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i thought it was good , i found a 40min full ep round up which brought it all screaming back which was good, i thought the new one was pretty good. the flash forwards are good but i hate to see them all so sad!

its just the way of lost to trickle out info and it is pretty slow sometimes but they gotta fill up some more seasons and i guess i shall keep watching them
I've downloaded the preview and the ep. Gonna watch them tonight (maybe). Not really bothered tbh.
Meh Lost is *****. I hate it. It's by far the most pointlessly confusing tv show on at the moment. They just don't get anywhere in the storyline. I thought the first season was good, but since then they have just been dragging it along trying to make it last for as long as possible and it's really annoying me.

I only watch it nowadays because I have put so much time into watching the rest I don't want it to be for nothing.
Lost for me has become a dyer dissapointment, what **** have they produced? Seasons 1 and 2 were fantastic, had me on the edge of my seat. Seasons 3 and 4 have been a major let down. I dont even bother to watch it anymore, its ******* ****!
i thought season 3 was awful but season4 has got me hooked again i think its got a lot better
Like Sean i watch it due to the fact i have already wasted a lot of time watching previous seasons i feel i have to watch it to see if i can justify the time spent watching it....

But yeah its not been great for a while - agree with Sam about season 4 being an improvement on 3, but still way off 1 and 2, everyone should switch to house if not already and pray for a 5th season.
yup, gotta be worse tv show ever for making it up as they go along.

Why does every single thing have to be weird and confusing, the main thing like what is the island should be mysterious but not every single ******* thing on it
yup, gotta be worse tv show ever for making it up as they go along.

Nah did you not see Prison Break S3?

Yay we're finally going to escape...oh no we're not. Yay we're gonna escape again.....oh no we're not. Just kept looping round and round like that was so boring.
Sounds like S1 and 2 Prison Break also! ha.

Nah i like Prison Break, 3rd season was good i thought, not as good as rest but good.
yeh prison break ****** me off

originally commisioned for 12 eps so presumably was meant to have been wrapped up in 12 eps, now its on like ep 60
season one prison break was one of my fave seasons of anything ever but barely watched it since it was absolute **** , should have jjust ended it
Having watched the first part of the 3 part series ending, i have to say it wasn't as bad as recent episodes! hopefully something big will happen at the end of this series.
Still too many flashforwards etc.. Just get on with the island I don't care what they do afterwards at the moment.
what a good ending, not going to write about it incase people haven't seen it but I thought the 2 final episodes were good
Average at best. A pointless season in my opinion. Didn't seem to progress much at all.
i reckon more was revealed in this season than the other put together!

all the stuff about the constant, the boat, the guy lookin for the island etc and loads of other **** i cant wait for more
yeah more was revealed this season, one of the best I reckon. Glad I didn't stop watching during season 2 which was terrible
Michaels been confirmed as dead, but Jin hasnt...hmmm
i thought it was a good ending and a good season, Jin wont be dead they didnt show him dying leaving the option open
Yea it has been a good last three epiodes, finally got round to watching the end today.

Jack sounded ridiculous when he said to Desmond: "see you in another life brother".

Can't work that at all!

I think most probably knew that the guy in the coffin was going to be Locke. I remember saying it when it first showed the flash forward last season.

A good ending to a particularly meh season. Hopefully follow on from that ending next season.