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Recent content by barfly14

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    Battered by the Prem

    I've just finished my 2nd season with Arsenal and won the league.Just looking at the final table and I noticed how badly Coventry got raped and so obviously got relegated. Wondered if anyone else had seen a team do just as bad or if not worse?
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    match preparation

    sorry if this is a noob question but on the match preparation screen i have 3 formations stored. do you have to click on a particular formation tab next to tactics to assign your commands to that formation in the special focus area? and also how long before each match is it best to do the march...
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    Scouts rating

    On my Arsenal save im in the 2nd season and i was searching for good regens and i came across a player that my scout rated 4.5 stars out of 5. ive never had this before so i had to check him out on FMRTE and his PA 196 so pretty good! i was wondering if anyone had a scout rate a player the full...
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    Injuries on 11.3

    i know people will say RVP is quite injury prone but i swear the injuries on 11.3 are "turned up" too much. ive also had wilshere break leg this season and nasri as well. my training isnt up high and most of my players are on cautious tackling. i for one think SI need to patch this.
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    Is this right?

    So, its january in the 1st season in my arsenal save and go to buy to babacar. ive only got 5.9mil of by transfer budget left. his value is 5.75mil so i offer 5mil plus 10mil over next 24 months. after he accepts wages and work permit went through ok, the deal fell through as i had insufficent...
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    Box to Box Midfielders

    Was just wondering if people could suggest some good some box to box midfielders to me and maybe explain why they maybe more useful than a CM. im thinking of playing a 4-1-3-2 and one of those 3 CM's i was going to have a B2B. thanks.
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    Failing work permits

    In my Arsenal save there was a regen player who i was interested in. i got my scout to check him out and they said hes a good player but we would be better off looking to sign someone else as he will fail a work permit. i thought fair enough but a few weeks later Man Utd bid for him and the...
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    Uploading Goals on Fifa 11(Xbox 360)

    So, i've uploaded a goal and the fifa servers have accepted it but where do i view it online? i've registered to easportsfootball.com but when i looked in the section "My Media" it wasnt there. any ideas pls?
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    Is there a way of slowing down the tips so you can read them when the game is loading? i find it annoying sometimes when I'm reading them and then they disappear as the next screens are then ready.
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    Training schedules

    I've downloaded Jenko_EFC training schedule to help me out , was wondering anyone knows how I can upload it to work for my current save game please as I couldnt find a guide using the search?
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    Backroom advice for tactics

    What's everyones opinion on backroom advice when say your assis.man says the team your playing against struggles against teams who have a high defensive line, quick tempo or narrow width etc etc and suggests doing that. Do you guys listen to any of this and change your tactics to match what he said?
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    Training workload

    Hi, New to site and like what I see. Got my 1st question. A few of my players moan about training workloads when I get backroom advice. Thing is when I check on the players in questions training it says content or pleased with schedule. Are they unhappy or aren't they? And if so how can I sort...