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    HarryinHD's Big Gibraltarian Bankroll

    Virgin Enterprises launches new 'Virgin Sports' brand in Gibraltar The owner of Virgin Enterprises, Richard Branson has taken to the pitch in his latest business endeavour. Branson has launched the brand new Virgin Sports Premier League in Gibratar and has bankrolled all of the tiny island...
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    National Team Eligibility question

    I've been playing on a database which makes the Gibraltarian leagues playable, I'm currently in 2018 and there must be around 30-40 uncapped, undeclared players who now have Gibraltarian nationality but still aren't eligible for their national team! Why is this? Can anyone shed any light on the...
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    London City Red Bulls

    Billionaire franchise 'Red Bull' announce their latest business venture The consortium, fronted by members of the board at the Austrian energy drink superpowers 'Red Bull', lodged a takeover bid for complete ownership of the London club Crystal Palace. Their bid, which is rumoured to be one of...
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    Is it just me?

    Is it just me who gets a bit wound up when squad numbers aren't the way I like them? I don't know what it is, but there's something about having a ST wearing the number 8 shirt that makes me nauseous! In my opinion, squad numbers should always be laid out like this: 1 First choice keeper 2...
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    Casual EPL Online Game Anyone?

    I'm looking to start an online game with a few others where we could play in the EPL. We'd be using a large database on the latest LFCMarshall Update which can be downloaded here: LFCMarshall's FM13 January Update (5.1.13) - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats...
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    I'm thinking of starting an Auction Game but..

    I haven't played online since the online system went full steam. I could do with some advice on how to set up a network game & am wondering whether my network connection will directly affect others/will they be depedant on my connection or that of the Steam Servers? I apologise if this is in...
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    This place looks different..

    It's been about 2 years since I've been on here, wow haha! Any oldies who might remember me still lurking around on the forum?
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    Will someone do me the kind favour of..

    Creating a club in the editor for me please? I'd do it myself but I honestly can't find the time I used to have to do these things anymore (hence my inactivity on the forum etc). If this isn't a problem and someone is willing to help me out then could the club be something like this: Name ...
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    Database: People's FA Revolt after Valiants are kicked out of League

    Port Vale kicked out of Football League after match fixing controversy. 17/06/09 It was revealed yesterday, 16th June 2009, that the Port Vale match fixing court case had been concluded, resulting in the Valiants being banished from English Football. Despite widespread protest against the...
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    FM-Base Revolution : The New £100million Challenge Database

    BLACKPOOL JUST DAYS FROM GOING BUST Today it has been announced that due to massive debt and tax bills being through the roof, Blackpool FC are just 3 days away from being wound up. The club are pleading for someone to save them from their plight. SUGAR TO SAVE 'POOL There has been a...
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    Need Kit Maker and Badge Maker for Database Idea

    I'm looking for a top badge maker and kit maker to provide graphics for a database I'm making for the site. Preferably ASAP. If you're interested, put your name down and i'll PM you. Cheers. (H)
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    Best Free Agents in FM11 Demo

    I'm a big fan of a bargain in FM2011, always looking for the free agents. Up to now the most useful i've found have been: Dida - Good for Lower-Mid Table Premier League sides. Tony Warner - Good for Top League One Sides. Steve Finnan - Good for Lower Premier League sides and Championship sides...
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    Goal Of The Month Competition - November Entries

    GOAL OF THE MONTH After watching Michael Essien score a wonder goal for my Chelsea side on the FM2011 demo, it reminded me of a Goal Of The Month Competition that there used to be on this forum. Now that Sports Interactive have made it easier to upload your goals to YouTube etc. I thought it...
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    FIFA-Online ; The Free Online football game looking to take the world by storm!

    FIFA Online is the new free football game from the EA gaming franchise. After you've registered with EA and downloaded the game, you can join different rooms & challenge friends or strangers to play against you for 'coins'. 'Coins' are the only currency in FIFA Online, you can purchase players...
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    American Samoa : Moneybags Database

    BREAKING NEWS Microsoft buy out The American Samoan Premier League after Bill Gates pays visit to the country. Gates is rumoured to have been visiting with a view into donating into the country's crisis fund, but now he seems to have done much more for them; buying their only football division...