York City European Champions

hmm first 8 games of BSP i won 6 lost 1 drew 1
In the whole of the season I lost 4 times...do you have a thread with screenshots i can see?
Just thought you guys would find it funny to check out David Beckham, at 42 the oldest England player ever and the oldest captain of England ever (reinstated in 2016!)
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did u get any parent clubs during ur seasons with york and if u did wht season because im in my 1st season with york and i cant ge any parent clubs?
i got a parent club in my 2nd season...got middlesborough! got money from them but none of their players wanted to come untill my 3rd season!
hello guys !! i got York too and i managed the 3/3 . I have just started my first year in Championship and im lookin arround in the trasfer market.....
Just wanted to ask you mate what team you have choose for international work permit options ...
Cheers :)
Good luck with the championship!
If I were you I would go for any club, in a country with 3 years for permit, as this is the minimum...I usually go for a Belgium one
cheers sammyb!
was great fun...have not done a game as long as that one since!
you tried any low league games?
I can't believe the level of haters on this thread!!

Good work - I always start in BSP (usually Crawley or AFC Wimbledon) and I haven't won Europe in 8 seasons, but apart from that its entirely possible - my goal now is to get my Sons team (Ifield Edwards) from Sussex Div 3 (Level 11 of the National system) to the Club World Cup - in however many seasons it takes.......

Yeah lots of doubters...but all true!
By the way, how do you play sussex div 3?

On FM 2010 I got York from the BSP to Championship in six seasons! I think we're gonna go back down now thoughj lol
What a thread great job ben at first i thought it was a story because of the tittle name lol but i will defo give your formation a go.
i started this 6 hours ago and 4 games left in 1st season and i am stuck in 2nd looking to take it away from msnfeild who are confortably in 1st :D
Wow, thought I'd done well in getting Wrexham into the prem in 11 seasons or whatever it was, slightly more realistic tho! How do you go about wages etc? Surely with tiny stadium you can't generate revenue to pay Rooney-style wages?
Also just tried your tactics, beat West Ham 3-1 away, but lack of AMs means now back to my normal tactics and now 5th in Prem (my game is in 2031 btw)
yeah that was the worst part, the stadium was tiny.
I was always very disciplined in wages, from memory I dont think anyone earned more then 60,000 - and they were limited. star players etc
also I took a risk in the fact that i did somewhat rely on winning trophies to make profits, but it worked!

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hope the tactic works for you by the way!
Yea, nothing new... I've done ith with York, Torquay and Forest Green in England, Como in Italy and now I'm playing as KS Tirana from Albania. Won Europa League against Tottenham, 2-1, in extra time, who killed me in the QF the previous season. So yea, it's doable. I load the South American databases and there's a wealth of players there for the lower leagues. Players that are far beyond the skill of your current players and nowhere near as expensive to get or primadonnas who want all kinds of crazy contracts. They stick around for 2-3 years then once they've been exposed to the European market they get offers and get sold off elsewhere.
And I use scouts... FMRTE now since there's no Genie, but only to find the players. More like a compare feature. If my first team average CA is 120, I try to get 2-3 players at least 130 or better. But that's not i pick the first one that comes around. I look for a particular set of skills, minimum requirements so to speak and go from there. The search feature in the game just doesn't have that broad a reach... Once I find the players I like I scout them a few times in matches to see how they do and then I decide to offer a contract or not.
if you can see a players CA and PA I classify that as cheating. Anyone can guarantee success with this information.

Additionally doing this without players attributes hidden is again very easy as yes you can go through south american leagues and pick good players. This is not possible with smaller teams when attributes are masked because the scouts cant be sent to these countries.
That said it is still possible, you can take loads of players on trial revealing their attributes, got Torquay to the PL once (took a while: 2 seasons where I lost in playoffs) by getting Estonians and Slovakians on trial as well as signing a few Bolivian internationals. However, i think in the old versions it used to be easier to make easy money selling off players.