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    How do you get a player to learn a new preferred move?
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    Annoying Management Choices

    Does anyone else get annoyed when Managers are given National Jobs who are regens and haven't played a game? I'm presuming this is a bug cause its really annoying. Look at the Polish Manager in my save.
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    How long do people think I'll survive

    So I'm in my fourth season as Gillingham Manager, and I don't know whether I am actually going to survive as a club. I am currently in - £1972000 in finances with a few club debts still lingering around. How long do people think I can survive as a club and has anyone had their club get into...
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    Giant Killing

    This seems to happen a lot to me in the Cups when I play the big games. Now I wonder whether it is the squad I use and team talk before hand or are Giant Killings easy in FM11 cause it seems easier than 10. So far as Gillingham in League One these are the teams I have beaten in the cup (League...
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    How the Mighty Shall Fall

    The rain poured down the windows of my office, a half empty packet of paracetomal with the two layers, one empty, the other with only one missing, bundled on top of the case. I had needed them. The room was now only have lit, the lamp on my desk the sole source of light. I had been working here...
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    I have a problem with the fact that all the histories of nearly all players and staff are wrong. I havent used FMRTE, apart from two changes at the start of the game because of the fact that it had been wrong two pieces of data with contracts at the start of the game, so it isnt FMRTE and all i...
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    Work Permits

    Which nations have the most laxed or easy to beat (or just none at all) work permit laws. I know Belgium is one, but do Italy, Spain or Germany have hard work permit laws, and thusly i can avoid them. The quickest you reply the better so i can start the game soon. Thanks :D
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    Work Permits

    I know I read on here once about disabling work permits. However I can't find the post again and the search engine comes up with a lot of results. So does anyone know of a way of disabling work permits. Sorry about bothering but it is nnoying me when I find an amazing free transfer but can't...
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    Back to the Championship

    I will be writing this like a news print showing what is happening, as I find those are easest to follow what is happening with occasional breaks to show what is happening in more detail. But first... I just wanted to give some background info on the game. The Game starts in 2013/2014 season...