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    Download editor.

    Well where can I get the editor? I don't have Steam, but is there a source where I can get it?
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    Nocturnal skin [HELP ASAP]

    Wondering if 2011 version it's working on FM2012 or if there's a version that works on FM2012.
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    Legendary manager.

    I am looking to take over a good English side, probably Aston Villa or Everton and I want to start my career as a legendary retired football player that is unproven as manager, or coached at most one team (like Marco van Basten etc). Who can I be?
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    FM2011 loading really slow.

    After I re-installed my Windows, switching from Win7 to WinXP and also re-installing FM2011, the game is running really slow when it is loading at the start screen. Also, if I have a skin running, it takes like 15-20 minutes for the laptop to load it. Basically I do not know what is the problem...
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    Manchester City.

    Why were they so **** before the new owners came and took over?
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    This skin.

    What's this skin? ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing
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    Problem with editor.

    Well, I started editing the 11.3 database, adding transfers and changes that happened this transfer window so far. The database has over 480,000 changes and I encountered a problem today. I added the latest transfers in the database, I was trying to merge it, it worked but took a long time, and...
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    Well, I played in the CC final with Arsenal, who finished 2nd in the league. Weren't I supposed to qualify for Europa League, because I didn't...
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    [Barclays Premier League] League table - Prediction.

    Welcome to Barclays Premier League, the most powerful championship in the world. A new season is on the way of beginning and it appears to be more competitive than ever! There are four spots that brings the teams into the glorious Champions League and two or more spots that lets the teams fight...
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    Premier League predictor.

    Can be found on BBC Football site, section Premier League. What is your final table at the end of the season? There are lots of matches to be done.
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    Hearts of Iron series.

    Some interesting gaming series, especially the 3rd, patched, it's a great game, played it a bit. You can control any nation from 1936 to 1949. Anyone played it? Here's more.
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    North Korea attacks South Korea.

    Pretty shocking news, the conflict between those two countries started again. USA already stated they will support South Korea, meaning there'll be involved even european countries, if necessary (UK, France, Germany)...
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    West Ham United 1-2 Newcastle United

    Andy Carroll put a troubled week behind him by heading Newcastle's winner in a 2-1 win that leaves West Ham rooted to the bottom of the Premier League table. Now Newcastle moved 9th in the table, with 11 points. More
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    Who's gonna finish higher - Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspur?

    Alright, so, as I saw there are two threads about this, I am gonna put up one for one of the fiercest rivalry in Premier League. Even Arsenal beat Tottenham in Carling Cup 3rd round, on White Hart Lane, with 4-1, in league, there's another story. Arsenal and Tottenham are on the same climb...
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    Manchester City vs. Newcastle United

    Man City v Newcastle Barclays Premier League Venue: City of Manchester Stadium Date: Sunday, 3 October Kick-off: 1330 BST Coverage: BBC Sport website, BBC Radio 5 live, local radio, highlights on Match of the Day 2 TEAM NEWS Manchester...