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Wolves - It's Hunting Season. A Wolverhampton Wanderers Story

Jan 6, 2010
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The Hunt is on

A new face at Molineux

After the recent press release, calling fans and press alike to Molineux, a new manager for The Wolverhampton Wanderers were going to be presented after the sudden resignation of Mick McCarthy earlier this week.

Press Conference
Good day, my name is Christopher Warås Harjo and from today I am the new manager here at Wolverhampton. This is mostly meant as a presentation so I will only take a few questions from the reporters.
Reporter: Uhm, welcome to Wolverhampton. My first question is, as we have never heard of you before, what makes you qualified for this kind of assignment?
Christopher: Well although I have never done any manager work at this level I have been active as a trainer at different youth clubs, as well as helped assisting the Gothenburg based clubs in Sweden's top divisions.

Reporter: So why the Wolves?
Christopher: To be honest I do not really know all that much about the Wolves. The reason I got this job, and got the support of Steve Morgan, is that he personally saw me work in Sweden when he visited earlier this year. I have unofficially been helping the club with scouting scandinavian players and we have kept a close contact ever since, and now that this opportunity arose, I just couldn't say no. I will do my best to keep this club away from relegation this season and hopefully start a good era for the club to return to its former glories.I am very glad to have joined here.

Steve Morgan: Now that is all for today, six friendly games have been set up for the coming month, Christopher will not have much time to get to know the squad and make the changes he sees necesarry.

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The Warm-Up

So, being new at the club it's very important for me to get a good look at the team in friendly games. Now, before this season we had six teams to beat, hopefully.
I'll also try to strengthen the team by bringin in some new faces, mostly young players brought in to grow at the club.

Okey so over all we got good results except an unexpected defeat to Huddersfield, where although the game was a rather even affair, our two goalkeepers actually didn't save a single shot on goal. My gut instinct says that that might have been the reason for the defeat, not that our strikers were showing much killer instinct but still...

I took the time to sign some new players in the pre season, as well as some had to go. The signing that made the biggest impact in the starting games was David Goodwillie who managed to score twice.

The complete transfer list is the following:

Four of these singings were made based upon what I had seen prior to me getting the job here, a few scandinavian youngsters who I believe have a good shot at the starting eleven already this season, bar Kenneth Zohore who's still exceptionally young.
Not much to say about the ones that were laid off, they simple weren't good enough to challenge for a spot on my team and gave us some much needed funds to use.

Jan 6, 2010
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Thank you mate! :)

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The first prey

Things were about to get hard for me right off the bat. The first game of the season is an away game against the champions, Chelsea. Pre game, while watching their possible line up, the only thing I see working for us is the absence of of Chech, their first keeper. Instead Hilário stands between their posts, hopefully we'll be able to get a few balls past him.

So I'm going to start with this line up, with two new signings that I have made, Viktor Noring in the goal and Marcus Astvald as a right winger. This will also be Steven Fletchers first real game at the club, he has been doing well in the pre season scoring a terrific 5 goals in only 2 games. I'm hoping he'll bring that composure for the real deal now.

Well as you all can see, the hunter became the hunted, we were ran over by their superiority. I got naively happy at the beginning of the game when M. Astvald managed to score in the 2nd minute and our first chance of the game. But that was to no avail after Chelsea shifted to another gear where we simply couldn't stand up to them. We tried to play defensively and mainly counter attack, oh how we failed.
But enough of that now, it was the first game of the season, hopefully the rest of the games this month will go better.
The schedule looks like this for the rest of August :

Away - Wigan, Premier League
Home - Leyton Orient, Carling Cup 2nd Round
Home - Manchester City, Premier League
Jan 6, 2010
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The next game is, on paper, a more even event. Both Wigan and we are expected to fight for survival in the league this season, meaning this is a match where I do not want to lose points if I want us to be able to keep us floating and hopefully stay away from the absolute relegation zone at the end of the season.

Oh now that felt good, it was an even game but we went ahead 2 goales in the first half. In the second half we took a more defensive approach and Wigan managed to control the game a bit more and got us a bit scared when they finally scored from a free-kick in the 82nd minute but thankfully we managed to play the rest of the time off and managed to get the three points I believe we deserved.

The 2nd round of Carling Cup ended as following:

Barely a win but a win none the less. Once again goals from both of our strikers, Fletcher and Doyle.

