The King of Rome

Oct 8, 2015
Great story. What mods are you using for it.
Cheers :) The facepack that I'm using currently is a standard cutout facepack (you can get it on fmscout or something like that), the logopack is called the Footbe logo pack and the skin is called the g2fmskin :) hope that helps!
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Oct 8, 2015
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February 2026
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What a packed month this was! Unfortunately, we couldn't win all of our games but I guess 4 out of 5 is good enough. Although losing the derby was terrible. Still 11 points clear of second-place Valencia which is good though but we've not been as good defensively, which is a little bit worrisome. We're doing extremely well offensively though so we should be able to win our last few games of the season.

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A real shame. Our second league defeat of the season had to come against Real Madrid. It was a late goal for Guedes that won it so it was definitely disappointing and annoying that we lost that way. I'm not too worried about this result though because I know the fans aren't happy but we're doing so much better in the league that it should be enough to make up for it for now.

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A fantastic result that definitely makes up for our loss against Madrid. Bilbao have always been a great side and I was very happy to win by that much against them. Our title race continues as it seems that we're getting ever closer to a 4th consecutive league title.

View attachment 140717
Jeff was amazing again as we get another smashing win. Sevilla are a good side but the red card after just 30 minutes definitely helped us. We continue our great run of form despite the loss to Real Madrid earlier this month and we're looking good.

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And so the run goes on. We scored 3 goals yet again which means that as of right now, there's only been one game all season in the league where we failed to score. Pretty impressive statistic if you ask me. It was a good win against Zaragoza for sure and now I can only hope that we keep working hard to make sure we smash the league and get that title. Jeff getting injured is a bit of a problem as he'll miss the Dortmund game but we should be able to live with that.

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Our last league game of the month. A decent win although I was a bit worried from time to time that Celta would come back! They had a lot more shots and chances but we managed to hold on and get the win. Our amazing run continues then I guess.

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I was a bit worried after the first leg if I'm totally honest but we came out winners. It might not have been the 5-0 we managed to get earlier this season but it's a win regardless. We're through to the final against Sevilla which is a repeat of the 2019/2020 final but we won then and I don't see why we can't win again this year. Can we make it 3 Copa Del Reys in a row?

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Both games actually went to plan to be honest. We did draw the first leg but we got an away goal which was good. I was very saddened by the fact that Genaro got injured considering he'll miss our match against Dortmund but it's not too much of a problem, we'll be fine though. Another final for Barcelona and a chance for my second trophy as Barcelona manager. Exciting times.

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Not very pleased with that. A win is a win, I've always said that, but they scored an away goal and today they were better than us. It came REALLY close to a draw but Neymar scored in the 93rd minute, thankfully. Anyway, they played better than us today and we will need to be really careful when it comes to the second leg in Dortmund. I know the atmosphere there is always talked about as one of the best in the world so we can't be intimidated. I'm confident in the quality of the team though so we should go through.
Oct 8, 2015
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A good month again for us despite that disappointing loss to Atletico. I would've wanted a perfect month but oh well, I'll live with it. We weren't that convincing overall though and I'm just hoping the players aren't starting to give up slowly as we get near the end of the season with just 8 games left in the league.

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​A decent win but really not convincing enough. Dani Iglesias almost stole 2 points off us and it would've been a real shame to finish with a draw or a loss on our hands. Oh well, we still played well enough to get the 3 points and that's what matters.

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Our most convincing win this month. Definitely a good result and against Cordoba it was no less than I expected. Ivan continues his ridiculous form this season as we keep flying at the top of the league. Again, good result but nothing that exciting other than that. Talking about Ivan though, he did get injured for 2 weeks which is a shame.

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For God's sake. They really did dominate us and deserved to win the game but what a shame to lose to Atletico, another one of our rivals. We were in front and just gave up in the last 10 minutes and that cost us 3 points. Hopefully in the long term it won't be too much of a problem in the title race but it's definitely something we'll need to work on in the future if we want to be better.

