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    Crash Dumps every new game.

    Every time I try to start a new game, everything goes well until the 27 July 2012. I get a crash dump no matter what I do. I tried to holyday, to make a game with or without editor data. I really need your help!
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    [Liverpool] Gareth Bale or Neymar?

    I'm in July 2013 with Liverpool , I had 40M of transfer budget but I sold Reina and Assaidi so now I have 60M. I can have Neymar or Gareth Bale for that amount. Which one do you recommend to sign? They ask both for the same wage, and contract's term so that's not an issue. And both of them...
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    [Badly need help] Improving my Liverpool Tactic

    Hello everybody! So I started a game with Liverpool last week. I'm now in March but I changed my tactic recently as I wanted some changes in the way my team play. The problem is that I don't score enough. (Not enough CCC) I have around 60% possesion in every game but my last results are: win...
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    What do you do while playing FM?

    I was thinking that It will be fun to know what people do while playing FM. For example, when I play FM I always listen music! And you guys, what do you do? :)
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    [Need help] Fast (short?) passing, lot of movements!

    Hello. I actually have some tactical problem. I want to build up a tactic (here 4-1-2-2-1 with fb or like my 4-6-0), but what I want is really fast passing, lot of movements. I want beautiful football. Actually I'm trying a 4-6-0 with full backs (support duty) and Inside forwards. A anchor man...
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    [4-6-0] Won almost everything Athletic Bilbao

    [Original post from ]Sports Interactive Community Hello everybody. [The first thing I want to say it's that I'm not guarantee you incredible results and I haven't test that tactic with another team.] So, I'm playing with Athletic Bilbao since 3 seasons (in game..) and I'm having some great...
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    U17 Wonderkids

    Hello everybody. I wanted to know if you know some great wonderkids who are 17 or under in game!
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    RUOR Minsk

    Hello, I just wanted to know if you have some players to suggest for the RUOR Minsk team (4th league in belarus ) ?
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    Real Madrid C.F. 1955-1960

    * Don't know if it's the good place for that thread. If it isn't move it please * Hello everybody. I'm a big fan of Real Madrid and I wanted some informations on the players of the team in the period of 1955-1960. Can someone please give me a list of the players , it'll be great! I've found...
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    [UPDATE with Tactic!] Marcelo Bielsa's philosophy

    Original Post: Hello everybody.I've made some search on that "crazy" coach but i have some questions to ask you, God of FM's tactic :PThe passing style is more direct that short , right ? Closing down at maximum but marking at zonal or man-marking ? Fast tempo or slow ? I think that it's more...
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    A New Legend Database

    To delete. Project canceled..