Unstoppable Tactics-Guarenteed Success (5 teams tested) By Smadz

Just saying Everton arent exactly a lower team to test it with...

we targets are big.all competitions won and be fewest goals conceded the team. If we fail, this tactic already share . it's really hard to find a team to play with 3-5-2 . Especially wing players are supposed to be Wide Midfeilder. It's really hard to find a team that matches

the unstopabble tactic works still great in 15.3.

by the way I have made a change in the two left and right CM's. From support duty I changed both to attacking.

This way they score more goals I noticed.
Using the unstopable tactic I recorded my biggest ever win 20-0! With a triple hat trick!

thanks guys! You have done amazing job!
As i told u before we are 3 people playng in premier league with Swansea, Southampton and Crystal Palace and we are already at season 6 i think either season 2019/20 or 2018/19.
First of all, before latest update, one of my mates playng with Swansea used tactic 4-3-1-2 and he managed to get on second place one of the seasons, almost every season in top 5, and bought 4,5 young talents who showed 5 stars potential by that time. Then after the latest patch his tactic went bad, his talents went from 5 starts to 3 or 3,5 potential and he decided he needs to change tactic.
So i sent him unstoppable tactic from this post, he sets everything as described and start testing this tactic. First match he beat tottenham 4-1 at home (3 goals from corners). Then he lost to Norwich 2-0 as guest even after having 14,15 hits on target against 4. He thought it's just bad luck and continues with testing without touching a thing. After 5 or six matches further testing he noticed that he only scores either after corners or long throws. The only goals that he scored during field play was crosses from wing backs to opposite wingers and they happened like 1 goal in 3 matches. One of his matches he faced my team (Crystal palace) as guest and i beat him 5-0 with my 4-2-3-1 mourinho style (2 CMs, AM, 2 wingers and striker) and the shot stats was 32 - 4 total shots, 17-1 on target for me, also as we watched only key highlights he doesn't have a single attack in the whole match. After that match he started to doubt the system, so he decided to test once more after he had lost 3 of his 4 visits, other 1 was draw and also lost 1 of his 4 home matches. I also entered his match to watch it, he was playing against Sunderland at home. He managed to win 3-2 with winning goal in 92th minute after long throw, also one of his other 2 goals was from long throw and other from corner and his keeper did like 5 great saves so probably the deserved score would've been 3-4 for sunderland, stats were 8-7 hits on target for him but more overall shots for Sunderland and even possession. After that i sent him my tactic and he won 5 of his next 6 matches.
So the conclusion is - this tactic definitely doesn't work after latest update !!!