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Another close game that we could've lost but thankfully Neymar decided to turn up in the last minute to score the winner. Three very important points that are crucial for us in the title race as we're just 8 games away from the end of the season. Let's just hope that we keep focused now and win that league title.

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Well, we made it through to the quarter-finals as you can see but we didn't start that very well. A home game against Manchester United, we should've definitely made the most of it but lost 2-1. It'll be tough to get the win overall considering Manchester have 2 away goals but hey, we managed it with Dortmund so why not dream a little?

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We came really close to getting knocked out but we made it out alive. Camaldine gets his first man of the match award with the club and well, that red card definitely did help us in the end. Thank God Robim got that goal just after the red card too. We made it through though which is what matters and now we're just looking ahead to the Manchester United tie.

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Not a good result at all... To concede two away goals is definitely not a good thing and to be fair to them, they kind of deserved it but it could've gone either away. I just wish that we got at least a draw because now our job has been made much harder for the second leg which comes in just 2 weeks I think. Whatever happens, I know I'm going to have to REALLY motivate the players to get back in the tie and make it to the semi-finals so the board and the fans can be happy about our performance in the Champions League.
Oct 8, 2015
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And that's it then. My first season in La Liga and we've won it. It was expected of us and we achieved it so, I guess it was a a successful season. The last 3 games will just be for fun really although I'd like to try and reach the 100 points mark, it'd be great. A perfect month to win the league and although we didn't do so well in the last game against Granada, we can be proud.

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An easy win against a 10-men and weak Levante side. Ivan was on form and we showed why we deserve to win the title over anyone else. Dominant performance, dominant scoreline, as easy as that.

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Basically copy paste what I said about our previous game here. A 3-0 lead at the half and a 4-0 win at the end of the 90 minutes. Very easy win against a weak Vallecano side who never seemed like they were going to cause us any problems. Nice way to win La Liga nonetheless! Yet another trophy added to my cabinet as a manager which is fantastic and well, I'm proud of what I've achieved here in Barcelona this season so far.

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It came very close in the end, I have to give it to Espanyol for fighting so hard for a result, but we got the win. It's always nice to win derbies, especially local ones, so I'm happy with the win. Neymar, despite getting older and older, continues his amazing form and I can only hope that he'll keep this up for the next year or so until he retires at least!

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Another man of the match award for Neymar, another good win for us. Again, it came close to it but we got the 3 points. At this point, the league doesn't even matter anymore and we're just getting points for fun so I was happy to get the 3 points.

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Three points again means that with 3 games to go, we're 7 points away from Madrid's record 101 points in the league in 2016/2017. It'd be nice to break that record ahead of our rivals this season and our last few fixtures definitely allow us to do that. Today was definitely proof that we fight until the end and don't give up, although Granada might have actually done even better than us in that department! A nice way to end April though.
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So there goes our European dream then. Manchester United were better than us out there and I'm outraged by that performance. We were awful and definitely didn't deserve anything from this game so if anything, I'm not that surprised we're out of the competition. We conceded in the 33rd minute, we had almost an hour to score just 2 goals and didn't. We just didn't deserve to go through.
Oct 8, 2015
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May 2026 and end of season
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So as you saw from the image above, we've done it! A domestic treble. I wish we could add the Champions League to those awards but a treble is pretty good. Ivan got the last word in the game and we just about won it but overall it was a good game so I'm pretty happy. I don't know what this means for my Barcelona career and whether or not the board will want me to stay or not but we can proud of a treble I think, even though it's just a domestic treble.View attachment 140443
View attachment 140442
View attachment 140440
So that's it then. The end of La Liga. Let's just say my first season here was pretty successful and I'm quite happy with how things went but I don't know, I don't feel like I belong here. Anyway, the last 3 games I told the players to just go out there and have fun and they definitely did so that was a positive. Good on them.

