Jun 2, 2010
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For this Football Manager story I have decided to start unemployed and see which club offered me a job I will be starting from a lower league in a certain country and try and build my way up so here we go.
As I have already started this story on another site I will be posting a lot of updates tonight hope some people read them lol
I have received many job offers from all over the world including England, France, Germany and Spain. I have chosen to manager Bochum

Why Bochum?

I wanted to start somewhere that was not in England to test my skills abroad and did not want to start in a top league because that would be too easy. Also Bochum were not expected to win the title they are a mid table team so that will be another challenging trying to win the title. I also felt this would be a good way to show my managerial skills to bigger clubs.


I have been given £0 transfer budget and a 173K wage budget.


With the club already being 2.08M in debt I will need to get promotion quickly to avoid the debt becoming to big. So my target for the first season is be around the top 3 and have a nice cup run.

As I took over as the season had already started I had one game in September to play



Paderborn 1-3 Bochum

Dedic, Gelashvili, Scheidhauer

A great start to my first game in charge Dedic scored the first. Then Paderborn scored on the break to make it 1-1 at half time but a great performance in the 2nd half gave us the win and it was nice to see both strikers score.


6/10/12 Bochum vs Kaiserslautern 2-0

Dedic, Dabrowski

First home game of my reign and we won it comfortably good performance by everyone

21/10/12 Bochum vs 1860 Munich 1-0


This game could have gone either way and we just held onto the victory that would put us 3rd in the table thats 3 out of 3 for me.

24/10/12 Sandhausen vs Bochum 1-2

Scheidhauer (2)

What a great win we went behind early on but the character the team showed to come back and win it was amazing. Took us 2 points behind 1st. 4 out of 4 for me in the league.

28/10/12 Union Berlin vs Bochum 0-1


We dominated this game from start to finish but could only find the one goal and that was enough to take us top. Still unbeaten in the league.

30/10/12 Bochum vs Kaiserslautern 3-0 (Cup 2nd Record)

Toski, Aydin, Acquistapace

I was so happy with the team after this a great performance and took us through the 3rd of the Cup where we will play Frankfurt

Job Offer

Over the month I was offered the job to become Roma's new manager but I rejected the offer because I felt I could take Bochum further and it was in the top league and I wanted a bit more of a challenge.

League table



2/11/12 Bochum vs Duisburg 0-0

Dull game we should have won it but had to settle for a draw.

The Bayern Munich manager got sacked and Klopp the current Dortmund manager took over and I was offered the job, but would I accept it or not

I accepted the job, I thought long and hard about it but decided to take it.

Why Dortmund

I decided to take the Dortmund job because even though I had not been at Bochum a long time I wanted to test myself at a higher level. At the time I took over Dortmund were in 9th place and 3rd in their Champions League group.


To mount a title challenge and get to the last 16 of the Champions League.


I was given £6.45M to spend in the January transfer window and a wage budget of 924K

17/11/12 Dusseldorf vs Dortmund 0-1

A win in my first game as manager could not have got a better start even though it took till the 90th min to score the winner but a win is a win.

20/11/12 Dortmund vs Spartak Moscow 2-0 (Champions League)
Grobkreutz (2)

Good win in the Champions League we had to win if we had a chance to qualify for the next round and we did. We now face Barcelona in our final game and we have to win to qualify for the last 16 and knock Barcelona out.

25/11/12 Dortmund vs Leverkusen 2-1
Gotze, Reus

We won this game in the first 20 mins. We scored 2 in 2 mins but we could not score the third to kill them off but it was good performance and put us 4th in the league.

28/11/12 Hoffenheim vs Dortmund 1-3
Lewandowski (2), Grobkreutz

This was a great performance to come from behind as well and Lewandowski scored 2 his first goals under my reign. This took us to 3rd place.

League Table

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1/12/12 Dortmund vs Suttgart 2-1Lewandowski (2)
We started off well with Lewandowski scoring after 1 min. Suttgart then hit back and it took a 77th min goal from Lewandowski to win it for us.

5/12/12 Barcelona vs Dortmund 4-0 (Champions League)
This was a very bad performance I thought we would lose but not by 4 goals. I told the players this and they looked upset and angry. Although the the damage was done before I took charge. We finished third in the group so we will play in the Europa League and my next target is to win it.

8/12/12 Bayern Munich vs Dortmund 0-2Reus, Lewandowski

What a game!! This game could easily decide the title and we won it and I was very proud of the players after the terrible performance in mid week the whole team were amazing.

15/12/12 Dortmund vs Frankfurt 2-1Lewandowski (2)

Great way to finish off the year with another win thats 6 out of 6 for me in the league an 7 out of 8 in all competitions.

League table

In the Europa League I will play Olympiakos and if we beat them we will play Braga or Rubin Kazan
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19/1/13 Dortmund vs Werder Bremen 4-2Lewandowski (3), Gotze
This was a wonderful performance after Schalke wining earlier in the day we had to win to keep up with them at the top of the table and we did with Lewandowski scoring a hat trick although we gave away too many chances

26/1/13 Furth vs Dortmund 3-1Gotze
What a **** performence after being on a high after the win against Bremen we then throw it away at the bottom club and we finished month in 2nd place a point behind the leaders.

