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Please note that you can vote until Sunday 27 February 16:00 and the winner will be announced shortly after that.
I like alot of stories but layout for Tobes Man Utd A Red Devil In Us All wins for me The Detail is immaculate.
i'm going to vote for Kandersson's NOT Another San Marino Story. it was close between this and samuaris shadow's story for me this week but i'm voting for kanderssons because it's been going longer and it's a really tough challenge. and he's making it look no different to managing manchester united.
Thanks Tai and sammyt your votes have been registered here is the latest table:

And Gabriel Sutton sorry, as Seano said, you can't vote for your own story.
Just like the Prem title-goin right down to the wire lol. This will be interesting.
@Seano + @Numancia I'm not voting I've barely started it, just trying to publicise it
Salvi2k11's vote all the difference this week, here is the final table:

i am also going to vote for Jake_gtfc_burrows' A Potters story again. Had a slow week last week but is back and the updates are great! Was Going to vote for Samurais Shadow but A Potters story won it for me already this week