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    Place to buy computer hardware?

    Im hoping to get the new pro evo for my pc but my computer will need major upgrades so wheres a good place to get them online or should i just go down the high street and look.
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    Perhaps the funniest thing ever!

    Was browsing a footy website when I found this: I hope that first photo is real cos it had me rolling. Theres a couple more funny one if you wanna check it out http://metric-march.livejournal.com/3807.html
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    Anyone use Telewest/Virgin TV?

    IF so how do you use the teleport on demand service. Im just not sure if i can use it in my room cos ive only got the absolute basic package. Does it come free or do I have to pay more? IF I have to pay, is it worth it?
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    New Concept

    Would there be a way to have a team with no players but a huge transfer budget to buy a squad. Not one so huge so you buy all the best players in the world so its easy but so its a challenge to ration your money and determine how big your squad should be? If it could work what should the...
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    Need help with windows media player.

    Whenever i try to open an AVI and some other files windows media player shuts down. Also whenever i try to stream videos on the net most of the time my internet browser shuts down. Anyone know what is wrong?
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    What torrent client do you use?

    Im going to start downloading torrents but don't know what client (right word?) to use to download them. I found one site with a few torrents that i want but don't know what client is the best. Also if you have any decent torrent site please post them or pm me them.
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    Getting bored.

    Lately I've been getting bored with things to do on my pc/internet. I haven't got the new football manager :worried: but thats because i never played 2005 at all until recently and this is the first game ive really got into so i doubt ill get 2006 and ill just wait for 2007. I can't think of...
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    Has anyone ever used Dreamweaver?

    Im using it to make a little portfolio for my graphics. I have made all the graphics and buttons etc. It will be a n00b's question and seem very obvious once i get the answer but its annoying me. My problem is that I have put the layout of the side menu and banner etc on as one image. I also...
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    PFA Player of the Year

    The six nominations Joe Cole (Chelsea) Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) Frank Lampard (Chelsea) Thierry Henry (Arsenal) Wayne Rooney (Man United) John Terry (Chelsea) PFA YOUNG PLAYER OF THE YEAR The six nominations Darren Bent (Charlton) Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal) Anton Ferdinand (West Ham) Aaron...
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    I was looking at the who's online thing and noticed a google spider and msnbot spider, what are these and do they cause a threat?
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    Song Title Questions

    Yes before you start getting your angry faces on I saw this idea from Gregor on the last.fm fm group bit. You have to answer questions by using song names by the artist. I've chosen Guns 'n' Roses. [1] Are you male or female? My Michelle [2] Describe yourself Estranged [3] How do you feel...
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    New thread layout?

    I dont like the new way cos each post is buried beneath random pics. If its just a test to see what it looks like then ignore this thread but if you are planning to keep it, don't.
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    Happened Yet Again!!!

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/hampshire/4732686.stm Portmouths the target this time:rolleyes:
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    Its Happening again!

    Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/4708916.stm Premiership footballer Craig Bellamy is to be interviewed by police over an alleged assault on a teenage woman in a nightclub, it has emerged. Detectives have asked the 26-year-old Blackburn and Wales striker to attend Cardiff's main police...
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    Comedian Richard Pryor dead at 65

    Link:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/4517714.stm R.I.P. Richard Pryor. I really liked his stand-up comedy and his movies. his best movie was See No Evil Hear No Evil.