But now, after those two relatively easy games, comes another of the leagues giants, Manchester City, having individual players almost worth more than our whole club, this is going to be a game we're expected to lose. I bet we can prove them all wrong!​

Starting the game with the same line up as the last two games, which is exactly the same as in the Chelsea fiasco except that Isaac Vorsah has taken Christophe Berras place in the defence.

Haha, I bet you wouldn't believe me without proof, so here it is!

We beat them! Two to nothing. And it wasn't all thanks too luck either, but we played really well and took the game to them. MoM Award went to Viktor Noring in our goal, he managed to withstand their chances and stopped them from getting more. He was well worth the rating of 9.1. Steven Fletcher did very good as well with his two goals.​

The best player for us this month has to be Steven Fletcher. He managed too score four times in four games, adding two assist. Congratulations and thanks to him!
Jan 6, 2010
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Staff Meeting

I want to start off congratulating Viktor Noring and Steven Fletcher for managing to get in Barclays Premier League Team of the Week. Well done.
Next I want to introduce and welcome Barry Whitbread and Eddie Presland, two newly hired scouts for the club. They won't spend much time here but will instead be my eyes and ears around Great Britain and mostly Europe, but who knows, we might want to scout elsewhere in the world later on.

Soo... The upcoming fixtures for September are;
Home - Liverpool, Premier League
Away - Sunderland, Premier League
Home - Coventry, Carling Cup 3rd Round
Home - Arsenal, Premier League​

First against Liverpool we will probably use the same line-up as against Man City, unless something happens. We're playing at home so we have to make sure we're not playing to passive but instead get a fair amount of possesion. Their midfield is somewhat weakened with Lucas being suspended, but I don't think that'll make much of a difference for their match plan, they'll probably try to go out and dominate the game and push us back. We have to be on our toes to not let that happen, we have to play roguh to get both Gerrard and Torres off their game and hopefully keep them from working their magic. Just like Arsenal, Bolton and Manchester United, Liverpool have won all of their first three games, let's destroy their unbeaten run, okey? Okey!
I want us to focus the training, before the Liverpool game, on our attacking set pieces, they might prove decisive for us.

Well, the rest I'll take up with Tony Coton at a later date and he'll convey it to you all later on, good. Let's get to work then!

Tony Coton Assistant Manager - Wolves

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Hopefully this month will start as good as the last one ended. We're up against Liverpool at Molineux. It will be hard, of course, but not impossible as we've already proven we can be a match for the big teams.

I decided to start with the same line-up as before, to get some consistency in the team, hopefully it'll bear fruit.

When Liverpool comes to visit, the stadium is full. It's a fantastic atmosphere here and we'll do our best to pay the fans back for their support!

Kevin Doyle gave the Wolves fans hope with an early lead.

It all started good, once again we got the first goal, a pretty early one and right after that Steven Gerrard was sent off after a terrible chellenge from behind. At this point I thought we had a pretty good chance at winning this. I was proven wrong as Liverpool managed to score twice in the first half. The first goal a well placed shot, in the lower right corner, by none other than Fernando Torres. Not even 10 minutes after that, Mauricio Molina scores out of nothing from far out, an unstoppable shot and we Noring were left in the dust.

We started the next half with the intention to get back ahead, I decided to push up our defensive line a bit to give Liverpool less time on the ball and we did exactly that. We did everything right in the second half, except scoring, Carragher and Agger proved to be a wall too hard for us to get past, leaving us with nothing to show for after the game, except the knowledge that we actually played good, it just didn't pay off.
Jan 6, 2010
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Next up, a travel to The Stadium of Light to steal some points from Sunderland.

Before this game I have decided to drop our right defender Kevin Foley after a few disappointing performance. Instead I moved Ronald Zubar out of the middle and out on the right side, leaving place for Christophe Berra to impress me in the centre.

Well, that went okey I suppose. It was a close game from start to finish with Sunderland taking the lead in the 23rd minute through Michael Turner from a corner. After that we did our best to push forward but it gave us nothing more than a couple of half chances, until the end of the game, when Steven Fletcher, once again, scored. After that not much happened and the game came to an end. Considering how close we were on not getting any points at all, I'm happy with the result, Christophe Berra won the MoM Award after a solid defensive display, I guess the change I made paid off, atleast a little!
Carling Cup
Next up Carling Cup and Coventry at home. Seeing as the next game will be against Arsenal, I chose to rest a few players in this game letting Tom Cairney, Geoffrey Mujangi Bia, Weyne Hennesey, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and David Goodwillie play from start. It ended with a 1-0 win for us. Nothing spectacular but a win is a win.