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Our biggest win of the season! It was a great performance, really fun for the fans to watch and really fun for the players to be a part of. It's a shame to have lost Hysaj ahead of the Copa del Rey final but overall this was a great performance against a 10-man Las Palmas who were just really not good enough.

View attachment 140430
Another great win for us considering they were the only team who managed to draw with us all season. Ivan was outstanding again as he continues his amazing goalscoring form and just overall this was another really fun game to end the season on.

View attachment 140426
And that's it. My last fixture in La Liga. Gerona played pretty well but we were just too strong for them and that's it. It's been one **** of a season where we scored so many goals and just overall had such a great year in Spain. Neymar has been outstanding all season despite getting older and older now and I'm thoroughly impressed by him. On with the awards and records this season then!

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This turned out to be a great awards ceremony as Barcelona get a lot of them. We had a great year and it showed in the Team of the Season and the players of the year. Despite all those awards, I still feel like I'm not wanted here in Barcelona. The fact that I've been a Madrid fan for such a long time made me want to take this job as a bit of a challenge and I've been here for a season now but I still don't feel like I'm that wanted here. I know the players and the board don't care about that but the fans are incredibly important and I don't feel like they want me here anymore. I've had a good time in the top flight but maybe it's time to call it quits here in Barcelona and take a bit of a break.
Oct 8, 2015
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Shock in Barcelona as Francesco Totti resigns after one season in charge

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The Italian manager joined FC Barcelona last season after departing from Liverpool, club he stayed at for 2 years. Despite winning the domestic treble, it seems like Totti never really enjoyed himself here in Barcelona as his excitement over new trophies and victories seemed to lower by the day. For a man who's won a total of 32 trophies as a manager, he explained that it had more to do with wanting a new challenge rather than staying at a very successful club and try to win every trophy he can year in year out.

Totti famously brought domestic glory to Inter when he joined them in December 2016 as he won them the league the following season before moving back to his lifelong club AS Roma, where he won the Champions League twice. Roma have now won the Serie A 7 years in a row but this season could unfortunately not continue their run as they finished 2nd behind arch rivals Juventus. With Heckling's job now looking a lot less secure, could we expect a return to the Olimpico for Totti? With Bretenreiter sacked by Liverpool, will he go back to Anfield? Many questions arise as Totti has left the Camp Nou and the Italian man is yet to many any comments to the press about his departure.

Some Barcelona fans said they'll miss him having around but did admit that they didn't have enough time to create a strong bond with Totti as he only stayed a season. What to expect from Totti now though? It seems as if he left Barcelona prematurely to probably take a break from football, just like Guardiola did a couple of years ago before he ended up joining Bayern Munich. Will Totti wait for the right job to come back? Will he jump at the next opportunity? No one knows and only the future will tell what the Roma legend will be up to now.
Oct 8, 2015
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Weekly updates: Francesco Totti a wanted man

View attachment 140391
According to our sources, the man who recently left FC Barcelona is a wanted man, receiving offers to manage some of the best clubs in Europe. MARCA reveals that he has been linked with the likes of Athletic Bilbao whilst Sky Sports seems to say that Chelsea and Tottenham have approached the Italian man in the hopes of bringing him back to the Premier League.

View attachment 140390
View attachment 1064300
View attachment 1064301
Will the Italian legend go for one of these clubs? Will he wait until the end of the World Cup to take over a national team, possibly Italy after leaving a couple of years ago? Will he wait until an interesting job opens up in the middle of next season? It all seems like a blur for us concerning Francesco Totti's future but one thing's for sure: whatever job he wants, he will probably get!
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Oct 8, 2015
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Italy re-appoint former manager Francesco Totti

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The Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio has delighted Italians all around the country by surprisingly appointing World Cup and Euro winner Francesco Totti, 2 years after the Roma legend left this post. Totti reportedly rejected offers from Spain and the Netherlands as well as Germany to come back to his old job and took a huge pay cut compared to what he could have won as Spain manager which definitely shows his loyalty for his nation.

