Wenger: I won't splash cash


Feb 27, 2009
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A really interesting article. Well worth a read, in which Arsene makes some great points.

"We face rivals who do not respect the financial fair play. Instead, of us being accused, maybe people should look somewhere else."

Arsene Wenger is not about to break his acquisition policy and start spending money Arsenal do not have.

The Gunners boss is renowned for his considered approach to transfer dealings, with one eye forever focused on the club's bank balance.

Those methods have seen him come in for criticism at times and it has been suggested that the North London outfit need to splash the cash in order to challenge for top honours.

Wenger does not buy into that philosophy, though, with the long-term financial health of the club always taken into consideration.

He insists he will not be changing his ways any time soon, regardless of what people say, and admits he will continue to wheel and deal his way through each passing transfer window.


When asked why Arsenal no longer sign big names, Wenger said: "Because we respect our budget. You look at the clubs who lose £100million or £150m and if we do that then we go bust. It's as simple as that. We pay what we can afford.

"I'm amazed that people are amazed that we do that. I think what is surprising is that people don't respect that.

"If I tell you we can win two more points but we lose £150m, what will you say? Win two more points. But when I ask a second question, where do we get the £150m in? Maybe you don't have the same answer.

"The beauty of the competition and this club is to be successful while respecting the balance and the funds of financial balance and all the rest for me doesn't look normal.

"People will maybe realise one day that it's not as easy to stay at the top and as well to cope with financial compulsories that you have at the top.

"We face rivals who do not respect the financial fair play. Instead, of us being accused, maybe people should look somewhere else."

While reluctant to relax the Emirates Stadium purse strings, Wenger has not ruled out the prospect of adding to his title-chasing squad in the New Year.

Talking to TV station Al Jazeera, he said: "If necessary (I will buy in January). But this is the problem. People want me to develop young players. They want me to develop Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs, Theo Walcott and to also buy players.

"But the two do not go well together. You have to play players at a certain age or you lose them.

"We try to be successful. If we find the needed player who can give something more to the team then we will do it."

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In Arsene They Trust, and for many reasons
Of corse he won't. He never has and never will, very stubborn old man.
Of corse he won't. He never has and never will, very stubborn old man.

Obviously you didn't read the article lol.

Clearly states that he won't spend because Arsenal don't have that kind of money to spend?
Yeah, they can't blame us for being good because we never throw cash in the sea like Man City always do.
But, they can blame you or moaning too much and saying we are dirty.
I;m an Arsenal fan and I agree you like to moan a lot but seriously we are no dirty.
What happened to last season, 'Arsenal can outspend Chelsea'?

well, we could. but it would leave us in poor condition in the future. If he really wanted to blow cash; Gazidis would let him. It's how you balance these big name, big fee players, with developing the youth players.
I like Arsene Wenger...(Yes, I did say that.) Because he doesn't like to blow money he try and builds a team and helping the youths get experience as well. And doesn't spend too much money on a whole team and fails miserably, for an example Man City.
Sensible. I've always had to respect Arsenal for their sound business model, as opposed to "certain" other clubs.
If only we had more people like him throughout the world.

Unfortunately in the age where we no longer see or hold our own means of living in our hands, we think we have unlimited supplies of it.

Suppose that would be true if governments keep bailing people out and wracking up debts. But that can't last forever. Sorry if it's off topic but I think it hits the issue at hand.
I think Wenger has done business very smartly in recent years, alot of fans don't realise the implications of the UEFA financial fair play when it comes in. Chelsea, City and the rest of the top clubs will have to do major financial restructuring for 2013.
But Wenger has already put Arsenal in such a strong position financially that he will probably be the first spending power to emerge when the financial fair play rules come into place in the 2013/14 season. Arsenal are actually turning 30 million net profit after dividends I believe so if he keeps that up in the next few years.
Arsenal will probably be the strongest clubs going into fair play laws. Barcelona and Madrid will falter as both have amazing outstanding loans to the countrys banks/creditors, the only reason Perez got the money for the new 'galacticos' is because it was financed through a bank with close links to the King Of Spain who puts the Royal (Real=Royal) in Real Madrid.
All the Arsenal fans will soon realise what a great job he has done ;)
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Not a big surprise. Sometimes I'd like it to change, but...well, in Arsene we trust.
I gotta say, if i was an Arsenal Supporter id be annoyed at Wenger