The best thing other than the win? That the players who got their chance today didn't mess up, Ebanks-Blake scored the goal assisted by Goodwillie all while Hennesey kept a clean sheet.
Oh and Christophe Berra once again won the MoM award, hopefully his good form will continue, only time will tell.

Next up Arsenal!

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I realy like the layout and the title is gripping well done.
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Nice start mate (H).
Thanks fellows!

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Then, here we go!
Arsenal is coming to Molineux with a 4-0 win against Aston Villa, in Carling Cup, right behind them. Hopefully their goal scoring form is something they won't bring here.

After a good display against Coventry and a few good subs I've decided to let Tom Cairney start at the midfield instead of Nenad Milijas who hasn't really impressed me lately.

Again, we are the underdogs (or underwolves, haha... ehm sorry about that), and again we're going in with a defensive approach, hoping to counter attack as much as possible with our pacey wingers Matt Jarvis & Marcus Astvald while relying on mostly Vorsah and Berra to be able to handle Chamakh who's their best scorer soo far this season.

Up front there's Fletcher and Doyle as usual, since they're the best we've got and have been playing pretty good in all our games, if that's not the case for this game, Goodwillie is ready on the bench.

Astvalds goal have Wolves winning the first half with one goal to none.
A good display in the first half has left us up one goal after a short free-kick leaving Astvald open in Arsenals box. The lead is nothing but deserved, we've played on even terms with them all game long and playing better than them. Hopefully we can keep it up for the last half.

Oh and we could! Well, atleast for the most part... That annoying little *****, Carlos Vela, all of a sudden decided that he was a threat from long range and scored an 18-yard screamer in the 90th minute. I had even made some changes so we played with five defenders for the last five minutes of the game. I don't really feel like writing more about this game, we had it in our grasp util that little... Well there are other games. Let's go.

Djourou got the MoM Award while Tom Cairney was Wolves best player before he got subbed in the 67th minute for Milijas who had a decent game.

Carlos Vela goal scorer...

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Fixtures for October

The toughest game this month seems to be the Cup tie against Tottenham. That's also the game that I really want to win the most, since we don't have a serious chance of winning the league this season I'll give my all to get far in the cups as they are more likely to be won by a smaller team.

But first things first, we are playing away at St. Andrews against a Birmingham side that just recently lost to Stoke in a tightly contested 3-2 game.

For that game I'm planning on switching Kevin Doyle out for Sylvan Ebanks-Blake as a poacher, to get a bit more speed up front to challenge their relatively slow central defenders.
Let's see how that works out!

Birmingham - Wolves
0-1 O.G Martin Jiranek(45+1)
0-2 Steven Fletcher (46)
1-2 Nikola Zigic (50)
2-2 O.G Karl Henry (90)
Okey, it worked pretty ******, Ebanks-Blake didn't have a good game at all and was substituted for Kevin Doyle in the 75th minute, he had a chance to win us the game on extra time but only managed to hit the post, too bad. Irritating to lose a two goal lead like that, but in all fairness Birmingham deserved the point. Let's just hope that Karl Henry doesn't think about his own goal too much. It can happen to anyone and we're not blaming any single individual for the lost points.

Tom Cairney MoM after being responsible for the shot that Jiranek deflected into his own goal, and for the assist at Fletchers goal.

Would like to take the time to congratulate him for getting in the Barclays Premier League Team of the Week as well. Good job!
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Jan 6, 2010
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Wolves - Blackburn
0-1 O.G Marcus Astvald(36)

Man of the Match: Isaac Vorsah (7.50)

A disappointing result in an even game, feels bad to twice in a row lose points due to own goals. Kenneth Zohore and David Jones got to play from start, both did it okey without really impressing, but they did well.

Post Game
For Blackburn, Steven N'Zonzi had a decent game and that player looks really interesting, I will have scouts checking him out every now and then during the season, and if they like what they see I'll try to contact Blackburn and his agent about it at the end of the season if we have enough funds available. Another player we're interested in is the young Phil Jones who played the last 20 minutes against us, in a defensive midfield position, I'll keep an eye on him as well.