It is still unknown whether or not Totti had planned this when he left the Camp Nou and if he, like he did a couple of years ago, will manage a club as well as his national team. One thing's for sure, Italy will be delighted to have such a talented manager back on their bench considering he won them the World Cup in 2022 and the Euros in 2024, which was Italy's last major trophy win.

In terms of the squad, Totti did announce that he was excited to come back and work with some of the youngsters who have now worked hard enough to be in the first team. With Domenico Berardi
ageing and some other players slowly becoming unwanted, they will be able to make way for a new generation of players from Italy in what is surely an exciting time to be part of the Italian national team. Totti's first match in charge will be a friendly against France on the 2nd of September at the Stade de France which should be a very entertaining game to watch considering France are now the world champions after winning the 2026 World Cup in Canada this summer.
Oct 8, 2015
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Totti draws with world champions on first game back before smashing Portugal

View attachment 140354

Italy have enjoyed a promising start to their second spell under Francesco Totti after drawing with France before absolutely smashing Portugal in their first European League Division A game of the season. Next month they'll face Belgium for the same competition before playing in a friendly against Slovenia. Luca Gallina, AS Roma's star right-back, was definitely the best performer for Italy in those couple of days and was the sheer proof that Italy could rise back to the top of the world.

View attachment 140353
A great result considering we were the underdogs and playing away from home. It was so great to see all my friends from Roma again, especially Gianluigi who I've always had a great bond with. I was hoping for a win for my first game in charge but against France, a draw is more than good enough. Hopefully now we'll get a good result against Portugal.

View attachment 140351
Yes! God it feels good to be back here. A smashing win for my first official game back and it was at the Olimpico too! Rino Messina is still as good as he was when I left and I'm very happy we got such a good result against Portugal, who have always been a pretty decent side. A good win for us, now we're just looking ahead to the Belgium fixture which should be a bit harder but not too bad.
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Oct 8, 2015
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Italy top group A of European League Division A and smash Slovenia in friendly

View attachment 140344

Totti's impressive record for Italy continues as the Azzurris won against Belgium and Slovenia to add to their good results. Their win against Belgium sees them go top of their group in the European League Division A whilst their win against Slovenia adds to their impressive record in friendly matches so far. So far, Francesco Totti has given 100% of his attention to the national team and with no big clubs opening up their doors to a new manager yet, it seems that he could very well only be the Italy manager this season unless something goes drastically wrong for one of the best clubs in Europe.

View attachment 140343
Now that is what you call a good performance. Four goals for Murati and a 6-2 win overall, I couldn't ask for more from the boys. This is what the Italian national team is all about. To think that a couple of years ago we were the best team in the world and we've fallen all the way down now, it certainly doesn't seem that way to me. A fantastic performance for us as we proved to be much, MUCH better than Belgium.

View attachment 140341
A clean sheet and 4 goals scored is a job well done. Slovenia didn't have any good chances in the game and Rino continues to impress me up front. It was a great result for us and a very fun game to be a part of considering it was a friendly. I should've probably rotated the team a little bit but oh well, at least the players who did play enjoyed themselves. Our next 2 games come in the European League in November where we will play our last 2 games of the group stages. Let's hope for performances as good as this month.
Oct 8, 2015
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Italy beat Belgium and struggle against Belgium but make it to European League semi-final

View attachment 140109
Italy have impressed as of late on the international stage and this was confirmed as Totti's men have made it to the semi-final of the European League Division A where they will face Germany. Italy's group was made up of Portugal and Belgium and the Azzurris have completely smashed it to come top of their group and qualify for the next round of the competition. Despite failing to beat Portugal in their last group game, they have had a very successful group stage campaign in Division A.

