In the choose nation screen England is grayed out and i cant select it.
can you please fix this
Can you post how to get this db into the game? I cant seem to get it to work. Windows.
Great Stuff mate! Can't wait to see more updates!, If need any help with South America just let me know. Cheers
This looks like a fantastic little database you've got going on here sir, loading this up now, can't wait to take charge of a lower league team and take them all the way up :) Will post any suggestions/help I can in due course!

Keep it up!
Some minor mistakes in spelling and some players nationalities, but all in all an awesome and fun db. Thanks a ton for it!
kaka is São Paulo i brought for juvents for 10 million min you want need a work permit as he is part italian and Xabi Alonso Real Sociedad you might want the data base set to medium.
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Hi mate, one very minor mistake I've spotted, Marian Pahars and Imants Bleidelis are missing from Southampton.
Hey Mate... Sorry if this has been answered, I flicked through the pages but couldn't come up with the answer. Does this database also include all the current players as youngsters?
Sorry this is really creepy - just stumbled upon this DB, flicked over to Sky Sports and what was on?

Premier League Years 00/01.

Hey, great job, especially for England, hope you're still working on it.
Want some help ? I can do France.
Any recent updates?

I'd love to take a stab at further editing but if you have a more recent version then that would probably save some work.

Cheers and thanks for the effort so far!