Tomas Rosicky under investigation.

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Probably a nothing story as Joss has been rather biasly saying alot, but it's not even a story yet. It's just a rumour coming out about Interpol investigating bets made by Rosicky. And with how betting is nowadays, where you can bet on basically anything related to football, I'm sure it's just a formality and nothing else will be heard of.
Cause he could of bet Arsenal winning at halftime, but the game ending in a draw which wouldn't stand out in say a 1-1 draw, but with 4-4 it will.

How am I being bias? I'm just saying it's probably a nothing story, as I would do if it were any player on any team - I sincerely hope it's not true..

I don't know.... Some of the things Tomas did were a bit dubious....Especially that flimsy foul and the ref not hesitating and Rosicky hardly reacting.

If it is true that Interpol are investigating them then it's probably a serious thing.

I don't think it's dubious, I think he had a bad game/was unlucky. The second penalty came from nothing, he probably didn't react because he didn't know what it had been given for or that it had been given at all...

Where has all this new information come from about money transaction between Rosicky and the referee - It looked like someone suggested that as an explanation and everyone took it for gospel - it's like ****** Chinese whispers.
The reality is, players betting on games has happened a LOT over the last 100 years.

All sports at all levels all over the world.

To dismiss this, as I said before, is short sighted.
If it is true that Interpol are investigating them then it's probably a serious thing.

If it were true then Reuters would know about it fo sho'

As a consequence this story would be all over the major news sources.

As it goes, it's not.
What I read is that Phil Dowd is under investigation, NOT Rosicky.
The only problem in this match was the incapability of Arsenal players to maintain a 0-4 at HT.
what happened?

Don't think they did in the end, most likely because that French media retracted the story and interpol put it to bed saying no such thing was happening.

“Interpol is not aware of any request for assistance and any investigation would be conducted by national authorities. Interpol’s general secretariat has not been asked to provide any assistance in relation to this matter.”
lesson of the day:

Use better sources OP
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