Steven N'Zonzi. Interesting player says Wolves manager Christopher Warås Harjo.

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In Bolton​

For our next game I've brough Kevin Doyle back in the starting eleven seeing, the same thing I've done with Karl Henry. On the right wing I've swapped Marcus Astvald out to give some more play time to Geoffrey Mujangi Bia. Other than that we're playing as we usually do but perhaps risking a bit more defensively than against the top teams to try and get ahead and win this.
It will good to see Johan Elmander again though, I've worked with him earlier in my career at Örgryte IS back in Sweden. A really nice fellow, I hope him luck in all other games except against us. Next stop Reebok Stadium!

Bolton - Wolves
1-0 Martin Petrov (8)
2-0 Martin Petrov (15)

Man of the Match: Martin Petrov (9.0)

Martin Petrov. Voted Man of the Match after a good display including two goals.

A fair result as Bolton played better than us for the whole game. Two early goals felt like a punch in the stomach and the players never really looked like they could turn it around. Fletcher and Doyle got one 3 meter chance each but both managed to place the ball outside the post, chances they really should've scored.

Matt Jarvis (7.0) was our best player for the evening, he played decent in a poor team performance so nothing really special but atleast he showed spirit and tried to make things happen.
Isaac Vorsah picked up an injury and will be ruled out for about 4 week.

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Wolves - Tottenham
0-1 Tom Huddlestone (40)
0-2 Niko Kranjcar (66)
Man of the Match: Vedran Corluka (8.0)

And so we're knocked out of the cup, I'm very unhappy with this but I can see that Tottenham is a really tough team to beat.The game looked like a few others this season, we kept up the whole game, creating chances and had a fair amount of possession. It didn't help though since, once again, we were unable to score. The chances we got was placed either outside the goal frame or saved by Gomes. We'll have to pick ourselves up and turn this negative trend around. Would appretiate if we could out-score Blackpool in our next game.

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Blackpool - Wolves
0-1 Steven Fletcher (45+1)
0-2 David Goodwillie (54)
1-2 Marlon Harewood (83)
1-3 Kevin Doyle (90)

Man of the Match: David Goodwillie (8.3)

Finally an even fight where we come out winning. From not scoring any goals at all to have three strikers score one each, that's good progress. Goodwillie played in his first Barclays Premier League game ever and answered by scoring the second goal of the game and winning the MoM award.

David Goodwillie, scorer and MoM winner in his first Barclays Premier League game from start.

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Fixture List

This month we will welcome the mighty Manchester United team to Molineux in hope for an upset. Manchester United lost their last game against Tottenham 2-1, that was their first loss this season and their second place in the league with 9 wins 0 draws and 1 loss, one point after Liverpool.
The rest of our opposition, bar Everton, are below us in the league and hopefully when November comes to an end, they'll still be.

I can mention that the player who've improved most this month is Viktor Noring, he's really brought his game to other levels coming from the Swedish top division straight to Barclays Premier League without embarrassing himself.

Viktor Noring - Training Progress

My player of the Month mention goes to Tom Cairney, playing good in all four games he was in last month helping our cause with 2 assists.

Tom Cairney - Wolves best player in October says Christopher Warås Harjo

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Team of the Week - Barclays Premier League 26th October - 1st November​
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Aug 9, 2009
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Great great story this has the potential to be a top if not the top story around
Jan 6, 2010
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Great great story this has the potential to be a top if not the top story around
Thanks for the support Ollie, yours is not half bad either to say the least, been looking it over a bunch of times. :)

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Killing big prey

This month has gone well, oh soo well. Better than I had expected. The first game was against West Bromwich Albion

Wolves - West Brom

Man of the Match: Pablo (7.4)

The game ended in a dull 0-0 draw. Not much to take with us from this really, I guess the defence played pretty well not letting all too many chances go through other than some long shots. Same thing done by West Brom though, our strikers were proven completely impotent within the box today.

Next up The Red Devils were coming to visit us at Molineux

Wolves - Manchester Utd
1-0 Matt Jarvis (21)

Man of the Match: Matt Jarvis (7.7)

First off, the result wasn't unfair, not at all. All of my players fought admirably and really deserved this win. The possession ended 48% to 52%, which is good, we were able to put soo much pressure on them making them frustrated and slowing down the game pace with them commiting many fouls. The goal came after a throw in outside their box, the ball bounced around a bit until finding Jarvis who shot from just outside the penalty area. Other than that, of course the defense and keeper did a great job keeping a clean sheet.