View attachment 140105
A great win against a strong Belgium side who almost nicked a win from us. It was close but Rino was outstanding again and deserves all the praise he's getting. At this point it doesn't even matter who we play we just keep winning and he keeps on scoring!

View attachment 140088View attachment 140087
A bit of a tougher match in the end but we got a draw and that means we finish the campaign unbeaten which is great news. Playing Germany in the semi-final will be very hard but I think we can do it if we work hard enough, I believe in us. Portugal played well and it's a shame for them that they won't get to go to the semi-finals but they'll do better in future years, I know it.
Oct 8, 2015
View attachment 14008629/03/2027

View attachment 140085

Bulgaria and Latvia no match for Italy in Euro 2028 Qualifiers

View attachment 140084

Another 2 wins for Italy but this time for Euro 2028 qualifiers. The Azzurris were arguably given one of the easiest groups of the qualifiers and it showed during this international break as they smashed both Bulgaria and Latvia to top the group. Defensively, the Italians were a bit all over the place in those two games, conceding twice, but were absolutely incredibly offensively.

View attachment 140083
A fantastic win for us to take us top of the group already. We might have conceded first but we came back really strong and destroyed them. That's exactly what I wanted. Rino was really good again and Domenico came back strong, scoring on his first game back in the Italy set up. Up next, Latvia.

View attachment 140082
Well then... Not too sound too cocky but this was pretty easy to say the least. Rino scored yet again and Matteo was very impressive too. I really expected a win today but maybe not by this much so I'm delighted! I have some very big news that will come out at the end of the season too but we're going into early April now, so there is some time left. Some great performances in the Euro qualifiers which promise great things for the future for us.
Oct 8, 2015
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Francesco Totti takes Schalke 04 hot seat after a year without a club
View attachment 140036View attachment 140018

In a very interesting turn of events, German club Schalke 04, who had a disappointing season last year in the Bundesliga finishing 5th, have announced that Francesco Totti has taken the manager's vacant position until June 2030. The news certainly come as a shock to the footballing world who didn't think that Totti's "big announcement" (who he talked about after Italy's 3-0 defeat to Germany in the European League semi-final) would be about him coming back to club managerial football.

Having managed in Italy, England and Spain, this now gives him the chance to further even more his footballing experience by managing in Germany. The Italian man follows the steps of fellow Italian manager Massimiliano Allegri who had a good time in Gelsenkirchen before he ended up getting sacked, 2 years after taking charge.

This will be great news for Schalke fans who seem to be very happy about the club's choice of their new manager, bringing a world-class player and manager to the table as they chase Champions League glory for the first time in their history. Next season however, they will be playing in the Europa League and will be hoping to win the competition for the second time in their history, whilst attempting to win their 11th Bundesliga.

View attachment 140005

Oct 8, 2015
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View attachment 139803
Schalke's start to the Bundesliga exemplifies Totti's managerial abilities

View attachment 139802
From Schalke's 5 new signings in the summer to the DFL-Supercup game against Dortmund and their incredible start to the Bundesliga, it's fair to say that Francesco Totti has enjoyed a great start to his life in Germany. Having taken over one of the best teams in Germany who happened to have a bad season last year, it seemed like he was almost bound to do well but his managerial abilities are not to be underestimated. The Italian legend has won 2 Champions Leagues, a FIFA World Cup and a Euro Championship. Schalke's start to this season absolutely exemplifies that and Schalke fans around the world should be very excited about the upcoming season. Now, let's review their month with some key quotes from manager Francesco Totti which we collected during interviews throughout the month.

View attachment 1064942
View attachment 139801
We've made some great business this summer and I'm very excited about all the players coming through to the squad. We also have some very good youngsters coming from the academy that I'm very excited about and it's definitely going to be a great season. In terms of departures, I want to give all my players a chance to show me what they can do and the players who left were sold by the previous manager so, nothing I could do about that.

