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The King of Rome

Oct 8, 2015
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Schalke captain wins 2027 Ballon D'Or and becomes third player managed by Francesco Totti to win the award

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After Stephan El Shaarawy with Roma (shortly before moving to Liverpool) and Philippe Coutinho with Liverpool, Jurgen Benecke of Schalke has now become the third player managed by Francesco Totti to win the Ballon D'Or, surely indicating how good the Italian man at making his players play to the best of their abilities. The German
star just came back from injury this month as Schalke continued their amazing form in the league as they look ahead to a potential 11th Bundesliga title in the club's history.

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Absolute German domination! I'm so proud to be Benecke's manager, he truly is the greatest footballer in the world right now and it feels so great to have him back this month to get the team to be even stronger than we've been lately. Ziya in the Team of the Year as well is entirely deserved and I'm just incredibly proud to have some of the best players playing under me this year. I'm very excited about my future here at Schalke and some of our new signings should make that future even more exciting. Here's to a great 2028!

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Potential to be a very good winger/right-back and a signing that we secured a long time ago but could only join now because of his age. He definitely looks like a solid player who will do us a lot of good in the future as I look to build a legacy and a fantastic team for the present and future here at Schalke.

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​France have been doing very well on the international stage lately and have shown that some of their young talents are fantastic and I was very happy to get him on such a good deal from Saint-Etienne. He'll definitely get some game time later on in the season and at only 16 years old, there really wasn't a better time for us to get him and fully develop him.

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​Another exciting young talent which cost us a little bit of money but looks very good for his age and was wanted by a lot of big clubs around Europe. He's got everything to become a word-class player and I can't wait to see how he turns out for us.

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This signing my scouts actually recommended. They saw him play in Italy and as a potential Italian national player, he seemed like a very promising talent who will definitely be a key asset for this Schalke side in the years to come.

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What a return for Benecke. He wins the Ballon D'Or and comes back for his first game and scores two goals. What a player! Sané was once again fantastic and despite conceding the most amount of goals we've conceded all season in one game, we got the 3 points so that's good enough.

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Finally a clean sheet, I thought it would never come! Benecke was amazing again and Sané too, as they show why they're Schalke legends. Ørting has been rumoured to be leaving for Roma but I urged him to stay and he hasn't disappointed since telling me that which is great to see.

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Benecke was less impressive today but the rest of the team made up for it. Another great victory for us as we get a clean sheet and a couple of more goals to add to our stats from this season. It's been a great first month in 2028 and now we can only hope that there will be more and more success.

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Oct 8, 2015
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Schalke goes all of February without conceding a goal as they seem to step closer and closer to the Bundesliga title

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It was a month to remember for Schalke fans as Totti's men went a full month without conceding in the league whilst scoring no less than almost 3 goals a game. Sané has been a key player for the Royal Blues this season overall and this month was nothing short of exceptional as they not only crushed everyone in the Bundesliga but also performed very well in other competitions and are still on for a quadruple if everything goes well. Schalke fans are definitely very happy about the work that their club has done this season and many of them who were interviewed have said that they hope Totti will stay a very long time here at the club to bring more and more success.

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​I'm extremely proud of Benecke. A lot of players take some time to get back into it after a serious injury but he just came back from winning the Ballon D'Or and is now crushing it in the goalscoring charts. Yet another clean sheet for us which shows how good we are defensively and in the goalkeeping department so I can't wait for the rest of the month and see how that goes for us.

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If at this point in the season you asked me who my best 3 players were, I would honestly just tell you Patrick Rettig, Leroy Sané and Jurgen Benecke. They're all absolutely outstanding and have been since the start of the season and it feels so great to have noticed Rettig in the academy, brought him to the first team and seen him do so well for us. Hopefully he keeps this up like this and becomes a Schalke legend too!

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Yet another rout for us and a great performance from Benecke and Thiago Maia. It just seems now that we approach every game expecting to not concede and score at least 3 goals, it's great. I'm really glad that we're asserting our dominance this season in Germany and hopefully once we've qualified for the Champions League next season we can do that against the top European sides too.

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There we go, our last game of the month was a success and although we didn't score as many goals as usual, we didn't concede any and got the 3 points so that's good. We're still unbeaten in the league and are the best team offensively and defensively so again, so far so good!

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I knew that going away to Turkey was going to be hard and it was, but we still dominated and we got the away win so that definitely is a positive. Conceding that one goal gives them a bit of a chance to come back in the second leg but I'm confident that we'll be able to beat them at home.

