Jul 13, 2010
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v0lliz - 433 224 Premier League Goals

Ive added some new versions 22/5:

v0lliz 433 original_v2
This one is the same as the original but with more resolute defending.
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v0lliz 451

For tough away games or if you don't like to concede.. The wingers are attacking so you can get away with using strikers here aswell as wingers. Don't go thinking a 451 is a defensive formation now :p
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These ones is for you if you dont like the 433 formation
v0lliz 4231
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You can also move the two BWM MC position and give them defend duty.

v0lliz 442
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v0lliz 532
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v0lliz 523
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1 Playing attacking mentality at home and standard away

2 Getting some LB/RB with PPM long flat throw is reccomended. A cheap alternative is Jonas Knudsen
3 Set the left CB to attack far post if you want to score the most possible on corners
WARNING, this will leave one defender to take care of counter attacks should you not score on the corner

Player tips
Jonas Knudsen, Faouzi Ghoulam
, Ricardo Rodriguez, Lucas Digne
Cesar Azpilicueta, Dani Carvajal, Marcos Rocha, Kyle Naughton

Juan Fernando Quintero, Thiago Alcantera do Nascimento
Winger/Side Striker:
Menphis Depay
Vincent Aboubakar, Gabrial Barbosa


View attachment 284883 <-------Original tactic, Pics in OP below this point are made with this one
Nuff said ;)

View attachment 820525 <----Player feedback :D

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I play classic mode, so no team talks and no tactic familiarity :)

ONLY use your LB/RB
As you can se here, i have put all of my LB/RB in the corner setup, does not matter if he's a left or right footed player (also added Emre Can in case of injuries)
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Important: Set your LB/RB to take throw in's. If you only have one player with the PPM long flat throw, make sure he takes all throw ins. As soon as they learn *long flat bullet throw* every throw in, in the final third will be treated as a corner.

If i do get a red i usually just remove the BWM and hope for the best, if im leading comfertably i could remove the center striker.

Keep it on "Team Cohesion" for a few months then leave focus on "Attacking" and intensity level on "Very High" and i check the two boxes for resting before and after match. Some players will complain about this, but as long as they get better i really dont care ;)

IMPORTANT, i set all my players on individual training and train their PPM's;
GK - Goalkeeper (Defend) *Avoid using weaker foot*
LB/RB - Inverted Wing Back (Support) *Develop long flat bullet throw*
CB - Central Defender (Cover)
BWM - Half Back (Defend)
AP - Roaming Playmaker (Support) *Tries killer balls/Shoots from a distance*
Strikers - Shadow Striker / Inside Forward (Attack) / Complete Forward (All Duties) *Places shots/Hits first time shots/Shoots with power*
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And if you have a great winger do not despair, just retrain him to striker pos and he will do wonders there
After all pos rating dosent really matter, its their skills that matter, if a center back has great pace and dribbling he could be a lethal striker ;)
Screenshot of my training to give you an idea of what im talking about :)


Just made some filters based on my best players from these positons. No GK filter, just get one without soap on his gloves
You can use the same filter for all striker positions and just put your best finisher in the center. These filters are not an absolute, just a guideline. Adjust as you see fit

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League table:
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Home and Away
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League stats:
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My best striker, cost me a hefty 150m£ but def worth it
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Users Feedback

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Zyphen approached me with his tweak of this tactic.

"Based on your attack concept and messioleo set pieces. I made a 5-2-3 tatic with great results.
I won premier with Leicester 9 points ahead from 2nd.
In fact there its two tactics, but the counter one is only used away against big teams (mu, chelsea, arsenal, liverpool). In those games if i start loosing i immediately change to the 1st one."

The most central BPD is taking throw ins on both sides, since this were his only player with the PPM "Long flat throw" so make sure you change that to whoever you have in your team with that PPM.

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I haven't tried this tactic yet myself, but it sure looks good when a smaller team like Leicester can win the PL in the first season.

Good job Zyphen!

View attachment 833212 <----Regular tactic

View attachment 275597 <----Counter tactic, the correct one :p
Finished a first season with Man City, no signings. I liked the JasonSnipe tweak with the movement of the centre striker when he's a AF. Not sure if the team as a whole score more but your mid striker sure will. I tweaked the defenders a lil too, seems like its working a lil better. I have never played a full season with city, so im not quite sure how good they should be.. I had a lot of injuries and Demichelis is crazy when it comes to tackling, so a lot of youngsters got their chances ;)
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View attachment 275790View attachment 275789
This tac also have MessiLeo's set piece tweaks.
View attachment 256912<------the "mod" version with AF
UPDATE Tweaks by JasonSnipe

View attachment 279374 <-------JStweak with MessiLeos set piece tweaks
UPDATE Set piece tweaks by MessiLeo
Added MessiLeo's tweaks to Defending corners, attacking free kicks and throw ins.
View attachment 281146 <----Original Tactic with set piece tweaks

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@qwerty111 Yeah, im guessing it will be hard to copy first season with a slimmer squad size, but im on it :)

@Enzo Perez The Goal Machine tactic game me the idea to put two of the strikers on supp instead off all three on att, but i would say its more inspired by the "ERADICATION" tactic found in the Steam workshop. Atleast the corner setup :)
@jasonbhoys Auch, too bad with the red so early on :( good result tho ;)
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How many do you score a season from corners ? on average
How many do you score a season from corners ? on average

roughly 25% of all goals are from corners.

As in the season posted in the OP i scored 224 goals, 52 of them were from corners :D
for corners ? Rb for right corner or left corner

Dosen't matter, i put all my LB/RB's up in the set up, just sorted them with the ones with the highest numer on "corners" on top of the list. So in my list; if my best right back is playing he takes corners left or right as they happen..
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Same thing goes for your throw in takers, set up all your LB/RB's so no one else take throw ins, here i place RB on the right side and LB's on the left side tho ;)

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this is a good tactic only played 3 games with it but scored 13 goals!! conceded 4 but who cares!!!!!
It hurts to see you put eleven past my beloved Liverpool, but atleast the tactic works for you :) Great results, beating Barca away is no easy task.. Let me know how the rest of your season goes :D


I load your tactic around 3/4 way of the season. So far win all games.

Starting new season now with no new signings but lots of potential youth. Lets see how this tactic does whole season
14 games with my Levante ( 2037 years but it is my 3 season ) 14W-0D-0L, 55 - 12 in goals (H)
No, im playing in classic mode so there is no opposition instructions :)

cool no probs. i am using them as have them set up for another tactic. another question. who is your top goal scorer. as my left sided forward seem to be scoring the most at the moment
how many goals did your strikers score in the season where you scored 200+ goals
cool no probs. i am using them as have them set up for another tactic. another question. who is your top goal scorer. as my left sided forward seem to be scoring the most at the moment
how many goals did your strikers score in the season where you scored 200+ goals

I put a pic of him in the OP, he managed 68 in the league and 74 in all competitions