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    Player not getting called up.

    Ever since i withdrew a couple of my key players like suarez, biabiany, and howedes for and international friendly. These guys have not beem chosen for their national squad. I think its been about twwo years now. Any help?
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    Suarez handball? Anybody found that exciting?

    They just started showing repeats of last years World Cup and i was watching the Uruguay vs Ghana highlights, and how Suarez saved Uruguay, and the drama that unfolded after that handball. Most people in my country ( SA ) were supporting Ghana, and being the person i am, supported the least...
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    I just got home drunk.

    Im not going to sleep. Besides i just read the internet is ten times more interesting when your brain is 'numb'. Anybody else drunk and on fmbase for god knows what purpose? Or any sober people want to talk me into going to bed.
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    No good football movies. Why?

    Does anybody know why no good movies about football have been produced. I mean Goal 1 was decent, but i feel they could have made the match scenes abit more exciting. If they can make a sport like baseball entertaining in movies, im sure they shouldnt have a problem with football. And does...
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    Liverpool, no19 anytime soon?

    How far are we from title challenging, form under Kenny suggests not that far: 1. Liverpool – LDWWWWDLWW – 20 points – 10 games 2. Chelsea – WWWLDWWW – 19 points – 8 games 3. Man Utd – DWWWLWWLLW – 19 points - 10 games 4. Arsenal – WWWDWWDD – 18 points – 8 games 5. Everton – DDLWLWWDW – 14...
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    Why do i hate man united

    I am an avid Bayern Munich supporter, and support Liverpool in the Barclays'... But for some reason i hate man u, is it fair to say they are the most hated club.
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    Why is Neymar not a target in Europe?

    I was watching the friendly where Brazil played Scotland this weekend and finally saw why he gets such a good rating in FM. He was brilliant for a player of his age. And i was wondering why none of the European clubs are making a move for him?
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    Fake German national team back again

    Hi. Before i started a new game on fm i deleted the files in the 'all' folder to get the proper german team. After the 2nd patch was released i installed that and german team was normal. Recently i upgraded to windows 7 and backed up my save game. Now when i reinstalled fm11 and placed my...
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    Loans : who pays bonuses?

    when it comes to loaning a player out, can anybody tell me which club pays the players bonuses. Like the goal bonus he has with me for example. ---------- Post added at 04:21 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:08 AM ---------- somebody?
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    whys removal of shirt a bookable offence?

    i just finished watching stuttgart ****** a late equaliser against dortmund, and couldnt figure out why when a player celebrates and removes his shirt,is he automatically booked? It cant be offensive to people watching because its done after the game any way? Anybody know the official rule?
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    players condition suddenly drops during match

    ive noticed after downloading the latest patch that during a match random players conditon will drop by about 10 all of a sudden and without it saying player x has taken a knock. This happens to any player so natural fitness isnt a matter. Has this happened to anyone?
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    how lond till board return feeder club choices?

    how lond does it take for your board to return choices for a feeder club? I have chosen the fourth one on the list. Cant remember exactly what it is. But im sure it was the last. Just want to know whats the duration till they give you decisions. Thanks.
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    avoid injuries and conserve energy?

    i was wondering, if leading well in a match, what are good tactics to employ that will conserve your players energy and/or avoid injuries? I am looking for maybe the right combination of touchline instructions. Or any other suggestions.
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    Retired Player, Not showing on coaches list

    Miroslav Klose retired about a season ago. Before he did i offered him a staff contract, but hes still not showing up on my coaches list (screen where you assign them). But he is on my staff list. Anybody know what may be wrong
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    Getting best from Cristiano ronaldo

    PLEASE somebody help. I bought ronaldo. I play 2 cm and 2 am wingers and 2 forwards. Hes on the amr and inside forward. But not playing his usual. Its his first season. Any tips for me on this.