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So there we go! I said we'd crush them at home and we did. And how funny that Benecke, Sané, Rettig and Meyer all scored, my four best players this season so far along with Kaya and van Dongen! We're through to the next round after a deserved 6-2 win on aggregate and now we're just looking ahead to the draw for the next round.

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Definitely could have been handed an easier draw but it's better to just knock out the best teams early on right? PSG are a fantastic team who were unlucky to get knocked out of the Champions League and relegated to the Europa League so it should be a tight matchup and hopefully we'll do well against them.

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A routine win for us as we go through to the semi-final of the DFB Pokal where we'll face Dynamo Dresden. Benecke was outstanding and overall we were just the better team. I'd say the semi-final draw was very easy on us but we won't get complacent, anything can happen in football. But we are very close to my first final as Schalke manager which is exciting.
Oct 8, 2015
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Schalke qualify for Champions League, dominate Bundesliga, and are looking stronger than ever

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Last season, Schalke disappointed by not qualifying for Champions League football. This season, the German side have been so good that they're
already qualified for the competition months before the end of the season. This month wasn't as impressive for Totti's men though as they drew twice but other than that, they've been excellent. They're also looking great in the Europa League and could win the competition if their form continues.

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A solid victory although we did concede a goal which again isn't something I really appreciate. Overall, a good performance as we continue our confident Bundesliga campaign. The only real source of excitement now to be honest is the Europa League considering we've actually got something to fight for whereas the Bundesliga we're just absolutely crushing right now. Oh well, with a tough month ahead of us we're looking ready with this win.

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​One of the first times this season where we didn't dominate a game which cost us 2 points. We could've gotten 3 for sure but only took 1. It's not a big deal considering Dortmund are behind us and are taking the same amount of points as us but disappointing that throughout the entire season we've not been able to beat our biggest rivals. Hopefully that'll change if we face them in the DFB Pokal.

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One of our 'easiest' games this month along with the Wolfsburg game and we didn't disappoint. Although we conceded AGAIN, which is annoying considering we didn't concede at all for all of last month, but I'll take the 3 points over a clean sheet, although at this point I'm not sure considering our amazing lead over Dortmund.

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Kind of got away with that and disappointed by our performance overall. Two goals conceded and never looked like we were going to win it. As I said earlier though, the Bundesliga doesn't worry me too much because we've almost got it secured so that's exciting.

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PSG are a great side, I said so when we saw the draw and we did really well today. I would've loved to get some more goals at home but I'm confident we'll play well at the Parc des Princes and go through to the next round. Kaya was once again the unsung hero as Sané took all the credit but he gets my recognition, that's for sure.

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Just as I predicted, we did well enough away from home to get the win overall. PSG are a great side, they really are but we were better and that's what it's all about. Leonardo and Benecke were outstanding and Rettig was even better. Kaya, once again, was out of this world. Anyway, with PSG out of the way, let's see who we'll play in the quarter-final.

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​Another French team! Certainly wasn't expecting that to be honest, but it'll be a very interesting tie for sure. We're starting away from home so it'll give us some confidence for our home game in the second leg and looking at their squad, I'm very confident that we could go through to the semi-final and see if we can go all the way to the final. Anyway, here's something to look forward to next month then! Other than winning the Bundesliga of course.
Oct 8, 2015
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Schalke win 11th Bundesliga title, advance to DFB Pokal final and Europa League semi-final

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Leon Goretzka, a Schalke legend having played 418 league games with the Royal Blues, certainly enjoyed his club's form as of late as he gets ready to leave for Real Madrid, who he's agreed personal terms with ahead of the end of his contract with the German club at the end of the season. Schalke, who have already won the league with a couple of games to spare, will definitely be looking to win the DFB Pokal and the Europa League, the first of which they managed to get to the final and the second of which they are on their way to the final. It'll certainly be an exciting end to the season for Schalke and their fans.

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It was nice to get another clean sheet and we played well to get another 3 points. We're getting closer and closer to the title and it's amazing to continue our 29-match unbeaten run. I was also glad to see Renato, a young talent we bought this season, score and perform really well in this game especially.

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We've done it! First season in charge in the Bundesliga, and yet another league title to add to my cabinet! It feels so great to end the season on such a high note and to win it with 4 games to spare is amazing. Doing the double is great too and now I can't wait for more trophies with this club. Honestly I haven't enjoyed winning trophies with a club since leaving Roma and Liverpool and I think I'm really going to love my time here in Germany. The rest of our games in the Bundesliga will just be for fun and it'll be nice to see the lads having fun out there.

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Really nothing special about that victory but it was great to see Leonardo, Rettig, Sané and Benecke to play so well. They've been fantastic all season and I can't wait to see them in the Team of the Season or something like that.

