York City European Champions

cheers jack! nice to hear some positive thoughts on success
Ben, well done i've been tryin this aswell with walsall. Hope i do aswell as you do.
Nice one mate, I'm trying the same with Peterborough, got play offs in frst season but couldn't beat the top teams, i reckon automatic this season though. I don't reckon you cheated, it's annoying for you probably aswell coz you put a lot of hard work into it and everyone says your cheating and you can't prove em wrong :/ Good job mate :)
Well done on this chap. I won the champions league with Fulham after 3 seasons without cheating so I know it CAN be done. Exactly the same tactic as yours aswell, except I used the Barcelona template and tweaked a few things. Good on you mate
Nice, looks like a hard challenge ben, i am planning on getting gateshead to that point in maybe 2020 but even thats unlikely lol:S
Great work m8 I belIeve u didn't cheat must be well anoyin ppl sayin u
cudnt hav dun it. Newys well done n btw were can I get the tactics n did u do them uself??
cheers! for some reason my tactics were unapproved, when i tried to post them?!?
With the tactics I got the formation from a screen shot on some formation. I had in previous saves been an advocate of the 4-1-2-2-1 tactic and this seemed a more attacking version, with an attacking mid instead of a defensive mid! The team instructions & player instructions I decided on.
upload your tactic on this thread then we can download it right away
Nice to see it can be done, Currently trying it myself with Gateshead managed to get them promoted from BSN to Championship in 4 season pretty much walking the first 3 leagues, struggled alittle in league 1 but won it on the last day of the season.The championship is looking tough though hitting those relegated teams is just a killer, Already hit 3 of them in my first few games and lost all 3 but i see the playoffs as possible with abit of luck because the other teams in league havent put up too much of a challange.

I think staying in the premiership is the biggest problem after getting promoted once you do that you can build a pretty strong team for the second season so winning it in the 3rd season is doable, Hard but still doable.

Dont worry about people thinking you cheat, I got it too and i'd only won the BSN BSP and league 2 at the time which are pretty much the easiest leagues to get out of.Aslong as you know you didnt cheat who cares though.

You did amazing just to stick with the team for that long alot of people can only manage 2-3 seasons and get bored, LLM is clearly the way to go for a long game.
cheers mate. The championship was tough for me, but a bit of luck should get you through!
When in the premiership I got some vital free transfers that kept me up, Kirkland, Jo and Wilshere (Wilshere AMAZING buy! Brought him with me to Chelsea and in 2017 worth 35 million and is one of the star players of England!)

Thanks for the words of faith! And your right LLM is definitely for the long haul.

Also for all the people interested in my tactic:
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Yes i have made a thread just concentrating on playing rest of season.


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If it doesn't work just search Walsall in the thread search bar. The threads called 'My Walsall team 9.3.0'.
really like what you have done, but what do you say on your team talks etc thanks
well it depends on the match, sometimes for the fans, sometimes expect to win, sometimes you can win etc changes on the different matches
so if you are playing man u/ arsenal at home/ away in your first season in the epl what would you say
I would say that you can win this, if i thought we had a slight chance, or good luck or sumin like that...i would also see what my assistant, massimo neri says
so far i ve played 8 games winning 2 drawing 1 loosing 5. did you find you didi this + ive been using it from pre season with rangers