YouTube - Wolves vs Man Utd - Jarvis Goal 21st minute

Matt Jarvis - After scoring the winning goal against Man Utd

Next up Fulham
Fulham - Wolves
1-0 Bobby Zamora (13)
1-1 Kevin Doyle (22)
Second Yellow Card Karl Henry (44)
1-2 Penalty Goal Nenad Milijas (45+2)

Man of the Match: Richard Stearman (9.0)

Richard Stearman - MoM Winner

We did good to win this game with half of it being played one man down. Fulham is in a slump right now being second to last in the league, we should've won this. They fought valiantly though and had more chances than us to score, but with form on our side, our chances found the net, theirs didn't.

Wolves - Everton

Man of the Match: Richard Stearman (7.3)

Yet another boring draw without any goals. This time against Everton though, so I can't say I am very disappointed, it's a pretty good result. Once again Stearman won the MoM award for being solid at the back, he's certainly been a good back up for Vorsah and now that he's back, Stearman has been replacing Berra. That's a good problem to have, three DC's in good form and only two spots, I'll make sure all of them get to play some matches.

Newcastle - Wolves
1-0 Kevin Doyle (17)
1-1 Joey Barton (34)
1-2 Kevin Doyle (36)
Red Card Sol Campbell (68)
Second Yellow Card Isaac Vorsah (83)

Man of the Match: Kevin Doyle (8.8)

An eventful game, especially compared to the last one, with some goals, some red cards, and a bunch of fouls. Both teams played very physically leaving the technique behind leading to many missed passes and many free kicks none of which led to a goal. Nice to see Doyle scoring though, and two in the same game as well, brilliant thinking!

End of the Month

The League Table at December 1st​

Kevin Doyle - Team of the Week November 23rd - 29th

This month's best player was Richard Stearman, gettin two assists and two MoM awards and playing good thru and thru.
Most improved though will be Marcus Astvald showing improvements in his dribbling and tackling among other attributes.
And congratulations to Viktor Noring who's been named Young Player of the Month in the PL for the second time out of four possible. We've had a player among the top three all four months.

All in all, a very good month for us!​

Our Twelfth player(s)
Jan 6, 2010
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Good story and doing well in the league
keep it up
Thank you! Keep following ^-^​

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December and a short trip back down to the ground

After last months good results, I was eager to start up december with the same for, first of Aston Villa!

Aston Villa - Wolves
1-0 Park Ji-Sung (54)
2-0 Park Ji-Sung (62)

Man of the Match: Park Ji-Sung (8.9)

So well... That didn't go as planned, or rather, Aston Villa completely crushed us. They were piling on the pressure from kick-off, we had the most of the possession but that didn't help as we couldn't get any decent shots off if we could shoot at all. Let me say that Viktor Noring was the best player on our team, and he conceded twice, that's how many chances they had. Glad it's over really.

Wolves - Tottenham
0-1 Jermain Defoe (31)
0-2 Aaron Lennon (63)
0-3 Jermain Defoe (80)
Man of the Match: Jermain Defoe (8.8)

I guess things could get worse. This time against Tottenham, at Molineux none the less, in front of a full stadium. We were utterly emberrassed. Once again the possession were ours but we didn't manage to get any chances, thing is this happens too often really, I need to take a look at this at the end of the season, try to get a few more creative players to sign on for us. Players who can make something out of nothing, well that'll have to wait until we get some money. Is it the time now? For us to fall down to the relegation zone where we are supposed to be according to media and soo called experts? Only time will tell.

Goodwillie - getting Wolves back on track with hat-trick

Wolves - Stoke
0-1 Ricardo Fuller (5)
1-1 David Goodwillie (10)
2-1 Christophe Berra (16)
Red Card Andy Wilkinson (20)
3-1 David Goodwillie (45+1)
4-1 David Goodwillie (81)

Man of the Match: David Goodwillie (9.6)

No need to worrie, David is here! Four goals all in all, that's the most goals we've scored in a single match in the whole season. Steven Fletcher was taken out after after the Villa game and a bunch of not too impressive performances as of lately. In came Goodwillie, and good thing he delivered. We dominated the whole game, with 61% possession and 14 shots against 5. This was deserved, fun and a good moral boost.