View attachment 139800
Pascal is our most expensive transfer of the summer and although 15 million is a lot to spend on a 15-year old, I believe he's got enormous potential and you can be sure that he will get some playing time this season one way or another. To steal him away from Bayern was also a great piece of business so we're all excited to see him play for us.

View attachment 139799
As an Italian man, I had to get one other Italian to come in right? Dario played for my team AS Roma and as a 16-year old, I'm really excited to see him play for us. He's a very exciting talent who will definitely become a Schalke legend if he's patient enough.

View attachment 139798
Renato is another exciting talent who wanted to leave his old club to join us. He is, according to my scouts the next Thiago Silva so we just had to get him and he looks like a very good defender so you can be sure that he will be in the starting lineup starting this year and will become a fantastic player this year.

View attachment 139797
Jurgen Benecke is the best striker in the world right now in my opinion. Our captain is 26 years old and his career is far from over but I felt I had to get a long-term replacement for him. Valentin is a player who looks very, VERY good and I'm really excited to have him on board. I have a huge project here at Schalke and I really want to build a team for the future so he definitely fits my plans.

View attachment 139796
Another very promising Spanish signings. At 16 years old, he again looks like a man who could be a starter in my future team and could become the next Ivan and one of the best players in the world and we're all very excited to have him on board too.

[HR][/HR][HR][/HR]View attachment 139791View attachment 139788
It was my first game as Schalke manager and the pressure was unbearable. But we got the win in the end, thanks to club legend Benecke. What a game! My first trophy as Schalke manager is now secure then and I can't wait for the rest of the season and see if we can win even more trophies!

View attachment 139785
View attachment 139784
View attachment 139779
Our opening game of the season turned out exactly like I wanted. A clean sheet, 2 goals and the 3 points. We had to wait almost an hour to score but you know what we deserved it and it was a great win. Ziya Kaya said he wanted to leave for Champions League football but you know what if he continues to play like this we'll definitely be in the Champions League next season!

View attachment 139783
View attachment 139780
Another dominant, convincing win where we didn't let Mainz do ANYTHING at all. They had 2 shots all game whereas we had 20, that's amazing. Overall another fantastic team performance capped by a brace for Benecke, I definitely love this guy already.

View attachment 139782
View attachment 139781
What a way to win our last game. Darmstadt are, no offence, a weak side compared to us and we definitely deserved this win. Ziya was outstanding again and is definitely making me think that I'm managing one of the best if not the best team in Germany. A great month for us overall.

View attachment 139778
[HR][/HR][HR][/HR]View attachment 139777
View attachment 139776
The draw was definitely an interesting one to watch and to play against one of my arch rivals Lazio again will be exciting, especially considering it won't be with Roma! Celta Vigo are a decent side and so are Bursaspor but looking at our side, we definitely can and should finish top of the group and get very far in this competition because we are a top side and we deserve to be in the Champions League. Here's to hoping that we win the Europa League and get Champions League football next season!

[HR][/HR][HR][/HR]View attachment 139775
View attachment 139774
It was my second official game as Schalke manager and boy what a win it was. Benecke was again just outstanding and we had a **** of a game. 56 shots?! That's just insane. And almost 70% possession too! Anyway, up next we've got Ingolstadt which should be an interesting game but I think we'll win it. We have to.
Oct 8, 2015
View attachment 13790401/10/2027

View attachment 137903

Another perfect month for Schalke as wonder-maker Totti imposes his dominance in Germany

View attachment 137901

It's been somewhat of a perfect month for Schalke as their incredible start to the Bundesliga continues, with Jurgen Benecke stepping up to be an exemplary captain for the club. According to our sources, all the
Schalke players who wanted to leave for Champions League football now absolutely admire Totti and his talent and want nothing else but to play under him and hope for Champions League football next season. Their Europa League campaign also started off very well as the German side are seen as huge favourites to win the whole thing.

