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    F.C. Barcelona - The Easy Way

    F.C. Barcelona - The Easy Way Barcelona have been one of the dominating teams in Europe and Spain over the last decade. With top players in most positions, lots of money, and status enough to be able to get almost any player they could ever want, they are not looking like they'll fall from...
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    Futbol Club Barcelona - Staying Strong

    It's summer in Barcelona, it's summer but cold. The top sports team in the city, The Blaugrana, have been crowned champions of the league. Still it's cold. They are champions but in the eyes of the world this was a season filled with loss. The loss of Tito Vilanova who retired from the manager...
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    Liverpool - A Rising Sun

    A New Dawn As Kenny Dalglish leaves the role of Liverpool manager vacant after the teams worst league season in 18 years, owner John W. Henry has announced Tomoya Nagase as the new manager effective immediatly. "With Kenny we wanted to try something that had worked before, a true legend to the...
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    Queens Park Rangers - Patience

    Earlier today Queens Park Rangers announced the departure of Mark Hughes. As the club and the manager started to disagree on too many things the both parties decided it would be best if another man was hired for the job. That man turned out to be James Dean. An American coach who has only been...
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    Renaissance - Perugia Reborn

    Associazione Calcistica Perugia Calcio 12th July - 2011 This is my first day at the job. The job as manager at A.C. Perugia Calcio. A football team of a long history having existed since 1905. But lately things have not gone very good. Due to bankruptcy the club was dissolved, first in 2005...
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    Aston Villa - Lionheart Men

    A New Manager at Villa Park Aston Villa has quickly found a replacement after it was announced that Alex McLeish would reject their offer after threats to himself and to his family. According to his agent he says that he would never consider taking a job where he thought there could be any...
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    AZ - The Swedish Immigrant

    AZ - The Swedish Immigrant As of today, June 20th 2011, there is a new manager at AZ. The Swede, Christopher Warås Harjo, has been handpicked to be the head of a new era at the Dutch club hand picked, from the Swedish First Division team, Örgryte IS' coaching staff. - Press Conference...
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    One City One Passion - El Pibe de Oro Returns

    First out I will say that this press conference is about me and not about the last manager, or the reason he left. I don't think I need much of an introduction but as everybody knows, this is the club in my heart. I am the man who won the league for the team the only times in it's history and I...
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    Taking a manager out of the game

    Hi, I want to play a save with Napoli, and be Diego Maradona managing. How can I get the "real" Maradona out of the game, to make it more realistic, without actually deleting him. I just don't want him in this one save.
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    Sporting Gijón - The Story

    Chairman Manuel Vega-Arango: Good day and welcome to todays press conference. We have called you today to announce our appointment of a new manager here at Sporting de Gijón. Let me introduce Vincent Sepúlveda. Vincent Sepúlveda: Buenos dias. As he said, my name is Vincent Sepúlveda. I will...
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    Wolves - It's Hunting Season. A Wolverhampton Wanderers Story

    The Hunt is on A new face at Molineux After the recent press release, calling fans and press alike to Molineux, a new manager for The Wolverhampton Wanderers were going to be presented after the sudden resignation of Mick McCarthy earlier this week. Press Conference Good day, my name is...
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    Rodrigo Alborno - Left Winger

    Name: Rodrigo Alborno Club: Libertad, Paraguay D.O.B: 12th of August 1993 Nationality: Paraguayan Position: Midfielder Left, Attacking Midfielder Left Strengths: Acceleration, Crossing & Dribbling Weaknesses: Stamina, Flair & Decisions Description: A Promising young winger with decent...
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    Ramón Arias

    Name: Ramón Arias Club: Defensor Sporting, Uruguay D.O.B: 27th of July 1992 Nationality: Uruguayan Position: Defender Right & Center Strengths: First Touch, Passing & Work Rate Weaknesses: Anticipation, Concentration & Jumping Description: A pretty all-round defender who can play on the...
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    Steven Fletcher - Striker

    Name:Steven Fletcher Club: Wolverhampton Wanderes (Wolves), English Premier League D.O.B: 26th of March 1987 Nationality: Scottish Position: Striker Strengths: Heading, First Touch & Passing Weaknesses: Positioning, Composure & Bravery Description: An all-round striker who's left footed...
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    Viktor Noring - Goalkeeper

    Name: Viktor Noring Club: Trelleborg, Swedish Premier Division D.O.B: 3rd of February 1991 Nationality:Swedish Position: Goalkeeper Strengths: Positioning, Jumping & Reflexes Weaknesses: Rushing Out, Acc/Pace & Kicking Description: A tall and strong goalkeeper, would probably work in...