In the January transfer window we welcomed Henrik Mkhitaryan to the club. A few clubs offered him a contract but he chose to join us over the likes of Real Madrid and PSG. This was the only deal of the January transfer window.

2/2/13 Wolfsburg vs Dortmund 1-2Lewandowski, Reus
Great result after coming from behind to win and keep up with the leaders.

9/2/13 Dortmund vs Mainz 5-1Lewandowski (2), Gotze, Blaszczykowski, Santana
What a performance we needed to win to keep the pressure on and we did and we improved our goal difference.

14/2/13 Olympiakos vs Dortmund 0-2 (Europa League last 32 first leg)Lewandowski, Blaszczykowski
A great performance away from home and puts us in very strong position going into the home leg.

17/2/13 Hannover vs Dortmund 1-1 Reus
Not a good performance two dropped points which leave us in third a point of the top.

21/2/13 Dortmund vs Olympiakos 4-2 (Europa League last 32 second leg) Lewandowski (2), Blaszczykowski, Bender. Schmelzer sent off
A good performance see us through the next round and we will play Rubin Kazan

24/2/13 Dortmund vs Augsburg 6-1Lewandowski (3), Grobkreutz, Reus, Schmelzer
Another great result against the bottom side. Lewandowski scored a hat trick. He has now scored 19 in 16 appearance under me. This took us two points clear at the top

2/3/13 Freiburg vs Dortmund 0-0

This was a dull game but kept our unbeaten run going.

7/3/13 Rubin Kazan vs Dortmund (Europa League last 16 1st leg) 2-4 Lewandowski (3), Grobkreutz
This was a great performance away from home and puts us in great shape for the home game

10/3/13 Dortmund vs Gladbach 3-0 Lewandowski, Gotze, Blazczykowski
A good performance against one of our title challenge

14/3/13 Dortmund vs Rubin Kazan (Europa League last 16 2nd leg) 2-1 Lewandowski, Gotze
We did the damage in the first leg and killed it off at home.

17/3/13 HSV vs Dortmund 1-1Blazczykowski
Another draw on the road we need to sort this out.

30/3/13 Dortmund vs Numberg 5-0 Reus (2), Lewandowski, Sahin, Blazczykowski
A good performance against the bottom placed side.
In the quarter finals of the Europa League we will play Napoil

League table

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4/4/13 Dortmund vs Napoil 3-0 (Europa League quarter final 1st leg)
Lewandowski (3)

Good performance which puts us in a great position to reach the semi final

7/4/13 Schalke vs Dortmund 2-2

Gotze (2)

We were 2-0 up and really should have killed them off.

11/4/13 Napoil vs Dortmund 1-2 (Europa League quarter final 2nd leg)

Lewandowski (2)

We did the damage in the first leg and we just finished the job

14/4/13 Dortmund vs Dusseldorf 2-0

Lewandowski, Reus

20/4/13 Leverkusen vs Dortmund 0-5

Lewandowski (3), Gotze, Mkhitaryan

A great way to stop our drawing run away in the league Lewandowski was awesome.

25/4/13 Newcastle vs Dortmund 0-1 (Europa League semi final 1st leg)


Good performance away from home in Europe and we got the away goal which was vital.

28/4/13 Dortmund vs Hoffenheim 3-0

Lewandowski (2), Gotze

The first half was full but we raised our play in the 2nd half and ran out easy winners in the end.

Could we do the double and win the Europa League and title stay tuned to find out.

League table



2/5/13 Dortmund vs Newcastle (Europa League semi final 2nd leg) 3-1 OG, Mkhitaryan, Grobkreutz
Did the job away from home which made this an easy home win

5/5/13 Stuttgart vs Dortmund 0-2 Gotze (2)
A good away win and took us 3 points away from the title.

11/5/13 Dortmund vs Bayern Munich 4-1 Santana, Reus (2), Lewandowski
What a way to clinch the title a big win against our biggest rivals. So proud of all the boys

15/5/13 Tottenham vs Dortmund (Europa League final) 3-2 AET Lewandowski (2), Gotze
We have won the double!!!!! What a great effort this was from everyone and we won it with 9 men as well makes it more special.
18/5/13 Frankfurt vs Dortmund 0-1 Gotze
A good win to finish off the season.

Review of the Season
When I took over we were 9th and 10 points of the top but as you can see we won the league by 8 points. We lost 2 league games that I was in charge. In Europe it was different story when I took over we had to win our last two group games we won one and lost one so finished 3rd in our group but we did win the Europa League not the one I was hoping for but its a European trophy in my first season at the club.