View attachment 137900
View attachment 137897
View attachment 137896
A solid win for us as we conceded our first goal of the season. When you start off the season the way we did, it's disappointing to concede a goal but oh well, we get 3 points so does it really matter? Rettig was promoted from the youth team this season as I see a lot of talent and promise in him and overall really do enjoy developing great youngsters and he's been incredible so far.

View attachment 137895
View attachment 137894
Yet another win, yet another clean sheet! What a great start to the season for us as we even played with a rotated squad and still managed to grab the 3 points. Great stuff.

View attachment 137893
View attachment 137892
Wow! Another fantastic result and another clean sheet! We are on fire right now and today was an important game against a tough Stuttgart side but we smashed them. What a great team performance and what a game for Leon Goretzka too!

View attachment 137891
View attachment 137890
And again. A 2-0 win with a great performance from Benecke as we continue our 100% record in the Bundesliga. Kind of reminds me of my previous seasons with Barcelona and Liverpool, let's hope we keep winning with this Schalke side though.

View attachment 137889
View attachment 137888
View attachment 137887
View attachment 137886
A good first game in the Europa League group stages, away in Italy. It was always going to be a nervous game but we managed the pressure very well and
despite conceding twice we got the 3 points and are looking good ahead of the rest of the fixtures. Let's hope for some more performances like those.

View attachment 137885
View attachment 137884
An easy victory against a weak Bursaspor side. Benecke showed once again why he has been at this club for so long and why he's the club captain and a club legend. What a game from him. We've now won two from two and we're looking good in both the league and the Europa League. Let's hope for a month of October as successful!

View attachment 137883
Oct 8, 2015
View attachment 13775401/11/2027

View attachment 137753

Schalke fans delighted by their club's start to the season, says fan group representative

View attachment 137752

Although some Schalke fans did seem a bit dubious regarding Totti's appointment at the start of the season, one fan group representative has made it very clear that the fans feel extremely lucky to have such a talented manager at the head of their club. Sitting in 2nd place behind Sir Alex Ferguson in the Managerial Hall of Fame which ranks the best managers of all time, the Italian legend is sure to become the best manager of all time if everything goes well with Schalke and if he stays there long enough.

[HR][/HR][HR][/HR]View attachment 137751
View attachment 137750
View attachment 137749
A good win against a strong Wolfsburg team. I was a bit worried going into this game, I won't lie, but the lads proved me that I should never doubt them. The home side scored their goal late on in the game and other than that, it never looked like they were going to steal 2 points from us. A goal conceded which is a shame but it's another win anyway.

View attachment 137745
View attachment 137743
My first Revier derby as Schalke manager ends in a 1-1 draw. It's a pretty good result for us but I'm a bit disappointed we didn't get the win. We've dominated most of our games so far this season and this was no different. At least we've built some momentum now though and we can continue our good run going into the next few games, which will be very tough games.

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Phew, that was a close one. Again, We had a lot of big games this month and this was another one of them and I was worried but we got the 3 points in the end anyway! A great result for us as we got a clean sheet and we continue our unbeaten campaign this season.

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Well then, I certainly didn't expect that! What a win this was for us and what a great performance from Benecke again and everyone in the team too to be honest. It's another clean sheet for us and a **** of a boost for our goal difference. I'm so, SO proud of the boys for this game because they were just outstanding and that is the perfect way to end the month on a high note.

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A bit too close for my liking if I'm honest. They almost came close to a draw if not a win but thankfully we scored 3 in the first half and still managed to score one in the second half and get away with the 3 points. With 3 wins from 3 in the group, we're surely on our way to qualify from the group stages.

