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    Liverpool - Tactic Advice

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for some advice with tactics for Liverpool. Pre-season went well, scoring quite a few goals, albeit against lesser opposition, and as far as I could see, I didn't have any issues with assigned player roles and team instructions. I've never had any issues...
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    Best place to buy FM?

    Finally have a bit of time on my hands so wanna have a good session on FM. Anyone know the best place to pick this up for cheap? Instant Gaming has it for just 12 quid but not sure if it's legit?
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    MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air

    As the title suggests, I am wondering what the differences are between the two, apart from the obvious which is the appearance and weight. I've just read this article: MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro: Which Apple Notebook to Choose - Mac Rumors which suggests that the MBP is faster than the MBA...
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    Liverpool Signings - 4th Season

    Any recommendations for my Liverpool side? Just won the league for a third time, the CL and lost in the FA Cup final. Serge Aurier, after a terrible 18 months, was sold for 17.5 mil. I signed Carvajal for 27 mil in January and have Flanagan and Wisdom for backup so that position is sorted...
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    Contract Negotiation Bug?

    Just won the league in my first season with Liverpool and desperately need new full backs to replace Enrique and Johnson. I have had bids accepted for Lucas Digne, Serge Aurier and Luke Shaw, yet when I open contract negotiations their agent immediately says their client is not interested. As...
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    Liverpool - Tactics Help

    I'm 7 games into my 3rd season with Liverpool and I'm conceding a ridiculous amount of goals. Won the league 2nd season conceding 30 goals, but this season after 7 games I've already let in 10! I've attached a screenshot of my squad and tactics, I only signed 3 players during the summer and the...
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    Liverpool 3rd Season Transfers

    Just finished my second season with Liverpool, I won the league and was knocked out in the Champions League quarter final by Juventus. Don't really think I need any signings for the first team BUT Jack Wilshere has been transfer listed for just 15 mil and Arsenal have accepted bids from City and...
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    Suarez for Falcao?

    In the middle of my second season with Liverpool and Suarez has decided he wants to leave, and handed in a transfer request, despite the fact that I am still in all competitions including the Champions League and 3rd in the league just 2 points off the top. Had a conversation with him last...
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    Liverpool 2nd Season

    Finished 4th with Liverpool last season, only 5 points off first, but need to strengthen a few areas for the CL and think I could do with a bit more depth. Here's my current squad: I've sold Reina (10m), Agger (11m), Aspas (17m) & Douglas Costa (10m), leaving me with a TB of 41 mil. So far...
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    Counter Tactics

    I have a question regarding the opposition creating a tactic to counter yours; Basically, I am managing Liverpool who went on a great run with my 4-2-3-1 tactic early on in the season and by late December I was 2nd in the league just 3 points off Man City in first. I then went on a bad run...
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    Adding Liverpool Youth Players

    I'm hoping someone on here might be able to provide me with some details of a few Liverpool youth players so I can add them in the editor, I've looked for the info below online and had no success: Pedro Chirivella - Position (CM?), CA/PA, Height, Weight, Foot, Strongest Attributes Sergi Canos -...
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    Liverpool 2nd Season - Transfer Advice

    Just started my second season with Liverpool, finished 3rd so in Champions League this season and will probably need to strengthen a few areas. Here's my current squad, I also have Wisdom, Robinson, and Coates returning from their loans: Looking to offload Reina, as I have Mignolet who had...
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    Liverpool 1st Season - Transfer Advice

    Wondering if I should sell Fabio Borini to Tottenham for 2.5m in exchange for Caulker? (Using LFC Marshall's update) But, if I bring him in, I'd be left with Toure, Agger, Skrtel, Coates and I also have Kelly & Wisdom who can play CB, too many players for that position, so should I also offload...
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    Data Editor help

    I'm hoping someone can give me some advice with the editor regarding CA/PA changes: If I raise a players CA/PA, does his attributes increase automatically? I noticed after I raised/lowered the CA/PA on a few players the attributes seem to have changed slightly on their own. However, when I...