York City European Champions

This is truely amazing!! Did you use that same tactic for the entire game or did you swap it about a bit?

If so what other tactics did you use?
pretty much yeah, although obviously sometimes to change around a game, or due to injuries I tweaked it. Such as putting the Attacking Mid as a Striker (Target Man) so 2 up front...worked well with Crouch!
IF you did do this without using FMRTE then well done. You are indeed a legend but i always find it hard to beleive..no offence
dude yu shud get a medal or sumthin. swear dwn lol.
Upload your tactic on here see if it works
Oleg Sychov was some peice of buisness - bought for £10M and sold to Real Madrid for £39.5M 1 season later - well done.
Fantastic stuff mate, this is what all FM players should strive for- quite literally the perfect game :)
i know but Sychov really annoyed me! He was real good and chairman accepted 39.5, I would have tried to push it up or not sell at all! Had to get Bentley in to replace him, but at 30 he is not that long a lasting solution!
wicked mate how the **** did you do it

can u upload your tactics please


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brilliant mate how the **** did you do it

can you upload your tactics please

Basically, before this game I have always had to be with a club in one of the top leagues with loads of money and big reputations, buying star players and then getting bored after 3 or 4 years of trophies. Then I realised that there was no challenge, so I decided to take York City from Blue Square Premier to as high as I possibly could! My aim was maybe league 1 in 3 or 4 years, championship in about 5 or 6 and maybe struggle into the premier league eventually.

I am now in 2017 but i will post screenies showing my progress and transfers etc.

Im sorry but you have clearly cheated here. Im not saying its not possible to do what you claim to but not in that timescale, no way. How could u win the premier 2 yrs after going up? With the big 4 plus man city. Not a chance
first of all, there was no cheating at all! And lets face it FM isnt that hard, Ive won the premiership in one season with portsmouth before!
And it was 3 years
I just find it hard 2 belive you did all this so fast with york
my tactics are in the moderation queue?!?
anyway I didn't cheat, but don't know how to prove it to you!?!?