Feb 17, 2011
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Forgive me if this is in the wrong forum but I am interested in peoples views/game styles of how they play fm2011.

Are you a manager that buys as many bargin players as you can each year and then blends them? Are you a manager that does a "man city" and buys all the best players you can? Do you buy alot of youth players and groom them into your team? Or do you only buy 1 or 2 players per year so they blend fine?

If people could also give tips/advice of what they do each game when they start it would be interesting to see.

I try to buy realistically and not to completely overhaul the squad until absolutely necessary. I buy a lot of youth but rarely play long enough for them to make the first team.
When I was in LLM in Spain I tried to keep the core of my team and use good tactics to get me through games. Following promotion to the first division it was a case of tactics but also buying the best players from teams that were hanging around the promotion places and also getting older players on frees. Once I got promoted to La Liga it was initially a huge over-reliance on the players that got me promoted, good tactics and a lot of luck.

Now I've increased my reputation my aim is to build a team that is completely comprised from players that have graduated from my youth team. Yes, I poach them from other teams when they're really young but they're still being developed by me at the end of the day. I'm in the 2018/19 season and by 20/21 my ultimate goal is to not have to buy players for my first-team but to just scab kids from other teams to grow in my youth team whilst any "new" players I have for my first team will have graduated from the youth system. Well, it'll be them and Jack Wilshere because he's still only 25 or so.

I take great pride in having a youth team that is currently two years unbeaten, knowing that one day I MIGHT be able to use them to claw the title from Barcelona (I went undefeated in my previous season and STILL only finished second!)
I'm a **** manager!
I can't stand to see my team losing, and delete the game after all the pain just getting too much!

I prefer young players with potential, and I dislike loan signings.
I prefer using wingers in my formation rather than flooding the middle of the pitch.

I usually prefer to attack rather than defense, and I believe I need to learn more about how to defend.

all in all, I'm ****.
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for me it depends on what plans i have prior to each new game
on every new fm since 05 ive tried emulating different managers and their clubs philosophies to try to live like them. Lol
counter football i like to play and to build a team on youth not every season i spend my money if i feel the team is good enough i wount dive in the transfer window
Huge squad overhauls, overly attacking formations and **** tactics make me a poor manager I'd guess. And it makes the game all the more frustrating.
i prefer buying young players as u get them for longer but i sign any 1 i feel good enough
i normally sign player from any country but iv found my self signing mainly domestic players as much as possible this time round problem with that is teams in the same league want crazy prices for there players
i spend my budget most times cause normaly im celtic & dont get much any way i have spent a fortune with barca tho just cause i could :D
I try to have two players for each position for cover/rotation, no matter what their age, they just have to be good. Recently spent £30m on a cover player for Paulo Henrique; bought Sissoko, Henrique is out for 8 months.

Also spent over £100m on my defenders, I like to build from the back, always got the best defensive record in the league. I suck with regens, maybe it's because I'm too lazy to find them. |)
I tend to spend heavy in the first couple of season's buying the top wonderkids then after a few season's i only buy young players aged between 14-17 and developing them into world class players before selling them when they reach about 25-28 years old for a massive profit
When i was luton town manager, i bought a lot of loan signings and couple of free agents and got them promoted in first season!

I dont like to change the team too much but maybe putting my slant on the tactics side and i try to get my team to play the way i want to.
i'd say most like kevin keegan. not great tactically, but good motivator.
I'm a bit hit and miss. I design tactics that are complex (and almost always with wide men) and either end up working fantastically or failing completely. I also have trouble with rotation. I'd say I was a pretty decent manager though, especially in the free and budget transfer market.
I am totally not interested in wingers and my formations are usually a diamond, unless the team already has those wingers that i have a soft spot for. I usually starts out a job well but as it progresses into mid season when injuries/fatique kicks in, i usually make panic buys which ends up in an overly huge squad. And also, i only buy young players.
I definitely spend too much and have the philosophy that the squad i am given will never go anywhere in life...
A mix of both really, it all depends on what team you are. In my career save, started as Ajax with alot of great youth potential but also a rich club, so I offloaded some deadwood, brought in a few good players but not massive spending. I think I spent 20million in 1st season on about 3 players. This squad was good enough to win the dutch league, cups etc, bolster it with a bit more firepower for champions league and won it, solid squad that had geled together and didnt need changing for few years.

At Leeds after this, had to spend money for a rehaul when got to the premiership, finished 7th so spent some money on the club to cement a solid squad in Europe. Mabye spent too much but didnt overload the budgets or wages etc.

Left after alot of success to go to Real Madrid, who are massively rich af course, they had been floundering in Europe/La Liga, with Ath.Madrid.Barca dominating over them. I got a budget for 150million. I spent around 60million bringing in a few new first team stars and another 50million bringing in the best of the worlds youth talent. I offloaded alot of my reserve/castilla and real c/under 18s team for around 25 total themselves. I have divided the youth intake into different squads. Set them all up with tutors etc and have them playing first team tactics. I have taken control of the under18s squad as well and plan to do a barcelona, bringing them all through when the time is right, putting them in for cup games and hopefully winning the CL within 8 seasons with pure homegrown talent.
I like to buy either better players aged 25-30 or youngsters and I have a monster tactic which suits Hajduk well and I almost always win and it's a great pleasure playing with Hajduk and then winning 2-0 PSG in second season on their stadium(and I'm not lying, this tactic I use is great)