4 seasons , the most goals he scored in one season was 12
Luka Modric. Signed him in FM10 for Man City and he was terrible. Sold him to Liverpool. Signed him in FM11 (didn't learn my lesson) for Man Utd and he's average at most. Never again - no matter how good he is at Tottenham.
Scott Vernon - He was ******* terrible ! Average rating of 4.9. One goal on 22 games @:
Where were you playing him!? In goal XD

Thats pretty terrible!

Striker. My *** man said Scott Vernon would be an incredible signing for the team. ****** :'(
sergio aguero fm10 paid £43m annd he only got 4 goals in 35 games
Marek Hamsik. 3 seasons, 11 goals, 21 assists in 72 games, for £17m. His av. rating was like 7.1, which isn't bad but it's nothing special. He should be much better than that with the attributes he's got. Now I always buy pastore instead :)
Aguero a bit of a disappointment, £52m, gest around 17 goals, 10 assists a season, which again isn't bad, but for £52 isn't really anything special and I always expect more from him. Always say i'll never buy him again cos he's over priced, but I still do...
I'm currently playing as Bolton and loaned Jo for a season with a view to buy.
The view to buy never happened as he scored 3 in 25 appearances.
Why he played 25 games, I don't know I suppose I was just hopeful he'd change and become good haha
The first signing I made was some Mexican player fir 3.5m, I substituted him early in the second half and he said some nasty things in the press to me, I fined him, he said more things. I transfer listed him and put him in the reserves never to be seen again :eek:.
Karim Benzema for Arsenal third season for £53M, scored 9 in 27
Sergio Romero first season with Arsenal in FM 10, was ****, he conceded many stupid goals, so i never buy him again until now and not gonna buy him never again.