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Sep 20, 2013
Great updates ! What a tough UCL group
And bad luck with those injuries...
You're good this year,so many goals :)
Yeah 2 injuries might really hurt us. Haha, we will see..

Great win over Liverpool, good update!
Cheers mate, yeah they have a pretty unreal squad so it was a quality result to start the group!

Great updates and great win against Liverpool.
Cheers mate, yeah a great start to a tough group.


Sep 20, 2013
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October/November Update

I decided to put these 2 months in the same update, we will see why..


3/10/18 / Hoffenheim / A

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This match was crucial for us, we needed to take something out of this game to put us in a really strong position. The boys did everything, 30 shots, 55% possession, but didn't score. A good performance, but we take nothing home from Germany.

6/10/18 / FC Groningen / H

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A European hangover, we didn't play well at home and draw to FC Groningen.

20/10/18 / GA Eagles / H

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We scored 2 early goals and it looked like we were back in business after a few poor results, but we lost concentration. Another draw, and a 4 game win-less streak..

24/10/18 / Inter / A

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We were complacent in Italy and Inter took advantage, my fault as I should've gone more defensive. After a great start, the next two games will be crucial if we have any hope of qualifying.

27/10/18 / Willem II / A

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We scored through a Lucas Boye goal, but they equalised and it looked like this awful streak would go on, however young Hugo Mesquita came on and grabbed the winner! Finally! However there was some bad news..

Franco Pereyra picked up an injury and would be out for the rest of the calendar. Our 3 best players out injured.

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31/10/18 / Kozakken Boys / H

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An easy game as we try and build a win streak back up, young Japanese Junki Hirata grabbed a great hat-trick.

3/11/18 / sc Heerenveen / A

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With our 3 best players out we struggled to create anything. It was a boring game, until Qazaishvilli scored an incredible overhead kick to win the game for sc Heerenveen.

6/11/18 / Inter / H

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We needed a win to have any hope of going through. Again we played well, 61% possession and 26 shots compared to Inter's 2 shots on target, but they won the game after scoring straight from kick-off. We were out of the competition.

10/11/18 / Zwolle / H

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Alisson dragged us to a draw after scoring 2 great goals. Daniel Ros is just coming back to fitness, and we desperately need him!

25/11/18 / FC Dordrecht / A

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Daniel Ros scores a brilliant goal in his first game back. We almost through this game away, but we got a lucky penalty at the end of the game, we will take 3 points however we can get them right now!

28/11/18 / Liverpool / A

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Completely outclassed by Liverpool.


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Hard to pick a Player of the Update after such a horrible 2 months, but Fabrizio Cusi has put in some decent performances.

Champions League Group B

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We are rock bottom, but if we win against Hoffenheim in the last game by at least 2 goals we will get a Europa League spot. Dissappointing as the home game to both Hoffenheim and Inter we were the better team, we could be talking about the Champions League knockout stages if those games had gone our way.


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We are certainly not as far behind as we should be. If we can pull ourselves together the Eredivisie is still very much within reach.


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The chairman has been looking to sell for a while, hopefully this takeover can happen before January and, lets get a rich one!


An absolutely horrible period for us. We need Branco and Pereyra back as soon as possible, Daniel Ros is playing brilliantly and is winning us game by himself, but I am constantly worried he will pick up an injury and be out for ages again. The Champions League has gone which is disappointing, but the Eredivisie and Dutch Cup are still very much win-able, and we could still be playing Europa League football.​


Jan 21, 2015
Oops,you're kinda out from UCL...:))
Liverpool taked their revenge,Inter smashed you...
I am confident you will regroup and won another Eredivisie,Ajax and PSV are good...


Sep 20, 2013
Oops,you're kinda out from UCL...:))
Liverpool taked their revenge,Inter smashed you...
I am confident you will regroup and won another Eredivisie,Ajax and PSV are good...
Yeah, horrible few months! We deserved to at least draw at home to Inter though.


Sep 20, 2013
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December Update

After a terrible few months, probably the worst period I have had during my career at the club, we needed to respond.


2/12/18 / FC Twente / A

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What a result for us, surely this is us back on form? We destroyed FC Twente.