League table

Just a very small complaint maybe stick to one font and one size of lettering thats all and good story so far :)

Thanks a lot mate will do that from now on. This is my first story so just seeing how it goes
Well as you can see in my last post we had just finished the season at Dortmund and I was preparing the side for next season when I saw that Jose Mourinho had been appointed the Manchester City manager. Then a week later I got a email saying Real Madrid wanted me as manager. I was stunned I thought about it long and hard it was new country and I thought I was just starting to build Dortmund to one of the best clubs in the world but a job like Real Madrid does not come along every days so I accepted it. My story will continue in the next post as manager of Real Madrid.

Why Real Madrid

I was moving up I started off at Bochum then I was offered the Dortmund job so went to a bigger then and then when one of the biggest clubs in the world offered my the job I had to accept it and I was given a big transfer budge
My target is to win the League and reach the semi final of the Champions League

I was given a transfer budget of £110M and a wage budget of 2.25M
[h=2]Preseason and Transfers[/h]

24/8/13 Real Madrid vs FC Kobenhavn 4-0

Gomez (2), Ozil, Pjanic

Good win in my first game as manager and Gomez scored two on his debut for the club.

31/7/13 Genoa vs Real Madrid 1-3

Ronaldo, Khedira, Higuain

Another good performance against a decent side next couple of friendlies will be against Chelsea and Tottenham so tough games but will put us in a good place for the season ahead.

7/8/13 Chelsea vs Real Madrid 1-1


Decent game a repeat of the Champions League final.

10/8/13 Tottenham vs Real Madrid 3-1


Not a good result but that is what pre season is about getting to know the side and getting them used to my methods and tactics


Marco Gomez £55M

If was going to to challenge for the league and the Champions League I need someone who would score and finish well and with only two other strikers at the club I needed to strengthen that area of the team. He would be my only big signing.

Michael Essien £15M

I needed another central midfielder as I play with two midfielders and I only had three in the squad so brought him in he impressed me when he was on loan there last season

Miralem Pjanic £20M

Always admired Pjanic and tried to buy him at Dortmund but did not have enough funds. A good player who can play any attacking midfield position or can be used as a central midfielder.

Andrey Arshavin (Free)

I brought him in because Di Maria got injured and will be out for 3 months. He will be a back up player when the main players are back from injury.

Transfer History after the first transfer window


18/8/13 Granada vs Real Madrid 1-2Gomez (2)
Good win in my first competitive game and Mario Gomez scoring two on his competitive debut

22//8/13 Sevilla vs Real Madrid (Super Cup 1st leg) 0-1Pepe
This was a great result away from home and put us in a great position to win the super cup

27/8/13 Real Madrid vs Sevilla (Super Cup 2nd leg) 4-0Ronaldo, Di Maria, Gomez, Khedira
The best performance under my management everyone played well and to score four goals against a decent side.

30/8/13 Dortmund vs Real Madrid (UEFA Super Cup) 2-4Ronaldo, Ozil, Pjanic, OG
What are the chances of this happening I faced my old club a month after leaving them and I got a good reception from the Dortmund fans but we did the job and won the 2nd trophy of my reign.



2/9/13 Real Madrid vs Celta 2-0 Ronaldo (2)
A good win after I rested few players because it was 3 days after the Dortmund game and my players were looking tired.

14/9/13 Espanyol vs Real Madrid 1-2 Gomez (2)
A good result considering we were 1-0 down. Kept us top of the league.

17/9/13 Genk vs Real Madrid (Champions League group B) 0-3 Coentrao, Gomez, Ramos
A good win against a tough Genk side and was happy with the performance considering it was away from home.

22/9/13 Real Madrid vs Levante 2-1 Essien, Gomez
A scrappy win but its 3 points at the end of the day and kept our title bid on course

25/9/13 Real Madrid vs Real Scoiedad 3-0 Gomez (2), Ronaldo
This was a better performance in the league after wining our last two league games by a single goal we needed this big win.

28/9/13 Villarreal vs Real Madrid 0-5 Gomez, Ronaldo (2), Ozil, Khedira
A great win to finish of the month with a convincing win against the newly promoted side.

League table
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2/10/13 Real Madrid vs Olympiakos (Champions League Group B) 2-1 Ronaldo, Benzema
A good result makes it two from two in the Champions League group.

5/10/13 Real Madrid vs Mallorca 2-0 Gomez, Ronaldo
A good result against the 3rd place side Gomez scored another to take him to 12 for the season.

20/10/13 Zaragoza vs Real Madrid 0-5 Ronaldo (3), Marcelo, Gomez
Great result away from home kept us top of the league.

23/10/13 Real Madrid vs Schalke (Champions League Group B) 4-1 Gomez (2), Ronaldo, Pjainc
A good result and put us in a great position to qualify.

27/10/13 Real Madrid vs Deportivo 3-1 Gomez, Ronaldo, Pepe
Another game we have scored over two goals looks like my attacking style is working and keeping the board happy.

30/10/13 Tudelano vs Real Madrid (Copa del Ray 4th round first leg) 0-4 Gomez (3), Pjainic
A four goal win against a third division nothing less then expected but it was nice to see Gomez score his first hat trick for the club.

League Table

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