Will Kenny Be Kept On By The 'Pool At The End Of His 6th Month Contract

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Aug 9, 2009
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First off this is not one of the inevitable, oh Roy Hodgson's been sacked i'll do a liverpool save for week forums that i suspect we'll see over the following days, i've been waiting for a new story since christmas or my first of the year after the success of my Young English lions story and Redknapps liverpool last year and i thought taking over the kings role as he now enters Anfield to the end of the season would be a good idea for a story, so here it goes ....

7th January 2011

I was stood on the 15th green with our kid, playing Donald Trumps scottish invetational tournement, when i had a called from John W Henry. 'Hi kenny, John here. The board have been having meetings over the last two days and we are sorry to confrm the latest reports that the board has voted 4-1 to let Roy go. The board also voted unanimously that we'd like you to fill in for the remainder of the season.'
'I'm sorry Mr Henry.' I said, 'This is a wee bit of a shock if i'm honest with you and im not sure if id be able to fulfill the role you want me too.'
'Kenny you have a phenominal repaul with the fans and we need to get this club all pulling in the same direction and working as one.'
'You're right Mr Henry but i'd need confirmation of Key players staying and backing in the transfer market.'
'Get yourself back here Kenny and we'll talk this over.'
'Alright then John i'll get the first flight back.'
'Thank You Kenny see you soon.'

8th January 2011
News began to filter through about the departure of Roy Hodgson.

I'd had a word with Roy on the phone to tell him my regret at the boards decision, and to wish him good luck for the future and he wished me the same in return.

I couldnt believe the nerves that came over me as i entered the Press Conference room once again, all those years after the heart breaking resignation press conference, but i put on a big smile and stood tall and was ready to face the press.


I was officially unveild as the clubs new manager before sitting down to do the press conference just hours after the scouse land had learnt of Roy's departure.

'Kenny can you some up your emotions today?'

'Well as you can imagine its a mixture, its never a good time at a club when a manager leaves, and i felt perticularly sorry for Roy as i know how willing he was to get it right here, but on a personal level to be back at the helm of my favourite club and what that has served me so well over the years is the biggest honour anyone could bistow on me.'

'Welcome back Ken, do you feel returning to club could in anyway impede your legendary status ala Kevin Keegan at Newcastle?'

'Well with the greatest respect to Kevin and Newcastle this is a different club and a different situation, and yes your point is valid. But i would never turn anything down for personal gain, i love this club and feel it a duty to do what ever i can to get it right and to me that means me being at the helm and thats where i am glad to be today and for the rest of the season.'

'I know you only returned from Scotland Yesterday evening but have you had a chance to discuss transfer targets or players leaving?'

'No, i havent had chance to sit down with the chairman and the scouting team including Damien Camoli, but i can promise the fans that i will be sitting down with all the key players and doing everything i possibly can to keep them at this club.'

With that the press conference was finished, i stood for a few more photos for the newspapers and with that i walked off down the stairs towwards the exit passing all the great images of the clubs past, my arms raised aloft as i won the Premier league as a player/manager scoring the decisve goal, and then the enormity of the situation hit me, and i was ready.

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I Pulled up to Melwood with an extroadinary sense of anticipation, i stopped off for a quick photo for the press and to sign a few young lads autographs. After this i drove into the car park, parked up, headed to the office got a brew and sat down in my chair. A huge smile sweeped across my face as i sat in that managers chair.

I called the squad and staff into the meeting room and sat the lads down. 'I know it's been a shaky few days around here, but i think it's imperitive that we all pull together and stay strong and really push forward towards the end of the season and give it our best shot.' 'This week we have a game that we can really go out and stamp our authority on the game and really show everyone what quallity we have and what we can be about.'
I concluded the meeting and left back to my office with Sammy Lee and Damien Camoli. We sat and discussed the squad for a good half an hour. The same name that we were all thinking of was Alexis Sanchez, there were other names but we were struggling to find players that were within budget and who we could attract to the club.
Myself and Sammy then continued to look over the squad, the league table and the match ahead, Lincoln in the 3rd round of the FA Cup.
The League Table January 8th 2011

(This is the real table to make it feel exactly like the situation Kenny is inheriting, the only thing missing is the real goal difference, the fixtures are real too)
Nice story, how did you get league table like that lol
i just holidayed to to the date, and then used fmrte to edit the points/wins/draws/losses and then moved a day forward and the league sorted itself out

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My first game back at Anfield and everything about the day just oozed special. It wasnt the biggest of challenges with a home game against Lincoln in the cup, but still i knew getting conifdence in the squad needed to come from wins and we needed a confident performence too. We needed to get the fans back on side and i big win with a good result is exactly what is needed.

8th January 2011
Liverpool 6-0 Lincoln
N'gog, Kuyt (3), Meireles, Gerrard


Fantastic performence from the lads, Dirk Kuyt was phenominal. Stevie G was rampant in the midefield and i knew that he'd be key to any success and i was so thankful that the side came up with the goods today.

more updates to come just want to see if there are any followes? or any comments on match design, with before and after? would people want more descriptive matches and more colour or is a more simple layout better?