Daniel Ros was key, however he came to me after the game and told me he wanted to leave. There was nothing I could do, and many clubs met his release clause. He chose to go to CSKA Moscow and would join at the end of January. A huge disappointment, as he is easily one of our best players.

8/12/18 / Feyenoord / H

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Despite the transfer news, Daniel Ros played and scored the winner.

11/12/18 / Hoffenheim / H - Champions League Group B

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A great performance from the lads, we beat Hoffenheim by 2 goals to book our place in the Europa League knockout rounds. We would play Benfica.

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15/12/18 / Vitesse / A

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A bore draw in a big game halts our surge. I cant remember the last time we didn't score, desperate for Franco Pereyra to come back!

19/12/18 / Helmond Sport / H - Dutch Cup 4th Round

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A good win in the cup, Hugo Mesquita was really impressive again. We have been lucky in the draw so far, but we will play Ajax away in the Quarter finals.

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As we say goodbye to Daniel Ros, he shows what an important player he has been for us.


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Finally days before the January transfer window begins, we have a new Russian owner. He immediately decided to improve the training facilities.

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The league looks a lot better for us after a good run in December, hopefully we can do some good business in January and come back even stronger after the Winter break.



Sep 20, 2013
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January Transfer Window

Players OUT

Daniel Ros / CSKA Moscow - 9 million

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So as we already knew, the main departure was Daniel Ros who left at the end of January for 9 million euros. I think he is worth way more than that, but he had a release clause, and he is the most injury-prone playing I have ever used! Good luck to him, around 10 top European club were after him, so he seems like hot property. We make a 4 million profit on him, even though he only joined a year ago and has only played 18 league games for the club.

Marco Capuano / Cagliari - 4 million

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He has been a decent servant to the club since he joined in 2016, but Marco was starting to become surplus to requirements with players like Fernando Tapia coming in.

There were a few other young players going out on loans.

Players IN

Claudio Soto / Universdad Catolica - 4 million

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Really excited by the signing of this young Chilean. We have had problems with strikers this year, Franco Pereyra has been injured, and Lucas Boye and Luka Jovic have been playing no where near up to their potential. Claudio is one of the biggest attacking talents in South America, he just won top scorer at the South American U20 Tournement, an award that Franco Pereyra won 2 years ago! This meant that he missed all of January games, and will need a rest on his return in February. This guys is the real deal.

Filip Djuricic / AC Milan - 2.8 million

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Filip was available on the cheap, and is our short-term solution to Daniel Ros' departure. I think he is worth a lot more than 2.8 million, and deserves a chance, which is what we are giving him.

Pedro Jose Becerra, Rodrigo Fereirra & Sebastion Falchi - Combined - 2.4 million

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These 3 youngster had already pre-agreed to join the club, they all have bright futures ahead of them I am sure. Rodrigo picked up an injury that would keep him out for the rest of the season the day he arrived! Falchi might get some chances in the 1st team with Silhavy not performing as well as he could be. Becerra goes out on loan to Zwolle for the season.

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Pretty happy with our January business. I know Ros should have been sold for more, but his agent put his release clause as un-negotiable when he joined, so there is nothing I can do! I hope he can put his injury problems behind him.
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Sep 20, 2013
So sad to see Ros leaving...but its your call,
Good signings !
I had no choice mate! When I signed him his agent put his release clause at in-negotiable, so I couldn't change it. I am happy with Djuricic/Alisson and Becerra to play CAM for now though.
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Sep 20, 2013
Mid-Season Review

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As you can see, key players like Franco Pereyra and Branco van den Boomen, as well as Daniel Ros have not played nearly as many games as I had hoped due to injury. This really has cost us so far this season. Our wingers Cusi and Thauvin have been brilliant again, Thauvin has a release clause that Milan met in January, but he snubbed them. Young CAM Alisson has stepped him and played well in the absence of Daniel Ros, whilst Milos Djuricic has done the same for Van den Boomen. Branco has been tutoring Milos, and the results have been superb.

Eredivisie Stats

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We are no where near as dominant as we were last year with regard to stats. Pereyra is still top of the goal scoring charts despite being out for 2 months!

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It is easy to see where the problem is, we are not defending well enough to win the league at the moment.