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A bit of a close one again but thankfully we got the win in extra-time. Valentin Rubio made his debut today and he scored which was great to see and I can't wait to see some more of him in a Schalke shirt! We're through to the 3rd round of the DFB-Pokal which is nothing amazing yet so I won't say too much. Next up, Köln!
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Oct 8, 2015
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Meyer announces delight regarding life under Totti

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Our club legend Maximilian Meyer announced his delight regarding his new life under our recently-appointed manager Francesco Totti. The number 7 said that training sessions are always a lot more enjoyable now and all the players are always incredibly impressed at his ability as a footballer even years after retiring. In addition, he also said that the Italian man was a great motivator and always helped the team get their heads back up if it seemed like everything was going wrong in a game. It's certainly an exciting time to be a Schalke player and fan according to Meyer! Down below will now be a review of our month overall along with some quotes from our manager Totti.

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We lost two big players this month to some terrible injuries but thankfully I managed to build some depth in the squad for us to be able to still put out really strong teams for our games next month. Overall it's very disappointing to have lost Jurgen and Elton but I guess we'll have to do without them.

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A routine win for us against Hertha Berlin. We absolutely demolished them in terms of statistics and it was great to get another clean sheet. We did have to wait until the second half but oh well, we got the 3 points nonetheless so I'm happy.

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So our first game without Benecke and the game where we lost Murati turned out a lot better than I thought it would. Lalau is a terrific striker and he showed that he will be a great replacement for Benecke today as we got yet another clean sheet and a couple of goals too. A fantastic performance to set up even more success later on.

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A bit of a close game again but a solid win for us in the end. Again we had to wait until the second half to secure the 3 points but overall we dominated and deserved the victory. A good last fixture this month as we go into December looking really good in the league.

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So there we go then, the end to a solid campaign in the group stages. Well not the end technically but, we qualified. Everyone who took a part in this Europa League campaign so far should be proud of what they've done for the club and I can't wait to find out who we will play in the next round. Until then, we still have 2 games to play in the group stages which should be good fun.

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Just one game left against Bursaspor now but this was a fantastic win against Lazio. Considering I've always hated Lazio and loved Roma, it certainly felt good to beat them like that, almost as good as when I saw that they got relegated from the Serie A back when I was managing Roma! In all seriousness, this was a very good performance from everyone and Lalau is really stepping up in Benecke's absence and that's making me very happy so I can't wait for December now.

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Oct 8, 2015
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A positive end to 2027 for Schalke 04 under Francesco Totti

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As we reach the halfway point of the Bundesliga season, Schalke have definitely been the team to watch in those last few months of 2027, proving that any team under Francesco Totti can become one of the top sides in the world. The German side have been nothing short of outstanding in the Bundesliga and in the Europa League and it wouldn't surprise us at all if they ended up winning a treble or quadruple at the end of the season, given their performances under the Italian legend who's looking to add even more trophies to his cabinet. To give you an idea, here's how they got on in December before starting their winter break yesterday.

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​An easy win for such a strong side as ours with Meyer, Sané and Lalau looking as strong as ever! Honestly a great performance which we can hopefully build on for the next 2 weeks to finish the year off on a good note.

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A close encounter as the headline says but we came out of it on top, just like many of our games since the start of the season. I'm really loving all the players and the side I have here at Schalke and honestly can't wait for the future with this club.

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It's a shame that we've been conceding almost every game lately but I really can't complain about getting the 3 points week in week out right? Sané was outstanding again and Leonardo too. I was a bit disappointed with Lalau but what can you do, he can't be amazing every game right.

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​A great way to end our group stage campaign with a large win over Bursaspor which sees us finish top of the group. I expected it but now at least we can look forward to the draw for the next round which should be interesting and exciting.

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I truly don't know what to make of this one yet. The most mysterious teams are always the hardest ones to beat and well, many people know about Besiktas but probably not enough considering it's not like we see them in the latter stages of continental competitions that often. All I know is that we have to stay focused and we'll have to work hard in February to get that win away from home.

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Just when I said Lalau was performing pretty well but not like a world-class striker! He scores 2 to put us through to the next round and that feels great. In the quarter-final we'll face Nürnberg in what should be an interesting game. This game however was a good one for us and although we weren't THAT outstanding, we still more than deserved the victory.