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I came into training on the monday after the weekend knowing just how big this week was going to be for me. I'd read the papers heard the phone-ins as much as i denied it in public i had heard it all, the fans wanted me the pundits didnt feel so kind towards my appointment. I knew that leading into the merseyside derby at the weekend how vital a win was.
i spent the week working on transfers, drawing up training schedules and working on the first 11. I decided to set up my side in a catalunian passing way dominating the midfield and allowing the wide men and top man to spring attacks with support from midefield.
First XI

Johnson Carragher Agger Aurelio
Meireles Gerrard (C)
Kuyt Cole

This is how i intended the side to look, but was deffinetly looking for 2 or 3 new faces in the month, ecspecially having inherited an njury plauged squad, Fernando being the biggest miss, and i woke up on the eve of the game with news i did not want to here.

Fernando Torres: I Want Out!

News has reached us that Fernando Torres is set to hand in a transfer request to Liverpool legend kenny Dalglish, this is a sensational twist after Dalglish has 'guarenteed' the support of the key players in the squad. Torres is said to be 'fed up' with the attitude with a lot of the other players and is seen as the worst timing imaginable for King kenny


On the morning of the game i tried to push the problems with Fernando out of my head and focus on a huge game, my first test back in the big time and what a game to return too ...

Liverpool 2-1 Everton
N'gog (61) Gerrard (74), Vaughn (44)


I was thrilled with the result. We had dominated the game and gone behind unluckily, but some fantastic passing flowing moves led to a sensational win with captain fantastic finishing off a great team move. The win moved us up the table and began the rebuilding process

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After the highs of the Weekend i switched my focus to the transfer market and was so hopefull of getting ym top market and when i recieved a call from Damien Camoli my excitment was rewarded. 'We've got him Kenny' 'Sanchez?' 'Yeh Ken contract all agreed he's on the next plane for a medical' 'yes!'


I was so please to have captured Alexis, i was hoping he wouldnt be the last but i knew how important he was. After getting everything signed and sealed we sat down with each other and faced the press.


'How happy are you to bring Alexis here Kenny'
'i'm so so chuffed, he's been on our radar for some time and finally he's all signed up'

'Do you think it's one for the future as well as now?'
'Yes deffinatly, first and for most he's been brought here for now. But for the future deffinetly he could be here for years.'

We left it at that and my mind switched to the game against Wolves at the weekend.

Wolves 1-3 Liverpool
Fletcher (68), Johnson (48) Sanchez (56) Meireles (88)


Another well controlled performence, and moving up to 8th in the table is fantastic, the lads have really pulled together and with a couple more results we will be back up and fighting at the right end of the table.
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Good story mate, I am following....
What do you mean?, When next update, I enjoy reading this....
next update will either be late tonight or early tomorrow, just mean that ihavent done a story for a while

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Nicolas Lodiero Puts Pen To Paper On 'Dream Anfield Move'

Nicolas Lodeiro has today signed for Liverpool as Dalglish once again looks to bring exciting youth prospects to anfield in his new look liverpool side. With the transfer window nearly closing this looks like it will be one of the last moves made by liverpool this winter. With no players leaving Liverpool this winter it seems that Dalglish is looking to build on the squad rather than cut it down.


'Bringing Lodiero into the club was brilliant for me a young techinical south american player was the sort of thing the club has been shouting out for, someone with that X-factor.'

Torres 'Angered' as he is denied Dream move to Barca!
Fernando Torres is said to be outraged by Kenny Dalglish's decision to not allow him to make a major money move to Barcelona and return to spain. Barcelona were rumoured to have offered everything from 45million cash deal to 25 plus Pedro, but the Liverpool manager has reportedly said 'there is no chance Torres would ever leave.'


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I was excited about our chances to progress in the Cup. For me the FA Cup is a great competition and under valued by a lot of clubs. I'm going to give it my all to win this competition. Bolton away wasnt to hard a trip but i knew it would not be too easy. I was still frustrated with Fernando Torres, but i thought i'd let him back into the side. The game was just two days before the transfer window closed but i didnt let that play on my mind i left it to damien.

Bolton 0-2 Liverpool
Kuyt (17,90)

Another classy performence with 17 shots to just 6 in reply from Bolton showed how we really bossed the game.

After the FA Cup we had a run of three very important Premier League games, Stoke at home followed by a trip to Chelsea, before playing Wigan at Anfield. Two of these were winnable but i was feeling uneasy about the trip to Stamford Bridge and i didnt want any thing to dent our fragile confidence at this point.

Just before the Stoke game the window slammed shut with no further deals on an evaluation of our squad i was quite happy to see it through to the end of the season with this team.