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After finishing 3rd in our Champions League group we will face Benfica in the Europa League, a draw I am happy with. At the moment I can't see us beating Ajax due to our terrible inconsistent form, and I'm struggling to work out how we are going to win the league.​


Sep 20, 2013
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January Results Update

We had a decent run before just before the Winter break, hopefully it could continue in 2019. We looked good in 2 friendlies, including a 6-0 win over Bundesliga side Bochum.

23/1/19 / FC Utrecht / H
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Wow, what an awul result. We were easily the better team, so it is unbelievable that we lost this game at all, let alone by 3 goals. Franco Pereyra seemed to struggle on his first game back as did Branco van den Boomen, we need a quick response, otherwise the Eredivisie title will be gone.

26/1/19 / ADO Den Haag / H

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Unbelievable, two losses in a row at home to 2 average sides. We were 2-1 up, but let our lead slide and we lost the game 3-2, our season is falling apart..

29/1/19 / Ajax / A - Dutch Cup Qrt Finals

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A big game, and a chance to gain some momentum back, but it wasn't to be. We were 3-2 up with 20 minutes left, but again we let our lead slide. The end to a horrific month.


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Sami has been our best player in this terrible period, he has also been tutoring youngster Felipe, and is really helping him to become a top player.

Lucas Boye Injury

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He hasn't really been key to us this year, but an injury like that to anyone is a blow.


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A 7 point gap to Ajax now, with 14 games left it is looking less likely by the game that we will retain our Eredivisie title. We need to win pretty much every game from here on out.


An absolutely horrific month for the club. I am not sure what is happening to be honest, we are playing exactly the same tactics as last season with pretty much the same players. Last season we easily won the league, but this year it looks like we will struggle to finish in the top 2 and have a chance at Champions League football next season, which is my new goal for the season. Hopefully with Branco and Pereyra back we can turn our fortunes around now. We are still in the Europa League, which could be our biggest hope of qualifying for the Champions League next year, and with teams like Chelsea, Dortmund and Napoli still in the competition that is almost an impossible task.


Sep 20, 2013
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February Update

After a terrible month in January, something needed to change.


2/2/19 / NEC / A

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Good result to start the month, Filip Djuricic plays well, and Franco Pereyra seems like he is back to his best.

9/2/19 / Ajax / A

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An embarrassment at the hands of Ajax, we were played off the pitch at Amsterdam ArenA.

13/2/19 NAC Breda / H

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A good win, although when they scored late on to make it 3-2 I really was not sure whether we would hold on or not, we just about get away with 3 points though.

17/2/19 / Excelsior / A

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Wow, an incredibly horrible game for us. To be honest, this sums up our season. We were 4-1 up after Claudio Soto scored and looked like we were cruising to victory, but they somehow scored 3 goals in the last 15 minutes. Disgusting from us, we were hoping to win the league at the beginning of the season, with performances like this we will be lucky to be in the Eredivisie at all next season!

21/2/19 / Benfica / A - Europa League 1st KO Round

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Following the horrible result against struggling Excelsior, we went to Portugal and played really well, we were the better team, with 5 away goals and 2 goal lead, its hard to see us losing the tie from here.

24/2/19 / FC Groningen / H

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Another terrible result in the league against a poor FC Groningen side, looks like the best we can hope for in the league is a top 5 finish or something like that.

28/2/19 / Benfica / H - E
uropa League 1st KO Round

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A poor performance at home, Benfica almost came all the way back to knock us out, but we managed to hold on, we are through to the last 16 to face Anderlecht, in my opinion a winnable tie.

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Our main man Franco Pereyra has dragged us through another poor month for us, he is the only one who seems to want to win games at the moment. Unsurprisingly, he is attracting huge amounts of interest from other clubs, hopefully he will stay with us over summer though.

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The table looks worse and worse for us by the month. We have fallen all the way back to 6th. The title is now way out of reach, we are just looking to finish as high as we can now, and look to go as far as we can in the Europa League.​


Jul 2, 2012
Your defence seems to have fallen apart. 10 matches in these two months and 27 goals conceded! You should focus all your strengths on Europa League right now. Good luck!