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So, two games left in the league this season. We struggled a little bit to get the 3 points here today but we got them so nothing to complain about! Benecke was our saviour once again as we just keep getting wins. We conceded which was annoying but who cares at this point.

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A great away win for the first leg, definitely something I wanted from this game. Goretzka scored such a vital goal and we'll really miss him, now I'm starting to realise that. Anyway, second leg is coming up at home soon and we have the advantage so let's hope we don't mess it up.

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Last time I won a continental competition was 6 years ago, the Champions League with Roma. It's been too long. And you know what, I'm extremely confident of our chances in the Europa League! We're through to the semi-final and wouldn't you know it, we're facing ANOTHER French team.

View attachment 136752
Olympique Lyonnais then. They're a very tough team, I know that from their youth academy. They've got a great youth setup and they've always been one of the best teams in France so we'll have to be careful about them. It'd be hilarious if we went all the way to the final by beating 3 French teams though.

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What the **** Benecke!!! He's just too good! Three goals and a 5-1 victory in the first leg at home! I very much doubt we'll lose 4-0 in Lyon but I guess we should always be careful. Hopefully we'll win though and get to the final, it'd be amazing and one **** of a goodbye for Goretzka if we were to win the whole thing!

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Another hat-trick for Benecke, another win for us and a final to look forward to! This is going to be an epic end to the season, especially considering we're playing Dortmund in the final! Benecke was, last time I checked, the most expensive player in the world and rightfully so. He's just absolutely outstanding and I can't show wait to show everyone his stats and his attributes. He's truly incredible.


May 26, 2016
So many french teams in the EL and you crush them all ! You traitor ! :p
Any chance to see Totti at the head of one of them one day ?
Oct 8, 2015
So many french teams in the EL and you crush them all ! You traitor ! :p
Any chance to see Totti at the head of one of them one day ?
As of right now, I'd love to just become a legend here at Schalke before moving on anywhere but France is the only country with a big European league (although you could argue Portugal is one too) that Totti hasn't conquered yet so who knows!
Oct 8, 2015
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Totti ends first season with Schalke delighted and gets ready for EURO 2028 with Italy

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What a first season it's been for Italian legend Francesco Totti in charge of Schalke. The Bundesliga season has now ended and with 4 games to spare, Totti's men had won the league and in the process have now created a new points record, winning 30 games and drawing 4 out of the 34 league games this season. This is an incredible record as they end the season unbeaten with their new manager and will look to build on that next season. On top of that, the Royal Blues had Europa League and DFB Pokal finals against Real Betis and Dortmund respectively. Coverage on Schalke's month all down below.

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​Another ready win, with all my top performing lads scoring and performing well. There was a time where Glad'bach could have rivalled us and gotten a good result but those times are long gone, with the team we have here they would never have been able to win.

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I'm not even bothered by this result, we just set a new record for points in the Bundesliga and I couldn't be happier. A great way to end the season and hopefully now we can all look forward to the two finals we're going to play in and get victories then too.

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​So we've done it. I said that we wouldn't really struggle in the second leg considering our amazing first game and even though we didn't know as convincingly, we're in the final! Last time I won this competition was 12 years ago with Inter for my first managerial job so what a great moment it'll be for me to be in the final again. Let's hope we can win it now.

View attachment 136720
So, Real Betis huh? Very interesting to be honest. With Jurgen Klopp in charge, they've been very impressive in this competition and last season in La Liga but now we're facing them in a continental final. I don't know much about Real Betis but I really hope we get the victory now.

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We've done it! What a performance, what a game and what a trophy to win for my first year in charge of Schalke! I'm so proud of Benecke and Rettig who are two of the best players in the world right now statistically and just, wow! I'm speechless, we were outstanding all season and this is yet another reward! Incredible stuff for us and now I'm just looking ahead to the Champions League next season!

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One season in charge, a quadruple. Now that's how you start off a career in a club! Incredible, absolutely incredible. Sané was supposed to be injured but begged me to play so I did and he did me proud. Absolutely amazing performance against our rivals and we finally got a win against Dortmund this season. I can now go to the Euros being absolutely delighted and excited at the same time. I love this place, and I can definitely see myself staying here for a very long time!
Oct 8, 2015
View attachment 13629810/07/2028

View attachment 136294

How did Italy get on in the much anticipated EURO 2028?

