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if you can see a players CA and PA I classify that as cheating. Anyone can guarantee success with this information.

Additionally doing this without players attributes hidden is again very easy as yes you can go through south american leagues and pick good players. This is not possible with smaller teams when attributes are masked because the scouts cant be sent to these countries.
That said it is still possible, you can take loads of players on trial revealing their attributes, got Torquay to the PL once (took a while: 2 seasons where I lost in playoffs) by getting Estonians and Slovakians on trial as well as signing a few Bolivian internationals. However, i think in the old versions it used to be easier to make easy money selling off players.

CA is only a number, call it a sum-up of all the player's abilities. It doesnt say whether the player will fit your playing style, will succeed or fail, will disrupt or otherwise the harmony, or whether I can make a profit out of him. In the here and now of lower leagues when you're trying to get to the top PA is irrelevant. Yes, it's good to pick up a youngster with CA 100 and PA 145, but that won't benefit the here and now. What matters is CA, you want to have the edge over your opponents and jump leagues quickly. I haven't won every single league, I've placed second and third on many occasions but most of the time I made it in the playoffs. Sometimes I didn't... in fact once with Torquay I couldn't get to the Championship no matter how hard I tried and what i changed. I ended up getting relegated back to League 2 and I got fired. Then you've got to take in account league rules for foreign players. You've got to get a few natives as well. I rarely did loans, I always thought they're in it for play time rather then for the benefit of the club.
Also, CA is sometimes quite irrelevant. I picked up a guy from Argentina, Danilo Gerlo, on a free. Central defender, about 29 yrs old. He was with the team all the way up to Prem with York. he was averaging 7.2 every season. And his CA was about 115. Definitively not League 1 material, let alone Champ and Prem. But he was there until I reached Prem, made team captain, became a club legend and when he retired I hired him as a defensive coach. So there are plenty of strange paradoxes.
Once with Sevilla I recalled Alejandro Alfaro from his loan because I was in desperate need of an M/AM. His rating is literally **** compared to the average top 4 La Liga teams. But he was averaging 7.5 game in and game out. So there are plenty of paradoxes in this game. CA and PA isn't cheating, at least in my eyes. It isn't "~god mode" in a FPS. Rather, a tool to better judge a player, and by any means the determining one.
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Im just saying that playing with attributes not masked is too easy. Additionally by being able to see pa makes it easy to make money