2nd February 2011
Liverpool 1-0 Stoke
Meireles (25)


We were once again dominante, but i am becoming slightly concerned by Fernando's form and i'm really hopeing that a return to his fortunes will be just the punch we need to return to the Champions League positions.
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I Stepped out at Stamford Bridge knowing how huge this game was, i heard obscene chants coming from the Chelsea end, some all in good fun, some too hard to hear. The song Boston echoed around the ground. I looked up to John W Henry who had just sat down next to Roman Abramovich, we had a rye smile then my mind completley switched to the game.
I had been thinking all week how huge this game was i kept thinking whether to try and impose ourselves on the game or drop another player into a holding position? As i sat in the dugout looking at Carlo Ancelotti, a man under pressure, my team talk was going over and over in my head.

'Go out there and dominate this match, put your head where other players wouldnt put their feet. Show everyone how much you want this and how much you want to prove how good a players you are. Let everyone see that this is a Liverpool team of old and dont have any fear in your eyes. Pass and move Pass and move and lets go out and beat this Chelsea team.'

Chelsea 0-1 Liverpool
Meireles (1)


A fantastic, fantastic performence to hold on from minute one was a true testiment to the quallity and passion of the lads. Quallity doesnt win everything you need passion and drive and thats what my boys are beginning to show.

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The week following the Chelsea result i took more of a back seat in training, instead i sat watching videos of the upcoming opposition and started reading through scout and coaching files on the current performence and possible additions to the squad. A thought occured in my mind that if i got some players signed sealed and delivered and set to come in June it may help me establish a powerbase in the squad and to get the job in full. However that quickly faded, this club is bigger than any individual.

I called Joe Cole and Nicolas Lodeiro into my office, i wanted Joe Cole to tutour Nicolas and when i called them into my office i noticed how fearful Lodiero looked as if he thought he was in serious trouble and this was a concern. Joe agreed to the tutour and the meeting went well, as they left i called Nicolas back.

'Whats up Nico?'
'nothing boss'
'you just seemed nervous, i know it is odd to be called in off the training ground by the boss mid training session. But i've noticed it around the club, you need to stand tall Nico wear the Liverpool jersey with pride, there is so much tradition and you should be proud to be here and you should be walking so tall that you struggle to get through doors.'
'yes boss'

he left and i wasnt overly confident but i think it will have deffinetly helped.

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The Next match i was very confident a simple home game against Wigan, i am a huge fan of Roberto Martinez, he just does things in the right way and with dignity.

Liverpool 2-0 Wigan
Gerrard (Pen 33, 63)


A confident performence from the lads, Stevie is clearly a step above the other, Fernando's goal drought is just becoming more and more of a concern and i'm very worried that he hasnt took a shine to me and the new regime and that he cant wait to get as far away from merseyside as possible.

Fernando Torres And Ryan Babel In Training Ground Bust Up:

Fernando Torres and Ryan Babel have today reportedly come to blows at Liverpools training ground Melwood. Ryan was reportedly unhappy at Torres' efforts in recent matches and training.


This has taken it too far now, i wasnt pleased with Ryan but im glad someone has got into Fernando's head.

I'd sell Torres if I were you. 45 million is good money for an injury prone, 26/7 year old. He is good though

This is my first European game, at home to PSG, i was confident and couldnt wait to here a rocking Anfield crowd on a european night.

Liverpool 1-1 PSG
Fernando Torres Red Card (15) Sanchez (25) Erdinc (75)



Newcastle 0-1 Liverpool
Colocini Red Card (66) J.Cole (54)


Progress in the cup was fantastic and Joe Cole playing well really was good as it is a springboard to further success.

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This was one thing i had been waiting for since i got the sixth month job. A European away trip. I experienced the greatest days of my life travelling with he squad and the fans to some of Liverpool's great European nights.
I knew how difficult this trip would be, failing to get a home win was a really poor result. But i believed in the side, losing Fernando would obviously be a miss but with his lack of goals maybe this was a good excuse to put N'gog in ahead of him.

PSG 1-2 Liverpool (AET)
Hoarau (29) Kuyt (Pen 41) Babel (110)
Fabio Aurelio Red Card (108)

It was hard work, hard hard work. PSG are a very good side but i was tottally confident. We were lucky to get back into the side with Kuyt, and as the game dragged on and Aurelio was sent off i began to fear and look towards penalties.
With tired legs on the field, Babel's pace really caught the PSG defence off guard and a sensational finish led to a great night in Paris.

I gave the lads a couple of days of after Paris before we headed down south to face West Ham, i'd always been a fan of the hammers the way they pass and move and the sort of players they've broought through over the years. I did fear a European hangover but i tried to play it cool to the press.
'It doesnt bother me, momentum is everything, whislt you're winning tired legs dont even come into it.'

West Ham 4 - 1 Liverpool
Piquieonne (11) Koncheskey OG (28) Parker (44) Obina (74), Gerrard(7)


It was aa disaster, my first blip as the gaffer, i knew that it was due to europe but to come out and make excuses would have just looked bad on my part.
As we looked to press for the top 6 we were hit with this blow. I laid into the players after the match and i know Nico and Koncheskey took it really badly. Torres once again misfired and i was getting fed up with his attitude.

League Table 3rd March 2011

20th West Brom with 23 points
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Sell Torres to Man City and try to get some players like adam johnson and that....
Nice mate im following. How much was Sanchez tho cus they asking 22 mil from me?
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