View attachment 136283

It got everyone excited. The EURO 2028 in Belgium was the chance for Italy to prove that they are still one of the top sides in the world and after falling down to 8th in the FIFA World rankings, this EURO campaign had to be a good one. Italy were the favourites to win the whole tournament again although France and England were seen as two very likely winners of the tournament too. In a group that saw Italy get matched up against Spain, Czech Republic, and Bosnia & Herzegovina, we looked at how they got on in this summer's EURO and if they did match the expectations set by the footballing world or not.

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View attachment 136268
A great group stage campaign for us. A perfect record, one goal conceded and 10 goals scored in just 3 games which is an incredible ratio. We'll face Wales in the next round and I'm feeling very confident ahead of that game. Don't get me wrong, Wales are a great side but we're better and I know that. We won the EURO 4 years ago, and I definitely think we can win it again.

View attachment 136267
What a win! A big scoreline for a bit performance from us and Murati has been by far the best player in the competition so far. We're through to the quarter-final now and hopefully we can go even further if we end up beating Sweden.

View attachment 136266
What a result again. Another 4 goals scored and another demolition! We're through to the semi-final now, which puts us SO close to back-to-back EURO titles for the first time in the country's history. We face one of the competition's toughest teams though, England.

View attachment 136265
Yes Gianluigi! England were amazing out there but a couple of years ago we always had a Gianluigi in goal to help us, Gianluigi Buffon. Now, it's Gianluigi Donnarumma! Scotta, one of my former players at Roma, scored the winning goal which makes me so proud but what a result against England and now we have to play against the current world champions France in the final. It'll be a tough game but I'm confident we can win it if we try hard enough.

View attachment 136256View attachment 136254
Yes! Twice in a row! And a 5-1 win against the world champions! Wow this feels amazing. What a performance, what a tournament, what a team we have. I'm so proud of what we've achieved here in Belgium this summer, we showed that we are one of the best if not the best team in the world and now I can't wait for the World Cup with this squad in 2 years. We were outstanding in this tournament and fully deserve the victory in the end. What a tournament, seriously. This now puts Italy as the 2nd best team in the world and myself as the 2nd best manager in the world, right behind Sir Alex and just above Diego Simeone, who's done some incredible things at Manchester United since his arrival.

View attachment 136252View attachment 136251View attachment 136249View attachment 136248View attachment 136247
The awards definitely showed how good we were in this tournament. 8 players out of 11 in the Team of the EUROs, records broken by Murati for goals scored and average rating and the best player and goalscorer awards. What a campaign and you know what, I've wanted to get Murati to play club football with me for a while and I'm seriously considering getting him for my Schalke team. We've got the money, now all we need is the man, Murati!
Oct 8, 2015
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View attachment 135847

Schalke continue incredible unbeaten run

View attachment 135846

Francesco Totti's men have continued their incredible form from last season into the start of this season as they had a successful pre-season and are now looking very strong in the league too. With the transfer window also ending and the Champions League group stage draw happening this month, Schalke fans have had a lot of things to look forward to and enjoy this month already. Question remains, will they do as well as last season or even better?

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View attachment 135845
We spent a lot but we also got a lot of money in and I'm really excited about all our signings.

View attachment 135844
Played in Mexico and was, for some reason, released by his club? I definitely don't get how he could possibly get released considering how good he is but we needed a midfielder the replace the departing Maximilian Meyer, who just didn't want to play for the club anymore and we got a fantastic young American to come in and do that.

View attachment 135843
A German player who could have been a huge player for Germany but just never really made it at Bayern and never moved away to give himself a chance to become a big player. He's now with us, mostly as a backup and for a homegrown player in the squad but will definitely be a good asset for us this season.

View attachment 135842
I'll admit, 10 million for a 16-year old is a lot but we have the money and we want the best players, whether they already are or will become the best so, couldn't pass up on him. He already looks like a great player and I can't wait for him to step up once Timo Horn retires.

View attachment 135841
Potential to become one of the best players in the world and really wanted him since I spotted him a couple of months ago but his previous club didn't let him go for any less than 35 million so we paid their price. Doesn't really matter when you have a budget of 165 million does it?

View attachment 135840
Probably the next Xabi Alonso and really excited to have him. I wanted him when I was managing Liverpool but back then we would have paid the same price we paid for him today, except he was 17 years old or 16 years old, can't remember exactly. Now as a 20-year old, he's a huge player for the future and will probably be our replacement for Kimmich and our other midfielders.

View attachment 135839
To think that I signed him from Brazil back when I was managing Inter for just 3 million euros, then for Liverpool for 49 million euros and now for Schalke for 100 million euros. A couple of years ago, Bale was the most expensive transfer of all time and now Antonio Fernando has equalled it. I'm really excited to have him as a backup for Benecke or even partner them up together up front. We were deadly in attack last season and we'll probably be even better now.

