Your very first manager game you played as a child?


Feb 21, 2009
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does anyone on the forums remember playing premier manager 3 when they where younger,

as I'm 24 I've played a hand full of Managing games in my day

LMA Manager (got the whole collection 1999 - 2007)
FIFA Soccer Manager (downloaded the .iso but can't load my save file :'( keeps crashing)
Premier Manager (1 - 2002 model before it came **** like CM)
Championship Manager (first one up to 5 before it became ****)
Football Manager (whole collection aswell well missing 06 & 08)

where to begin?

I still remember playing it at a mate's house and its was great I feel in love with it, its like FM nowadays but there was a problem, you could only play as Blue Square Premier clubs and fight your way up to the Premier League (which was fun and very challenging at the time being only 6 or 8 at the time and you had no editor to help you out (which was a kick in the teeth but was great none say the least, unless you bought the CD version of the game or the deluxe one which gave you the editor built in)

you could cheat which made it a bit easier but was still hard as ****

your goals in the game

like any other manager game I've played

  • win in Europe (if you where in European football)
  • win the league your in
  • win the domestic cups
  • don't waste money (stay out of debt, best you could)
  • most of all don't get sacked (I never seen any of mates get sacked in the game, but I've read on the internet you can get sacked for you waste all your money and don't get out of debt fast)
now you may ask why I'm talking about this game its 15/16 years out of date, most of clubs and no more, the leagues have changed

well I just bought the Premier Manager 3 deluxe version off of amazon for £19.98 (was £17.99 plus £1.99 p&p) and I fired it up this morning and all these memories came back of my childhood I do have the first model as well downloaded off the internet (which is very fun aswell)

well that's my very first manager game ever played

one more thing I might add at my primary school we had a Premier Manager 3 league 24 people picked a club from the Blue Square Premier in my class and get up the PL as fast as they could the winner got £5

download it off the internet and give it ago you might get hooked like you do in FM now :D
First one I played was a premier manager on the gameboy and got a championship manager 01-02 demo free in a cereal box and had no idea how to play it, it all kicked on from there...
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1st fm i played fm05
ist fm i bought fm07

1st manager game I played was PM3

1st manager game I owned LMA Manager 1999/2000 season (13th birthday present off my parents :))

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First one I played was a premier manager on the gameboy and got a championship manager 01-02 demo free in a cereal box and it all kicked on from there...

I never really play it on the game boy I did on the sega mega drive and PC
I think it was Premier Manager 98 on ps1.
Alex Fergusons Player Manager 2001 for PS1 :) what a game . I loved the fact you were a player too and if you started in the lower leagues and worked up your player became amazing :) anyone else play this or just me ? :D
football manager 2007 but brought it in 2008.

i didnt know about fm till i was 10!
When I was 4, I had LMA Manager 99/00 on the Playstation One :') Great times. Youngest Manager :p
first managing game i played Premier Manager 97 on Mega Drive

first Cm was 99/00 loved it David Collins was a legend
I love the LMA manager series, i find it good fun to play with someone else and have played them all. I heard they may bring back LMA next season so fingers crossed. I also player premier manager, Champ manager etc etc. Just love football management games, always have done always will do.