West Ham - Wolves
0-1 Matt Jarvis (29)
1-1 Carlton Cole (84)
1-2 David Jones (90+3)

Man of the Match: Matt Jarvis (9.0)

Wolves - Wigan
1-0 Kevin Doyle (6 )
2-0 Tom Cairney (24)
3-0 Matt Jarvis (62)

Man of the Match: Viktor Noring (8.4)

We finished the month and year in style, winning the last two games against West Ham and Wigan. Matt Jarvis showed some good composure scoring one in each of the games, making his season total 3 goals now. Thing is that the West Ham game looks closer than is was, while the Wigan game was closer than it looks. Against West Ham we had the complete advantage and should've never been that close to losing points, but Carlton Cole was cold enough to score a late equalizer, made me sweat. Luckily Jones saved us right before the whistle.
The Wigan game on the other hand were a game with many chances, our players just showed great skill in putting the ball in the net, while Noring were able to keep ours kleen.

Congratulations to Tom Cairney who won the Young Player of the Month and Goodwillie taking the third place.

End of the year

Thought I could take the opportunity to show you all my preferred starting eleven at the moment​

Substitutes: Wayne Hennessey (GK), Isaac Vorsah (DC), Miiko Albornoz (D/M/AM L), David Jones (MC), Zeli Ismail (M/AM R, ST), Geoffrey Mujangi Bia (M/AM RLC) and Steven Fletcher (ST)

Up front I usually rotate Fletcher, Goodwillie and Doyle up front, sometimes letting Zohore have a go to get him some experience. Vorsah rotates with Berra and Stearman in the central defence while the midfield is mostly cemented unless someone gets injured.

Soo far this season, the best performers have been Stearman (7.38), Cairney (7.21) and Jarvis (7.10) while Foley (6.78) have done the worst of the players who plays frequently.​

The most improved soo far this year are Viktor Noring and Marcus Astvald who've proven to be good signings, just as I hoped.

Great news!
After playing way better than expected soo far this season, the board have decided to allow me to change this seasons expectations for the team. I decided that we were no longer relegation candidates and instead promised them to work towards a mid-table finish by the end of the season. The board took my word for it and gave me a fresh €21 Million transfer budget and €75k extra to spend on wages a week, to help the club towards our new goal. In other words, we will strengthen our squad this transfer window.

My main targets will be one strong central midfielder who's capable of winning the ball, not necessarily a very technical player for this position.
Then I might look to sign a player to rotate with Cairney in the more offensive midfield role, that is if I get any accaptable offers for Milijenas who's not been living up to my expectations.
Still in the midfield, I'd like some good competition on the wings, both on the midfield and defence. Seeing as Foley have been playing like ****, the right fullback position is top priority for starters.

Possible Signings
Steven N'Zonzi (DM,MC) - Blackburn
Have interested me since we played them earlier this season. A big strong player with room to grow. A great teamplayer who gives 100% until the whistle blows.

Giovani dos Santos (AM RLC, ST) - Tottenham
A force to be reckoned with down either flank, has the speed and skill to take on players. Will have to work a bit on his strength and mentality if he is to keep a spot in the first eleven though.

Emmanuel Eboué (D/M R) - Arsenal
Signing him is a long shot, I don't know if they want to release him or if he even wants to come. Still, he isn't getting much time on the pitch for Arsenal so hopefully I can lure him over to Molineux either permanent or on loan.

James McCarthy (M/AM C) - Wigan
An interesting just lacking the strength and concentration to be a perfect addition to my squad, will try my best to sign him to rotate with Cairney.

We're a bit short on scouts at the moment so if you can find anyone interesting, don't hesitate to enlighten me about him. I prefer if the player already speaks English and is a good teamplayer. A physically weak player is unacceptable as well as I want a perfectly fit team. Good height is appreciated.
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Jan 17, 2011
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If you are after a good DM Annan is a great buy, I bought him on one of my West Ham saves and he adapted brilliantly to the english game and complimented Scott Parker well. I used him as a box-to-box midfielder. I'm not at home but I seem to remember he plays for hamburg or someone, he is valued at about 2.2million but think you should be able to get him for about 4-5million.