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Recent content by Darlofan97

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    Help guys!

    I'm trying to install FM2012. I put it into the disk holder then close it. Usually on any other game is comes up with 'run'. But, this time it hasn't. I thought OK no worries I'll just go into my 'Computer' part on my laptop. I click on the disk with removable storage and nothing at all comes...
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    Help needed.

    OK, so here's what happened. I un-installed my FM2011 after knowing that I was getting FM2012 for Christmas. I've got the sudden urge to play it again. So today, I put it into the disc holder thing and put it in to my laptop. It won't install. Sometimes it gives me the option to 'run' the disk...
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    A Question about the Champions League...

    In Greek Super League Olympiacos need 2 more wins and the title comes home to the Karaiskakh. No shock in that, BUT, The reserve side,"Volos" are at the moment sat in 5th place, on level points with PAOK. If they move up 1 place they will take part in the end of season "play off's" for second...
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    Is FM realistic for....

    players wages, like are the players wages the same as what the players are earning in real life??
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    When will the new patch ...

    come out because my promotion push cannot begin until then for the following... Liam Hatch will be moved to center-back Marc-bridge wilkinson will be on my team Keith Gillespie will be on my team. For some reason I feel Darlington are slightly underrated on the game i've see some of...
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    In the new patch

    Will some of the players be updated like Keith Gillespie and Marc-Bridge Wilkinson for Darlo?? I get this game at christmas so i wouldn't now. Thanks :)
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    The New Patch

    If anyone has the new patch for Football Manager 2011 will you go on Darlington team list and check the following... Has Keith Gillespie, Marc-bridge Wilkinson, Jefferson Louis and Aman Verma been added to the squad. Can you also check if Liam Hatch has been changed from a Center Forward...
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    Hows everyone doing...

    Hows everyone doing on the demo. Include signings position finances etc... :)
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    My Team

    Hey guys this is going to be my darlington team for Fm 2011 I Don't think its going to be good enough to promotion but it will be worth a shot. GK- Sam Russell- DR-Paul Arnison- DC-Ian Miller- DC-Danny Hone- LB-Kevin Austin CM-Paul Terry- CM-Jamie Chandler- CM-Michael Brough- ST-Chris...
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    For anyone..

    who has the demo can they check Darlington f.c out a give me some feedback on who is there best GK Defender Midfielder and Striker also if you are setting up a career on Darington can you tell me how much they get to spend and wage budjet etc.
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    Darlington f.c

    Hey guys im being Darlington fc in Fm 2011 because I support them. Obviously with a big 25,000 all - seater stadium and with gates of 2-3 thouzand people a game iam going to be losing money. Can anyone recommend me money saving ways on FM 2011 please. P.S Thats our MASSIVE stadium...
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    A laptop

    I know i've already posted a thread like this before but since the demo has came out you guys may have a better idea on Laptops for Fm 2011. So I will start of: Will these be able to run Fm 2011 really good ?? ADVENT Quantum Q200 Processor: Intel Celeron Proccesor...
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    A laptop

    Hey guys, im looking to get a laptop at christmas that runs football manager really good. The price range in anything up to £430. Any suggestions people ????
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    Conference players

    Anyone got any good conference players to get on a free...
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    Darlington fc

    Hey guys im planning on being Darlington this season. Can anyone on here please recommend any countries where you can get good players like Reunion etc. Also can anyone tell me about good conference players. Im new to the game and would like to get myself prepared for the new season. Thanks. :)