[HR][/HR][HR][/HR]View attachment 135832
View attachment 135828
View attachment 135827
A great win for our opening game in the Bundesliga. Not too sure about Fernando's debut but he'll come back and be even better in our next game, thankfully his injury is nothing very serious.

View attachment 135825
View attachment 135824
Definitely the league start I was looking for after setting so many records last season and winning the league. In my opinion, we're already the best team in the league and this season's all about making sure we prove that to everyone. A great win which sees us go top of the league with one goal conceded and 9 goals scored in just 2 games.

View attachment 135823
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View attachment 135820
It took 19 penalties in total and a 10-9 win for us but we got our first trophy of the season against our rivals! It feels fantastic and this was Fernando's first game with the club and what a way to introduce himself to the fans. It was a very even game in the end but we got the win and it's a great way to start the season.

[HR][/HR][HR][/HR]View attachment 1069182
View attachment 135819
View attachment 135818
Make that 2 trophies! Fernando's second official game with the club and another goal that gets us another trophy. Honestly, this season couldn't get off to a better start and I'm really happy for Fernando and his amazing start to his Schalke career. I've been trying to get him and Ivan to come with me to every club I went to and I almost managed to do that and it's always great to become such good friends with your players. I mean, I've know Antonio for 10 years now since he first arrived in Europe. Hopefully he enjoys working with me as much as I enjoy working with him.

[HR][/HR][HR][/HR]View attachment 135816
View attachment 135815
Well well well... Paris Saint-Germain again! We knocked them out of the Europa League last season and we'll have to face them again in the Champions League now. It'll definitely be interesting to play them again and I can't wait to go to Paris to play them. The rest of our group is relatively weak and we should easily go through to the next round.

[HR][/HR][HR][/HR]View attachment 135814
View attachment 135813
View attachment 135812
An easy victory against a very weak side. We could have easily won 20-0 but a 3-0 will do. We're through to the next round and I'm really starting to wonder why the German FA make the big teams play in the DFB-Pokal first round like, what's the point? We'll always go through for sure so we should just enter at a later stage like in England, it'd make more sense.
Oct 8, 2015
What a beast !

You have no choice this year : you have to won the Champion's League !
He really is incredible, no wonder he won the Ballon D'Or last year!
And yes, winning the Champions League the year after winning the Europa League would be amazing :D
Oct 8, 2015
View attachment 13090201/10/2028

View attachment 130901
Antonio Fernando stars in first month as Schalke player

View attachment 130900

It's been a perfect start to the 2028/29 season for Schalke's Totti as they have won almost every one of their games (apart from one draw in the Champions League) as they look to win every competition they're a part of this season. After winning the Europa League quite easily last season, Totti will be looking to win the Champions League for the third time in his managerial career after winning the competition twice with Roma during his time in Italy and the Germans are seen as huge favourites to win the whole thing considering the calibre of players they've brought in throughout the transfer window.

[HR][/HR][HR][/HR]View attachment 130899
View attachment 130898
A very solid start to our Bundesliga campaign this season with a 100% record. We're behind Dortmund as we have a game in hand but I'm confident we'll manage to go back to our 1st place seat once we play that game. We haven't been as good defensively as we were last season but we've still been doing very well overall.

View attachment 130896
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View attachment 130894
A good draw against PSG away from home although a team of our calibre should be doing better than that. The win against Zenit was good too but again, I was expecting more goals from us. Nevertheless, we've been doing very well so far and those two games are proof of that. Hopefully now we can kick on and continue to get good results and qualify from the group as early as possible.

View attachment 130893
Oct 8, 2015

It's no secret that Francesco Totti has become one of the most successful managers in world football as he starts his 12th season as a manager and his second as the Schalke manager. With such a huge reputation, Totti obviously had to get his team to perform and after 7 games in the Bundesliga this season, Schalke have continued their 100% win record by recording a 7th straight win, smashing Stuttgart 3-0. As last year's Europa League winners continue their amazing record this season, this win should give the Italian legend a lot of confidence ahead of Italy's next 2 games in the European International League Division A in their group with Portugal and Denmark. The worst is yet to come for Schalke though, with their next 3 league games being against Wolfsburg, Dortmund and Leverkusen which are all teams strongly capable of defeating the Royal Blues. How long can Totti keep Schalke unbeaten in the league this season? Will he manage a second straight unbeaten season in the Bundesliga? One thing's for sure for Schalke fans, their team are performing incredibly well and are huge favourites to win this year's Champions League!