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Recent content by ekul785

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    Can't see u20s

    I'm currently playing as a Scottish League 1 team, and after noticing there was no youth team, just assumed that was how the club was currently set up. However, I bought 2 left backs, and can't see either of them in my 1st team. I search their names and they are listed as in my u20s team. I...
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    Avatar Not Showing?

    I've just started a save, and after creating my manager and loading up a game my manager's picture appears as the blank silhouette. If I go to my profile and click on it, it takes me to the manager edit page and shows my manager. Has anyone else encountered this?
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    Scout Assignments not working

    I set an assignment for my scout/s to find me a backup Anchor Man, and a few months later there isn't a single player available for me to look at. Is it that i've set the parameters to high for a club of my level? (I left them at the default setting), or is it due to my scouts being too busy on...
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    Data Analyst Attributes

    Does anyone have any ideas what attributes to look for in a Data Analyst/Chief DA? For other members of staff it highlights the relevant attributes, however it doesn't seem to for a DA/CDA.
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    Choosing an Affiliate.

    Hey guys, just looking for some advice regarding the choosing of an affiliate club. I'm managing Nancy Lorraine and have just been promoted to Ligue 1. The board have let me choose an affiliate. We've got a 3 star reputation. Do my chosen club need to be a certain amount of stars less than...
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    Is There A Benefit To Sending Offer?

    Whenever i've been interested in a player, i'll either make an enquiry to get a feel for what the other team wants, or i'll put together an offer and 'suggest' it to then start haggling. I rarely if ever, put what I want to pay and submit the bid before waiting a few days for a response. Is...
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    Increase Maximum Wage Available

    Not sure if i'm missing something really obvious, but I can only offer a maximum of £4k/week to a player even if they're a Key Player, First Team, Rotation or even Hot Prospect. I'm well under my wage budget and have £84k/week available. It's not making a massive difference to me at the...
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    Likelihood Of Keeping Job After Relegation?

    Hey guys, I left my previous team after being offered a job at Hellas Verona. When I took over they were 2nd from bottom and had 9 games left. It's still possible for me to keep them up, but I've got 4 very tough fixtures remaining so it's not looking likely. I'm really enjoying managing...
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    Euro Cup Disappeared?

    In my 2nd season at Kristiansund BK in Norway, I won the Norwegian Cup. Under the rules section, it says the winner of the cup gets a place in the First Qualifying Round of the Euro Cup. For the whole of the off-season, Euro Cup appeared under my Team Competitions section. However I just...
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    Favoured Personnel

    I'm sure it's probably been mentioned before, but does anyone else think it's overly hard to even become a 'Favoured Personnel' let alone a 'Legend'? I'm about to start my 3rd season in Norway managing Kristiansund BK. I brought them up to the Premier League in my first season. Kept them in the...
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    Fans Disappointed By Win?

    I was just looking at my Board Confidence Update and it says 'Despite the positives, the fans are disappointed at Southampton's convincing 4-1 FA Cup Fourth Round Victory over Plymouth.' Has anyone else had something like this? I could maybe understand if we only won 1-0 or drew/lost the game...
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    How To See Player's Attributes In Staff Role.

    I'm looking for a DOF for Arbroath, and when I search for staff and narrow down the attributes that I want, the best 2 people that appear are/were players. One's current job title is DOF and the other is a player. When I click on either of them, I can only see their attributes as a player...
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    No games appearing in 2nd season.

    I've started my second season, and am currently at the end of June. On my calendar there's no fixtures whatsoever, and it's still showing last seasons table? Has anyone else experienced this?
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    2nd Season Advice

    I won the Scottish Division 2 a few days ago with Arbroath and am about to start my 2nd season in Div 1. I was just wondering if anyone had any standard advice for surviving after promotion when there's very little money and my team is no longer one of the best in the league. Is there anything...
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    Can you still see highest/lowest projected finish?

    I'm not sure if i'm imagining it, but i'm sure in FM14, under the league table I could see the highest and lowest i could finish at the end of the season mathematically. Is there still a way to see this? I realise it's not essential, but I quite liked being able to see, at a glance how high/low...