Supposedly good players you would never sign again?

indeed luis suarez, took him months to start scoring and then struggled for consistency. got flogged after 3 seasons for an £8m loss. sweet
Marek Hamsik got him for 11mil and he hasnt really done much on my liverpool save hes always nervous whhile playin and has scored about 9 goals in two years in the prem so has been disappointing
balotelli is generally rubbish for me, with the odd 1 or 2 goals dotted about, deffo a disappointment. and ibra as well, i just cant seem to get him to do a lot either :(
Carlos Villanueva
I really have hopes for him but... in this moment I want sell him but nobody gives me what I pay for him (2M€)
leonel messi, got him using editor at 200mln, but he doesnt score 30+ per year.

i will never cheat again.
I hired him to Benfica too in 2nd season, unhappy, 6,5 mil, first season was pretty bad, but since then he has been EXCELENT.

Made me start valuing concentration and composure for keepers even more. Funny thing though, Oblak was mentally much weaker, but he just actually had saves.

I hired Maicon in 2013 to Benfica, already 33 I think ending contract 8 million bargain, in about half of the season he has only 2 assists but he has an average rating of 7.53, but I never ever see him doing something in the games.. maybe he needs a season to adept, he hope he gets better soon, cuz he's by far the highest earner in the squad with 250 mil more than neuer.

Had something similar with Dedé (Left Back) in '08, he'd be the team's top player, often most MoM, but he wouldn't do much in terms of scoreline/play construction. I guess it's all about the defensive consistency.
luis suarez i bought him for 15mil 2ses with tottenham after 30 games he had 10 goals its ok but not the thing i was hoping for the star of ajax
Oddly enough i've never signed a player that turned out as a real disappointment. To all the people here who say players like Hazard, Lukaku, Aguero, Dzeko (seriously?) etc. aren't doing a good job for them: You guys really DO have a big problem managing them. Some points to think about:

1) If you just bought a player, don't expect him to score like 20+ goals in their first season. They have to adjust to the new country and competition. This is ESPECIALLY true when they don't speak the language.

2) If you buy a very young player with a lot of potential, also don't expect top performances from him in the beginning, even if they have played in the league you're in before. The perfect examples are players like Neymar and especially Lukaku. I have bought Lukaku numerous times and in the first 2 seasons he almost never scores more then 10 goals per season. But what do you expect, he only frickin 17 years old. Nurture him untill he is 20 and he'll become your star player FOR SURE. Same goes for every other future stars that are <20

3) If you can't even get top class players like Dzeko or even Messi (woopypooky you must be taking some heavy sh*t to get Messi to fail) to give you good performances over a season, then look no further. The problem is you, not the player. Check your tactics, do they work for the player? Check his role, does it work for him? Check your team talks, are you making him angry? etc. Also think about my first point.

4) Don't set unrealistic expectations for a player. Perfect example is wooky pooky who expects Messi to score 30+ goals for him in the first season. First of all, Messi is a winger by nature, not a striker. He is comfortable in the striker position and if you play him there he will score you a good amount of goals, but not 30+ (30+ is probably possible for someone like Messi in ST position, but then he has to very good teammates to help him with that and he has to have a very good season and be in the ideal role etc.) Second, again see my first point!

that concludes my 50 cent...
i had lukaku for 4 seasons - most he scored was 2!!

bit worried about hat people say about hamsik as he's my latest signing, what role are people playing him in?
i had lukaku for 4 seasons - most he scored was 2!!

bit worried about hat people say about hamsik as he's my latest signing, what role are people playing him in?

That's just sad. Most of my defenders score more then 2 goals a season. Again, overall managament. You must be doing something seriously wrong somewhere.

Btw, i forgot to mention in the last post, sometimes it really CAN be the player. His character to be more precise. I bought Balotelli once, but never again. little *****.

Also if you buy a player that doesn't fit well in your team (even though he's not a *****) he'll never play at his best for a long time (untill he adjusted to the team mentality). Example: buying a very ambitious player to play in a very professional squad. bad combination.
brought lukaku up through the ranks with occasional cup/euro games, played in target man role. bobbins. however i know from previous fm versions that 1 save don't make the man so may sign him again at soe point
Balotelli. Only paid £5m for him after 3 seasons, and he played fairly well, got quite a few goals, but his lack of teamwork was so frustrating. The amount of times I was shouting at the screen because he'd gone for goal himself rather than make an easy pass to a player with an open goal.
Balotelli. 'Nuff said

Play him as Poacher....took me a season before i worked it out.. now hes great..

as for player i regret signing..

giuseppe rossi

great stats should be ideal poacher but so poor!! luckily i got him for 7.5 million.... transfer request
Leigh Griffiths for Leeds United.

Just can't get him to score. He's missing chances my grandmother would hang in the net.
In fm10 the worst signing for my arsenal team was dzeko, bendtner was keeping him out of the side bendtner hitting in like 30 goals a season while dzeko was struggling with 10.
I had trouble when i signed rodwell and lukaku on a man united save which was down to me as squad to big and not getting enough first team action. Both the same players on an everton save and they were awesome. Average ratings both over 7.2 and over 30 goals scored by lukaku
Javier Pastore
Bought him to liverpool for £24 mill as my playmaker , didnt do anything good, refused to play with Gerrard ,rubbish.
I've heard a few people say that Abel Hernandez isn't all that. For me, he has been ok in his first season at the club!

To start... Abel scored 4 league goals and 8 assists in 23 league games, and finished up on 30 league games with 11 league goals and 14 assists. Not a bad first season. I think he was just getting used to the expectation and the rest of the team!

Romelu Lukaku, different story, in the same team as Abel, he just COULDN'T get on the scoresheet. 17 games, 0 goals. I dropped him for Andy Carroll. Andy scored 5 in 9 starts. Might loan out Lukaku at this rate. I've even got Shola Ameobi on the bench instead of Lukaku!

Another howler transfer on my part (in this particular save) was Jefferson Farfan. An average rating of 6.71 and 1 goal 1 assist in 19 games.
Juan Arango, $19.5m to birmingham.. played like a complete ****
People need to remember that Neymar is 18 years old and has a lot of developing to do. You can't expect to stick him straight into the first team and be an instant success.
That's why it's rare I sign Wonderkids for the first team because they're so unreliable and expensive.

Nevermind about the worst signing, I haven't had any. Garry O'Connor isn't actually a good signing. XD
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