The Official Rangers Match Thread

Yeh, but this guys claimed it would be up to £50m, its only £2.8m

This is a different case. This one is only 2.8mil (+ interest and fines (4mil total)) but the other one will be much much bigger (24mil without including fines and interest(thought to = nearly 50mil))
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I'm honestly not worried by it at all, We were expecting them to come in and that's probably part of the reason why we haven't spent as much as we thought we would have. I don't think it will have much of a negative effect on the club or Mr Whyte but we shall wait and see.
Then why did he say he was going to give Ally 5-15mil if he was going to keep it encase of emergency?
IIRC Bain said that if HMRC did decide to charge Rangers then they would struggle to survive.
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Sorry, but, er... one of you are gonnae have to explain how either of the two goals were penalties.
Well the second was a definite, but i'm as confused as you about the first.

Man of the match? Jamie Ness
Well the second was a definite, but i'm as confused as you about the first.

Man of the match? Jamie Ness

I disagree with the second. I think Goian went over far too easily, and I didn't see any real infringement. First one was a superb tackle.

Man of the match is probs Ness, Dud of the day is once again Ortiz. Dire as usual, can't understand why he keeps Greg Wylde on the bench.
1st was a absolutely brilliant tackle, how he can give a red card for it I will never know.
2nd Goian ran in-front of the defender and then went down far too easily. Look at the size of him, im sure he could have stayed on his feet easily.
Although you I have too sympathise with the handball decisions. I think the 1st handball was a peno. The 2nd not so much. And Jelavic was offside when Super Dupper Morris Edu touched the ball.
He could've stayed on his feet but didn't have to. Everybody would've went down if caught. ******* B
Everyone wouldnt have. There are still loads of players that play by the rules and even get straight back up and try to play on when they are fouled. Izzy springs to mind against hibs.
He didn't 'get caught' though. He was put under pressure by the defender, and took the opportunity to, essentially, dive.
Again quite ill-informed, especially as Man Utd and Real Madrid both have the same problem, but with the bill x5.
That report makes Rangers look like crims.