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Recent content by David Bartoli

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    Stefano Mauri replacement

    Im managing atalanta and have a 33 year old Mauri he always gives me a performance and in the formation i play (3 4 3 or 3 4 1 2) he either plays wide left striker or wide right striker (Advnc playmaker) he always well good with or without the ball with runs and passes. however next season i...
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    questions about second season money

    hi guys basically i started a juventus game with realistic finances (no first season budget) and my players are on loan with right to buy . my question is will i get my second season bidget before there loan with right to buy runs out. i ask this becuase its only xmas and matri has about 20...
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    Mattia Destro

    Just thought id share this player that i admire in real life who has a very promising future in real life and on this game Mattia Destro 20.3.1992 6 foot 1 inch Striker Club: Inter (on loan at genoa) £1.8 million at start of the game this player is touted in real life for his pace...
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    palermo - udinese

    OMG have u seen or watched this game becuase i just checked my phone and its 7 nil to the team from udine, AWAY from home. against the team with the supposed next big thing. with 4 goals from sanchez and 3 from di natle with 20 minutes left is the madness no this is serie a, the best league for...
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    Napoli and cavani

    napoli are actually killing serie a atm with the cavani up front a medoern day complete forward who can lead the line on his own with hamsik and lavvezzi playing of him. my question is do you think in this form with the class he has do you think that a spanish or english giant will come up with...
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    Striker 2014 / 15

    right then i am about to go into the 2014 / 15 season with atalanta i currently have 3 strikers i feel i am having to relli on a 35 year diego forlan for 17 goals. i am looking for a poacher to play of my target men of either mattia destro or gabbiandiani. i have been scouting maxi lopez and...
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    facepack not showing all of the face

    basically lads i need some help as i downloaded the facepacks for serie a and b and they have the whole face when i look at them in my documents but when i look at the in the game its just a slit of the whole face. how do i solve this as it looks kinda wierd. also i noticed the faces appear for...
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    champion league bug

    lads, i have just got atalanta to 4 th place in serie a in 2 seasons after being protomed. after the last game of the year i recieved 2 emails saying that i had been entered into the champions cup (champions league?) at the best placed third qualifying round. thought this was all gravy and then...
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    Football memories

    my A2 lvl art project is on football (BEST PROJECT EVER) and i am making a memory jar / pot and I am filling it with 365 of the best and worst football memories and i have got to 171 so far and was wondering if you could mention any of yours that i could put in it to bring numbers up. once i...
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    not his fault..

    have u ever had a goal against you and the game blames your goalie or someone when its clearly someone elses fault. the most common i have had is when a the ball flys about 1 meter over my defender from a cross which he could do nothin about. and then the computer blames him. what do you...
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    Marco Bernacci

    Hey, Signed Marco Bernacci for my save as i really like him as a player. however he has reciently retired from football tempory, so will he be in the next game as a free agent or will he not be in the game.