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Recent content by athertpa

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    Manager photo - Please help

    Hi, I have been really struggling to add a photo of me to my manager. None of my photos show up, I have tried adding a photo as a PNG file but am still to get the picture to show. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks Paul
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    Has anybody tested the training schedules?

    Hi all, Can anybody tell me which is the best downloadable training schedule? Have any of these been tested, similar to the formation thread where the formations are tested against each other? If you could recommend one that would be great! thanks Paul
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    The Football Manager T-Shirt

    Hia ll, Did anyone else get the Football Manager t-shirt when they purchased the game? Is it really sad that I put this t-shirt on every time I go to play the game. P.s It could stink a bit
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    Your line up - who has the best eleven?

    Hi all, Just wanted to get some feedback on who had created the very best first eleven (without cheating obiously), and how long it had taken you to assemble to team? Please use the following format: Team: Formation: I.e 442 Players - please include their position (or the one you play them...
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    The most seasons you have played on FM11?

    Hi all, Just wondering if you are amanger who sticks to the same save for season after season and if so, what is the most you have completed on FM11? I tend to play a couple of seasons get a bit bored and start a fresh challenge. Just interested to know who is the most die hard of us...
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    Weather - tactical considerations

    Hi all, Just wondering does anybody make any tactical alteration to combat different weather conditions? I.e snow, heavy rain etc? Would be interesting to know what effect this has on the game? thanks Paul
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    Javier Hernandez - the legend

    Hi all, Just wondering if anybody else was having brilliant success with Javier Hernandes of Man U? He was a bit part player for me season 1 with Rooney and Berbatov claiming the places up front. However season 2, he is dominating the front line! With his role set to Poacher, he has score...
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    Toby Alderweield - Ball playing defneder

    Is this the best ball playing defender on the game? Purchased Toby from Ajax for 9.5m at the beginning of season 2, his passing stat is 17 which is the very best for any cb on the game!!! Do you have anyone who can rival him? thanks Paul
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    Toby Alderweield

    Here is my shout for best ball playing defender: Toby Alderweireld Nationality: Belgian Age: 22 (21 at beginning of game) Key stat: Passing 17, best CB on the game for passing Has slotted straight into my Man U back 4 season 2 and have sold Vidic. Purchased for 9.5m so not cheap but seems...
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    Defensive Partnerships

    Hi all, Just wondering what sort of defensive partnership you facoured? 2 x CB set to defend Or do you go with a cover and a stopper? How do you fit in a ball playing defender? Just would like to encourage some discussion on these areas to see what you have found to work best. I am...
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    Babacar Role

    Hi Could anybody recommned the best role for Babacar? He doesnt seem to fit into any for my Man U team. Thanks for your help! Paul
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    Not enough possession

    Hi all, I am currently playing a 442 formation with Man Utd, I am 5 games into the season and have won all 5 so far and only conceded 1 goal. The big problem I have is I seem to be getting dominated in the possession stakes. I am using my own tactic based on the folowing ethos: control...